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  1. GSD22

    Clan battles tonight

    We are experiencing the same issue. No idea why it's happening, though. We've got 7 people ready'd up with several more waiting in port, yet it still says "starts in 3 days". It originally said "starts in 6 days", but that changed at some point in the pats 10 minutes. Kind of frustrating since this is one of the few nights that we can get our main folks on...
  2. @awildseaking We have a guy who runs stats in our clan. He kept track of everyone's matches as they posted them in Discord. I played 52 matches as of this morning (since Thursday morning). I apologize if I was misleading with that when I said "me and maybe 1 other T8 ship". I should have said "one of us and maybe 1 other T8 ship".
  3. @Junostorm They did mention making changes to T8 MM in 7.11. They essentially changed it to make T8s pair against T6-T9. But that change seemed to only happen for the first day (strictly in my clan's experience). I just figured I'd reach out to the forums to see if anyone had any news about them shadow-patching it to reset the T8 MM to what it was before.
  4. When I play T10 matches I would much rather just 1) wait a few more seconds for another T10 or 2) just play down 2-3 people per team (make it more like clan battles). But that's just me, I guess.
  5. You assume a lot, Pulicat. I was simply asking a question because they have shadow-patched things before. Shadow-patching doesn't always mean that the patching was something bad. I was just wondering if they had gone back and reversed it because too many people were taking advantage of it at T8.
  6. Maybe I'm just a little crazy....but I swear that they have shadow-patched the T8 MM. All day Wednesday was filled with fun T8 matches where my clan mates and I were paired against other T8s as well as T9, T7, and T6. But literally EVERY match starting Thursday (over 100 matches to this point) have been nothing but me and maybe 1 other T8 ship vs all T10 ships. Did they happen to shadow-patch the MM for T8 to make it primarily/only against T9-T10?
  7. GSD22

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Every time we take a division into Operation Narai, we get que'd up into the mission and then all of us get kicked out to the login screen. When we log back in, our ships are still sitting in port, but it shows all of us in battle. This has happened 5 times in a row now. It causes us to drop our division and retry it. But each time we do this we get the same result. After we rejoin each other it won't allow us to change the operation to another T7/T8 operation.