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  1. brewakeg

    How to nerf the Submarine Threat

    That would be the challenge, not to turn pink every time you used it..... or wiping out half your team and losing the battle! lol
  2. ...in three words: Nuclear Depth Charge Mk 90; Could be delivered by CV planes, the equivalent of Rocket planes vs DDs ….lol ASROC from USS Algerholm, 1962 ASROC Navy Nuclear Tests from USS Agerholm DD826: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV5q_mlhaiM
  3. Got to 10th ranked today thanks to great play on the Fiji's part and good play on my part. Seesaw game for the middle, looked like we were going to lose. Citadel hits on their Fiji and Zara. Ended up with this:
  4. brewakeg

    Still no Tone...

    I really want to try out those gun turrets in front...sort of the Nelson of cruisers. I've had this kit for at least 20 years, would be nice if WOW would "put it together" for me!
  5. brewakeg

    Gunboating your way to map control

    I see this frequently....your team reaches a critical point in a close game, if everyone just shoots at something, you have a good chance of winning. But someone, like a BB or cruiser has to detour behind an island, giving themselves no targets for 1-2 minutes. I call this "Combat Ineffective"...you just took yourself out of the game for a period of time, when every damage HP your team can deal out is critical. I see this too often, it ties into Map awareness and what the best move is. Thanks for articulating it so well.
  6. brewakeg


    as others have said, check the values in the red box on your computer. If these are set too low, they can be 'throttling' your connection during an update. Note the 10Mb/sec speed I picked is still kinda slow; I like to be able to surf the web while the update is happening and not have a lot of delay when the pages are loading. good luck!
  7. brewakeg

    Great game with the P.E. Friedrich

    The improvements they made a release or two ago, giving the guns a lower dispersion, helped me enjoy it more... Before that tweak, it was maddening to see your shells straddle an enemy BB at 12km.
  8. My only BB, with only 178 games on it in Random. Until game 179 today, recently been averaging 50-60K damage. Dev Strike, Close Quarters, Dreadnaught, and Kraken..... it's been a good day!
  9. brewakeg

    Anchors Away: USS Kidd

    My Dad standing in front of the USS Kidd's rudder, 1983. He's 5'9" tall so you can judge the size of the screws!!
  10. brewakeg

    Anchors Away: USS Kidd

    Well done video SeaRaptor! I was lucky enough to be working in Baton Rouge when she was brought upriver and docked at her new home. Wish I'd been part of her volunteer crew that scraped seven layers of paint off her, and got her ready for opening to the public. Did visit her shortly after they opened her. The tour was very informal. My friend and I were able to go down into one of the Engine Rooms... (two engineers in the Engine room...lol). Got to see the steam turbines, reduction gear, and the shafts...all in a very small space. I was impressed by the number of built-in temperature gauges in the reduction gear....I suppose it was someone's job to write down every temperature reading every hour! As you mention, a lot of respect for the sailors who lived, worked, and fought in a ship this small.
  11. Haven't seen anyone use it in months....and school has been cancelled. Please WOW replace it with an updated new camo (camo contest winner??) Thanks, and upvote if you agree.
  12. brewakeg

    Maass disappointment

    Yeah, it does not do anything well, and feels clunky and is always revealing itself at the wrong time. My stats are (in Random) win rate 56%, average damage = 26K. Then I had this battle just last week, sometimes everything works right, no matter what ship you are in..... No question, the next ship in line is better (Z-39?) and there is a learning curve with that too, but the Maass is a good training ground for these tiers of German DDs... (note this is my all time record for the Maass, an even some other DDs)
  13. My style of play is stealth torpedo, but want good gunnery for those times when another DD pops up. Do you have any ideas about how vulnerable the engines, steering gear, guns are? Will transfer a 19 point US DD captain to this DD with Main Arm Mod 1, CE, SE, LS, etc. Thanks in advance for the advice! (wanted some current info vs. older posts on the forum)
  14. Good job WOW, a great looking port with lots of waterfalls....makes my Mahan look sharp.