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  1. fourteenfour

    Not getting any discount coupons?

    never seen one myself, seen a few people burn it on 30% off a year premium which is where I would use it. Oh well, I am resolved to not spend until I see a deal on one year premium so I can keep waiting
  2. fourteenfour

    for twitch containers, does email on twitch need to match WG email?

    well I changed my email addys to match and got a crate, now the difficulty with twitch is that is always says I am away ....
  3. see subject, does my twitch email address need to match my wargaming account email for this to work? if we keep twitch in invisible mode does it work?
  4. fourteenfour

    Black ships... No thanks!

    every time I get the urge to start spending money on this game again WG pulls this type of crap. the B stands for what? [edited]?
  5. fourteenfour

    CV Rework Feedback

    I am all for the change. The one squadron method is a great change because it puts CV players under the same conditions as other ships. You get one "ship" and what you do with it matters. Previously a CV was the equivalent of controlling more than one ship which gave that players incredible advantages over the other team and even team mates. WOWS is a game of ship to ship combat. This means you need to be careful how you position yourself on the map and relative to the enemy ships. A CV really could ignore most of that because they were controlling multiple "ships" each of which could wreck an opposing ship. It also meant that moving a squadron to a spot not so useful was not nearly as punishing to them as the player who sailed into a bad spot or useless spot. Now some are complaining, how will they defend themselves? Well put on your big boy pants. That has been the situation faced by all other ships types throughout the game. Now the CV player will need to justify the risk of having his planes far far away from their ship. The speed of planes gives them an advantage already so they need to balance risk versus reward. Simply put the reason the old system was broke is because it put a RTS player into a FPS game. This is the equivalent of controlling all the NPCs in a FPS and coordinating where they go while your opponent got their one soldier to fight back with. Fair ? Hardly. That RTS gameplay provided the CV player with the equivalent of multiple ships with far less risk to bad placement and far more reward. It had to die.
  6. something they were never capable of doing until many years after WW2 when they had access to German engineers and machinery
  7. fourteenfour

    Scharnhorst artic camo worth 4k doubloons?

    I was hoping for the return of the Normandie camo but alas that was not to be. 4k for this camo is standard WG idiocy and greed
  8. fourteenfour

    The Stalingrad

    I just figure it as the only way for Russians to have dominance is in video games... that they write. got to love fantasy ships - I wish we had a mode exclusive to them like April Fools day
  9. don't matter to me, didn't play ranked the last time they did this split and certainly won't play it this time
  10. fourteenfour

    bismark containers in arsenal

    they really should have a disclosure or name them differently
  11. a user merely clears their cookie to survey* and it lets them vote again, its not tied to account?
  12. fourteenfour

    Playing WOWP to pay for WOWS premium time

    free game time in WOWs for playing WOWp? seriously not worth it.
  13. fourteenfour

    Why won't people engage then enemy anymore?

    the maps have objectives, simple formula that compares your distance from any objective should be sufficient to reduce XP earning potential.
  14. fourteenfour

    Doubloon exp conversion sale in July?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/july-missions-2018/ Just scroll down to the July 2 – 9. The Fourth of July
  15. fourteenfour

    Were over the 18K mark people keep it up

    People here vastly over estimate the popularity of this game. WG had their chance when they got on Steam and blew it.