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  1. As a very frequent DD player, I made this up a while ago - all radar ships listed alphabetically by ship type. Printed out you can see what you are up against before the battle begins. WOW_RadarShips_2022_Jan23b.xlsx
  2. brewakeg

    The Key to Good Cruiser Play...

    ^This. It's too easy just to shoot at everything in range. You have to figure out when NOT to shoot too. Having a lot of red cruisers or BBs within range is a red flag- you don't want to give them an easy target to focus or crossfire. Set your cruiser up with extra Rudder Shift, and make small changes to direction and speed when moving- that makes you a much harder target. And run Concealment Expert skill to hide and be stealthy.Good luck!
  3. Re: Dutch Cruisers Eendrachat is the final speed bump on to better ships. Haarlem and the next tier (forgot the name) are solid cruisers in their own right. Good fire starters and much more resilience than RN cruisers. And the Airstrike for situations where you come across a camping BB, Cruiser, or DD in smoke. My record so far is 19 Airstrike hits in one game for something like 14,000 damage - caught a camping BB with two Airstrike flights, then later another one. Moving ships, even BBs are very hard to hit with the drop delay. It's a crapshoot if the BB will turn before the drop if it at full speed. Don't abandon the Dutch cruiser line until you have played Haarlem for a few dozen games. My 100th game in Random with Haarlem was a few minutes ago, here are my summary and best game stats:
  4. brewakeg

    Seattle Kraken get new team dog

    Meet Davy Jones!😊 https://www.q13fox.com/news/meet-davy-jones-kraken-introduce-team-dog
  5. brewakeg

    Honest Update 0.11.0

    I laughed so hard I nearly squeezed out an Air Strike! 😄😄😁 +1
  6. Clint Eastwood. "You gonna shoot that A.P.,or whistle Dixie?" Digitally reproduced and modified for WOW of course.
  7. brewakeg

    shameful way to die in WOWS

    Early in my playing DDs, I sometimes got sunk very early in the game by "blind" torps when approaching a cap. (I was never detected) Couldn't understand how the knew I would be there. Now, after lots of DD playing, I understand there are Choke Points and corners of islands that are natural Cap approaches. Launched blind torps at an island corner last week. Nailed a Gaede for First Blood 2 minutes into the game!
  8. brewakeg

    Italian DD Camo Vote ??

    I have the same question! IS a vote "1" the Best, or Worst?
  9. brewakeg

    Ever have one of those games...

    The Cap + Shared Cap helps a lot too.
  10. I sometimes feel that WOW knows just what psychological button to push in my brain to make me do another grind. Dangle a new shiny ship or Big Santa Crate in front of me, and it's Grind Time!😄
  11. brewakeg

    This is cool news

    Responsible for a 5 Billion USD +/- ship, not including air wings and weapons. AND the thousands of sailors and aviators on board. I think she graduated from the Riker rank... Time will tell.
  12. brewakeg

    This is cool news

    One advantage of being a CV skipper is your Hair Dryer is a F-18.
  13. brewakeg

    This is cool news

    Good question, had to look it up: The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry program is less demanding mathematically compared to the Bachelor of Science, and is well suited for those interested in entering medical school and other chemistry-related fields, as well as those aspiring to careers in biotechnology, forensic chemistry and environmental chemistry.
  14. brewakeg

    This is cool news

    Probably off topic a bit.. I'm guessing this is a Tier 14 CV? USS Abraham Lincoln Captain Becomes First Woman to Take a US Aircraft Carrier to Sea https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/01/04/uss-abraham-lincoln-captain-becomes-first-woman-take-us-aircraft-carrier-sea.html