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  1. brewakeg

    Happy Australia Day!

    Happy Australia Day!
  2. brewakeg

    Yodo My Beloved

    Cruiser LIGHT you are, yes hmmmm.
  3. Agree. Someone spent programming time to develop the expendable camos, WG could now monetize them.( I know they are reluctant to do that ..but..) I would spend a few dubs to Permacamo some ships in French Riveria, Storm Wind, or Stars n Stripes!
  4. brewakeg

    Happy Login Reward Supercontainer Day!

    7 days Premium, which I needed. No complaints.
  5. 64, retired 6 1/2 years ago. Been playing less than 4 (?) years, only online game I play. Playing less the past few months, trying to travel more. Also want to do more volunteering in my area.
  6. I play DDs a lot....but Kraken and FOUR DEVESTATING STRIKES??!!! (Random battle) Well done! Gave this captain +2.
  7. brewakeg

    Ships that felt like a downgrade

    Yeah Ibuki was a real disappointment. It's been power crept forever, and feels light a light cruiser when facing other T9s and T10s. Zao not much better!
  8. brewakeg

    Ships that felt like a downgrade

    Agree. Gun range stays at 15.7km too.
  9. Have to agree, my stocks of coal and steel have shot up (so to speak) in the last 4-6 weeks thanks to all the events.
  10. brewakeg

    Thanks a LOT WG for Santa Captains!!!

    It's the counter-battery drops from the reindeer you have to watch.
  11. So I got three from the Frosty Tokens, one from Battle Pass, and one from the Mansion advent calendar thing. Turns out, that is just enough (5) to form a Union. (WG Santas Local #5) So now I have FIVE captains that only want to be in command ONE day of the Year!!! Keeping them in cookies and milk the other 364 days is going to make me go broke. <><><> seriously, thanks for the 10 point and 6 point captains, received by just playing. Happy New Year!
  12. brewakeg


    Looks like (assuming he pinged you earlier) you didn't use Repair Party to break the homing lock. The torps do have a small "dead area" very close to a DD, but you were at 18kts and just starting to turn, so you were unable to evade.
  13. brewakeg


    Been up against a lot of Hallands in other DD, and always come out second in a gunfight. Seems like it was a pretty good ship without the UU, and it's being made stronger?😲 Same comment about the plan to test the UU on Nevsky.😲😲
  14. Very glad to see the Daily Win bonus go from +50% to +100% for the Holidays up until today... I have some ship lines to finish and Captain Points I need... Happy to see today it went to +200%! Does anyone know how long that will last??