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  1. fourteenfour

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    The single attack per flight should have been the default for all CVs from day one. It would have removed a lot of the ire people had with CVs. Adjustments would have had to be made to increase recycle time on flights and possibly speed like the rocket assist but in the end it would have made CVs feel more like they played on the same rule set.
  2. fourteenfour

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    My only issue is torpedoes should only be homing if launched with a ping, this make them homing after they launched invalidates DCP use let alone the warning ping is supposed to provide targeted ships. They are implemented more like laser guided munitions that what homing torpedoes were.
  3. fourteenfour

    Article on stats in World of Warships

    Well if you want to blame someone for the toxicity caused by stats then you only have Wargaming to blame. Stats should have been private by default requiring a player to opt-in for making their stats public. As for people needing to watch their criticism because they may offend someone's preferred protected group, grow up. If they are being upset by criticism they need to go hide their stats, simple as that. Wargaming created the ability to have a toxic environment but they gave you the option, though many are not aware of it, to hide your stats.
  4. Wargaming has been slowly destroying the CC program because they do not like any criticism to the point I am sure the driving force for taking over KOTS (seriously if you think the creators had a choice in selling it) was to put their mouth pieces in place. Reducing CC comment period on new ships was the worst change but again done because they did not want criticism, even valid criticism. Finally the really obvious change was requiring viewing THEIR stream to receive special rewards and then made sure that watching more than one stream did not benefit the viewer.
  5. fourteenfour

    Roma, Dead Eye Demonstrated

    The skill Deadeye is problematic but what makes it worse is you don't have to make real choices when taking captain skills. A far better solution would have been to allow only one choice per row with captain skills and have the columns follow a theme. What I am suggesting is, you let the player choose between Dead Eye, CQE, Concealment, or Fire Proof? There are four choices and you GET ONE. Instead you don't have to compromise now. You could even improve the existing system by requiring each tier can only have as many choices made as the previous tier but the only real fix is a Captain Skill tree with more rows and on each row you get one choice of three or four good options.
  6. fourteenfour

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Stop playing forever. It is as simple as that. Even playing for free supports their actions because you increase the playing population for paying customers. Wargaming enjoys threads like this because like all companies they see them as a means for players to vent their frustrations without going the step of quitting. People who quit won't participate in such threads because they have made their choice. People posting are guaranteed customers so they just let it ride.
  7. So on reddit it was reported that former Mac users were gifted items? How was this determined? By which computer you used the most? edit : received parting gift as well. I used GeForce Now to log into my account. Thank you for something at least. However I am not sure I want to bootcamp windows10 (its free to use btw - you can download it from microsoft and never ever enter a key)
  8. fourteenfour

    So I received thirty days premium time....

    Might be, I am linked but that was long ago.
  9. fourteenfour

    WG alienates their biggest supporter.... Again..

    for all this talk that CVs are easy to play, just give them a try. seriously, the UI could use some serious improvements... the torpedo drops use of color should be just like DDs - as in if they don't take action dropping in the green will hit and don't get me started on the bombers where the crosshair is under you and requires mouselook to fix on one line.
  10. however notifications did not tell me why. 570+ days of time is going to waste anyway when 0.10.0 drops but I cannot figure out where the 30 days came from
  11. fourteenfour

    How It Works: The Matchmaker

    Much could be done to improve how people perceive MM by keeping removing the +2 from tier seven and eight ships. Tier ten ships already have significant advantages over tier nine from legendary modules and that just adds insult to the injury of the tier eight having to fight them. Not matching consumables, namely RADAR is a serious deficiency. That pairing limitation, the example used no more than five pair of tier eights in the tier eight basket, is probably too tight but then if you eliminated the +2 beyond tier seven you could mitigate the perception of players. Hell I would apply +1 from Tier Six up only because of how many premium Tier Eights are out there
  12. there is still time for premium ammo in WOWS.
  13. so glad our resident WG wang warmer stated the obvious
  14. fourteenfour

    Okay, for the curious, here's my twenty bigs.

    The $ amount you receive is wholly fictional as you never have ownership of any virtual product.
  15. fourteenfour

    Any official response yet?

    just troll their two official twitch streams with promised rewards for viewing