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  1. Torpedo_Man_071

    Saipan Guide for Random Battles

    Hi Vak, Do you still play Saipan? I am new to CVs and got this one last Christmas in a crate and have decided that since I can't beat them, I will join them so I am starting to wind up the CVs, ( I do have lower tier CVs to start with so I am not jumping in directly with a T8). Do you have any plans to revise your How To guide? I would love some pointers from someone who really plays the Saipan well. Thanks, J
  2. Torpedo_Man_071

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Try out Mr__Gibbins (Mr 2 underscores Gibbins.) streaming on twitch. Very chill, plays all classes equally good, very positive attitude and well worth the subscription. Statsbloke is good as well.
  3. Torpedo_Man_071

    IFHE All Night Long

    Thanks, and WOW that was fast. You rock.
  4. Torpedo_Man_071

    IFHE All Night Long

    Thanks for the full info wrt IFHE!! And also about the Khaba, and if you really want to do a write up about the armour, I wouldn't object...
  5. Torpedo_Man_071

    Premium Ship Review #141 - London

    Thanks for the review Miss Mouse, I really enjoyed the read, like I always do. I like the London, have had some reasonably good missions in her, but I also really like the Gorizia, so that may make me a bit odd.
  6. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    Awesome, thanks!!
  7. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    Yes please.
  8. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    Thanks for all the info everyone, I appreciate it!! J
  9. Torpedo_Man_071

    Captains that say they have a specialty to a certain ship

    Ah, ok . Thanks Lert. I like reading your reviews of ship with LWM, Us new guys appreciate objective opinions of ships. J
  10. Hi all, I have a question about Captains. When 'Special' captains like Azur Lane Hood or Boris the Pipe say they have a specialty towards a certain ship, like Hood or Khaba respectively, do they provide any bonuses at all? Thanks, J
  11. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    Absolutely enjoying them, with the above mentioned pain in my [edited] and that I haven't been able to get my hands on the Sinop yet...
  12. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    KK, will do. Thanks.
  13. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    I guess I'm going to have make friends with a couple Atlantas and then come visit ;)
  14. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    Awesome, Thanks for the tips. I am still pretty new and really only have one playstyle, Klingon, but I am working on that.
  15. Torpedo_Man_071

    Using the Vladivostok

    Hi All, I have a question. Everytime I used the Vlad, MM puts me with 1 other T8 at least 6 T10s and fills the remaining slots with T9s. (I actually kept track after the second battle). Now the Vlad is pretty good, but since I don't have a fully kitted out CO, I find no matter what I do, I end up drinking rum with Davey very early in the game. Russian BBs really need to get closer than other nation's BBs in order to be effective but the T10 CAs and BBs beat the crap out of me before I can get within a reasonable range. The last time I used her last night before I even got into firing range I was at below 3/4 health and 2 fires. I find it frustrating and wonder if there is a reasonable way to play this ship that will allow survival, at least halfway into the mission and get a few shots in? Thanks.