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  1. I had one similar game, I think six greens and five reds met in the middle. Quick carnage, and blocked the channel for a few minutes. Did not really change the outcome of the game, just took longer.
  2. As a DD main, I say YES to more big slow targets!
  3. brewakeg

    Warships and how it relates to my life

    Gotta assume this is sarcasm.lol Congratulations on being a "plank owner! ☺
  4. How about a nice game of Chess?
  5. brewakeg

    Really like the Fiji

    I love my Fiji, when I started WOW, the Brit cruiser line was my first Tech Tree grind. Excels at ruining a red DDs day, supporting green DDs, bringing down steel rain on cruisers and BBs alike. Get the rudder shift mod, and she turns almost like a destroyer- very hard to hit with surface or air launched torpedoes. Has to be played somewhat carefully, it's called a LIGHT Cruiser for a reason!
  6. brewakeg

    The salvage of Pearl Harbor

    Good post iDuckman with 12/7 coming up. The Costa Concordia was also righted using a parbuckling technique, fewer cables but the same principal.
  7. brewakeg

    The salvage of Pearl Harbor

    Actually they decided with the Oklahoma 21 knot speed and 40 second reload, to sell her to a gaming company instead of scrapping her.☺
  8. brewakeg

    I did it guys!

    No, but you get that special Sinsemilla perma camo.
  9. brewakeg

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    One game in it was enough for me. As soon as the red CV found me, bombs, bombs, bombs, every one starting a fire. I don't think he missed with even one bomb. Had to charge (and I use that term loosely) a DD taking our last cap. 40 second reload...wait...wait...get torped...wait...wait...DD smokes up...wait, getting closer...finally appears at 3Km and secondaries do the job. Helpless feeling when you cant fight back. Most of the other BBs I faced switched to HE to get me to burn... 16,000 damage to me from fires. I did citadel one cruiser, but he was long gone by the time my reload was done. Parking it next to the Kansas....may they rust together in peace.
  10. I have been thinking "where does WOW go when it runs out of historical and paper ships to jam into the 1890 to 1947 era?" The answer is "World of Warships- Modern Era" Featuring ships from 1950 to 2010...radar, jet planes, anti-aircraft missiles, antiship missiles, effective AA guns, etc. Pace would be faster and the WOW-Classic that we play now would stay the same. Thus a player could choose between slower paced historical game or faster paced game with newer ships.
  11. A lot more ships is a given, so no comment there. 1. Replace Epicenter with something different. Anything different! 2. I like the chaff/antiradar defense of a previous poster. Some counter, even a small one a DD can use as defense from the 12km and other radar. 3. Subs- if we have to have them- shoul have a "Convoy Attack" mission option. Merchant bot ships with real player DD escorts. No other ship types at all. 4. Never never again release ships with 24kt speed and 40 sec reloads!!!#
  12. brewakeg

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    I'm about 5-6 days from completing the directives to get the Oklahoma. I'll park her next to my Kansas, use for snowflakes, and hope for a future buff.
  13. Yes, thank you WOW. That was a great way to start the day today!
  14. brewakeg

    What am I missing?

    You can't know every little thing they did to get a better score than you. If you spend too much time watching other players, your game will suffer. Divide up the final Team Scores into 3 groups- top third, middle third, bottom third. Newer players should try to aim for the middle third, and more experienced players the top third. If you are in the top 3-4 players then you are contributing to a possible victory. Just don't worry about how your other teammates gained a few extra points.
  15. brewakeg

    New Halloween Event.

    I haven't played it yet, seems kind of "meh" after the last few years events. ...and stop calling me Shirley.