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  1. The limited edition "Hills Angels" boat, of course!!
  2. If I had not been ready, Mr. Omaha would have sunk me. It did get off one salvo before the torps hit. I probably would not have survived another salvo.....
  3. I was out in my Fiji this morning, and picked the wrong side in Two Brothers (right side) and got kicked to the curb by two red BBs. At one point I was down to 1400 HP. Pulled back (while realizing what an idiot move I made) to heal up and lick my wounds. Managed to get up to 7131 HP out of 33,850. Moved back into our base area, thinking I'd give it another try on the other side of the map. Resigned myself to the fact that I would have only dealt out 15,200 damage for this battle But while I was passing through our area, thought I would point the guns to the 'gap' just in case. Well, this was one of those 1 out of 1000 times where I was in the right place at the right time. I was the only green ship around.... (video is an MP4, edited so it's less than 1 minute) WOW_Fiji)May9_2019_smaller.mp4 Got the first salvo off in 6 seconds because my guns were pointed that way...and the torps off in 12 seconds. The other captain was probably as surprised as I was! A lesson there....always be ready! Got a lot of satisfaction from my play and reaction time.....
  4. Ok, how about we compromise? Introducing the Caution Tape camo! (pardon the clumsy artwork!)
  5. Time to retire this unflattering Camo, and give us another choice at 8000 coal with +100% Commander XP. We have had this camo long enough, and I never see anyone using it. AND School is about to END for summer!! So please give us a new one...and please not one this ugly! Thanks
  6. brewakeg

    What do you think?

    WOWs on a 15.5" monitor is going to be less of an experience than on a 17" for sure...
  7. brewakeg

    Captain Skill Calculator

    I made the attached a few months ago when we could trade skills for free. Not sure if it will help you on the Langley, but it comes in useful for other classes in your port. WOW_CommanderSkills_April2_2019.xlsx
  8. brewakeg

    Easter Eggs in the textures

    Noticed this today (not sure if it should be in this post, but oh well). Ironic because the real Railroad never went anywhere near the ocean! From Wikipedia: The Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad (F&CC) was a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow-gauge railroad running northward from junctions with the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad at the mill towns of Florence and later moved to Cañon City, Colorado, on the banks of the Arkansas River, up steep and narrow Phantom Canyon to the Cripple Creek Mining District, west of Pikes Peak. It was founded in 1893 and went out of business in 1915
  9. brewakeg

    Kami's Mini-Map Tips!

    I agree, but also the DIFFERENCE in the 'Spotted from Sea" and the Torpedo Range...in my Mahan it's a narrow window of <1km. If you watch the map, you can get torps off, turn, and they don't see you.
  10. brewakeg

    Sunday Funnies

    Is that Archer and Dr. Krieger (with a white beard...) ? lol
  11. That is something I had to learn....if a red cruiser is down to <25% and I have a favorable angle for guns, I will use them instead of trying to torp. Cruiser vs BB, it never hurts to throw a few torps out there to take some HP away....
  12. Yep, I had a DD come out from behind an island at 4.5km the other day....was all set up for something to appear at that angle. I'm sure panic mode set in on their part!
  13. I have to admit, I run my Fiji a lot, so I think I know their strengths (12 six inch guns, quick reload) and weaknesses (paper armor anyone?) So if I come across a red Fiji I will definitely give that captain a few extra salvos before turning my attention elsewhere...unless they are spudding it and I can wreck him without too much damage.
  14. I was in a Mahan DD a few weeks ago, in a losing battle. My torp range is 9.2km, but I did see a hurt red cruiser beating it back to home base... not changing course or otherwise turning. So I threw out 10 "what the heck" torps at 8.5km, then turned back to my team. To my complete surprise, I sunk the cruiser! There was a loooong delay before they hit, I was already focused on my next move, and bam. I bet that captain was surprised too!