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  1. Snarky_Wombat

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    Never said I trust them, I think you are missing my point.
  2. Snarky_Wombat

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    Sure, but then again I've heard that about every class in the game. I don't have a problem but I don't try to play as a solo save the world hero. But to bring it back to the threads intent - Subs are looking interesting, change is good after all. I am hoping they make them feel more like playing in a sub though.
  3. Snarky_Wombat

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    If you play just for yourself then I can see how you would feel this way, but it's a team game. Play it as such and it will be much more fun for you.
  4. Snarky_Wombat

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    Good summary without the hysteria, thank you! It's a nice change.
  5. Snarky_Wombat

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Agreed on both fronts. The subs feel like ships that sit lower in the water not a bloody sub, its streage just how not like a submarine these things feel. I think it's due to the fact its better to star surfaced than underwater play, "balancing" has strangely taken away what the fundamental feel of the vehicle. Not sure why we can't have a proper reticle/periscope view and add in some torpedo variants, some dumb fire and some semi homing etc. It would be a nice change to the homogeneous game play that is WoWs these days.
  6. Snarky_Wombat

    The thing about these signal containers...

    I'm not amazed any more. Take a look at how many people scream and yell against their own consumer position because reasons.
  7. Snarky_Wombat

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Here we go again, another Flamu lead brigade. Seems like a great anti-camping tool if you ask me.
  8. Snarky_Wombat

    Loss streak - quick semi-rant

    Wonderful. WG at their best there......
  9. Snarky_Wombat

    Loss streak - quick semi-rant

    Pfft, bring on the detonations! More flags for ranked and pretty fireworks.
  10. An ynahpipe? Have to watch those, they give you headaches.
  11. Nothing new, it's called "The Flamu Effect".
  12. Snarky_Wombat

    How Many Do Not Want Subs In The Game?

    I'm interested to see how it plays out. Change is good.
  13. Not disputing that it says its a camo. The problem is it does it in a way that is recognised as illegal advertising practices in many countries or at the least unethical. We all know WG is greedy and less than reputable when it comes to screwing people out of money and I am not surprised people get touchy about it.
  14. Yes, but there is also deceptive advertising laws in many countries that frown on this kind of tactic. WG could make it clear it's a skin and not the ship itself, much more than it is now but they don't and we know why. Personal responsibility? Sure, but let's not excuse this nonsense.
  15. Snarky_Wombat


    With the comparable upgrade in armour then I take it? Right now it is so easy to kill, seems a good trade off.