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  1. well first off if the UI did't suck so bad, especially the chat box, people might actually use it more. Instead we are left with a user interface a ten year could have created in MS Paint. the chat box needs to have customization with tabs so we can separate out game chat, division chat, clan chat, and even have a tab for game statistics like listing hits made and received (like how most MMOs have chat)
  2. I have my ideas for ending the passive play but like anyone else its just silliness on my part reduce cool down of repair reduce damage resulting from a fire cruisers and battleships become easier to hit the slower they go or when stopped or in reverse, this is done by reducing the dispersion of shots made against them. The closer to zero or reverse the higher the loss. set an inner map border which you have to be within to earn xp or silver. battleship citadel hits are reduced by class of ship based on factoring their stock health vs opponent stock health. meaning your not going to land a full citadel equivalent on a DD/cruiser/etc but you can whack the oversized cruisers as if they were bbs It really is not rewarding to try to brawl. Between endless fires; which is the dumbest and most aggravating mechanic; to stealth torpedoes and AP bombs, what reason would a BB want to be close enough to attract attention? same goes for most ships at higher tiers. Periodic damage numbers are out of control.
  3. How about remove the concealment captain skill. then to make it fun for all ships, the slower you go the less dispersion a volley fired at you has. As in, under half speed or pick a set speed it becomes much much easier to hit you. this would seriously help some of this silly passive play and steam in reverse play we see too much of
  4. well the best part of having a Russian Battleship tier is that it will truly make this a fantasy role playing game. they never had even enough ships afloat to matter and the majority of those were because of Tsarist Russia, not the soviet failure that followed.
  5. okay, I will go look at aslain and see what he has bundled up. thank you
  6. or greatly reduce them? it can be near impossible to see anything close or at certain angles. i do not want to dial down to potato quality graphics and not even sure that will fix it
  7. Getting Disconnected from Server in Middle of Battle

    lol, WG claiming its your OC processor? seriously are the daft enough to claim such crap? they broke something this last patch let alone when more than one person gets punted in the same match
  8. 3-8 for the ships, 3-4 for match maker, 7 is the highest I queue anymore. tired of not being able to queue t8 without dropping in t10 matches for what seems 9/10 tries. hence no money for WG till they fix that crap
  9. System is very fast, M2. SSD i7 backed with 16g ram, 1060 6g. *Asus gr2) In WOWs when doing scenarios but to a lesser degree other content I can experience what I can only describe as a resource load spike. Some parts of the client are still responding as i see torpedoes move and arc of shells so its obvious they are client side but my ship and all other ships stop for a second or three then all the "npc" items pop. It can happen during each new wave but only if something is within drawing range as some waves pop and I don't see anything. so what gives? all settings high/ultra. wows is the only game I am seeing this odd behavior. would it be best to delete the high res stuff? is the engine incapable of balancing it? (I mean I have known worse games and this system blows through that content just fine)
  10. can someone at WG validate that the bots actually adhere to the same sighting rules that players do? Or is this part of that infamous rendering issue that comes up often? Being shot at by ships that no one can see is not exactly fun. Its even less fun when you can clearly see the muzzle flashes and shell tracers. At first I tried to excuse it as maybe they were behind an island but that isn't the case. if I get them within 8km or so (is that t-storm range) then I see them but i have been shot at for way too long to even believe bots are affected by the storms. edit : yes I can blind fire to the muzzle flashes but its just odd I can see them and not a ship until the range is loewr
  11. Indirect damage (fire and flood) have become so strong and constant that it really drives the point home, don't push because you won't survive it. The fire mechanics in this game just drive me nuts. Either decrease burn time for all ships or let us put them out more often. It isn't uncommon to clear two fires only to get them again after the cool off period expires. it is even far worse in scenarios.
  12. the big issue I have seen here is if the Pensacola gets in range of incoming planes you lose the scenario. it only has to shoot down one and its immediately over.
  13. Twitch Prime Port Not Working

    I found that when I linked it went to my EU account, checking the Twitch page the mouse over points to EU I severed that link and linked my NA account, did I screw up the rewards this way or would they apply to both? I abandoned my EU account at end of 17 EDIT: restarting my client showed the port for me on NA :)
  14. So for one star you have to be the first to spot a British or German ship, then to double down on the absurdity there is a two star mission to be first to spot twelve battleships... really guys how poor of mission design can you make? You are certainly exceeding your previous efforts in bad design. But wait, the other two star mission is to do 50k damage to enemy battleships in one battle; okay I know this one is easy but I really don't care to repeat missions. Really? Or you can go wallet warrior and Duke of York and hit the Citadel of a ship five times in any number of battles. This is just really poor design, that or a blatant attempt to prop up DOY sales