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  1. Snarky_Wombat

    Announced on Discord: Multi-Tiered Operations!

    Yeah great, until wg nerfs the living daylights out of them so no one wants to the ops. Again.
  2. Snarky_Wombat

    Get rid of detonations

    Yes me too. The "I have to control everything" types don't like it but to me it adds a little something to the game. Personally, I think people don't quite understand that if you strip everything back to the point of homogeneity the game would get boring. We know what happens then, the same people would have a bit of a cry about the game being stale and lacking fun. I just wish WG would make the detonation animations and sounds far more grandiose. Detonations should be awe inspiring explosions that really should be a wow moment.
  3. Snarky_Wombat

    Get rid of detonations

    It's a naval game, deal with it. Jesus
  4. Snarky_Wombat

    When you feel like you've kicked butt..

    Ha, yeah. That's more common than you'd like.
  5. Snarky_Wombat

    When you feel like you've kicked butt..

    I had the same yesterday. Played what I thought was a fantastic game in a dd. Kept a flank spotted, got some torp hits, pushed back a push, helped kill other dds. Had a super high workload and what I thought impactful game for the win. Came 7th in the team. More damage next time I guess.
  6. You shouldn't need that much to keep port temps to a reasonable level. It will help of course but 45 FPS @~100W there is something else going on. Are you sure your case airflow is ok and the CPU/GPU coolers are properly seated and thermal paste applied?
  7. Izumo is a beast, long gone are the days of the poor ship to be skipped to the Yamato. Gun layout is a bit wonky but easily dealt with, other than that its a great ship.
  8. Nothing to laugh at! I use RivaTuner to set fps to 60 for everything. I like games running smooth and GPU cool.
  9. Yes, the way WG renders the ports is stupid. Unfortunately there is not much you can do other that limit the FPS. Don't use the ingame/mod FPS limiter. Grab Rivatuner/Afterburner and set the FPS lock globally, outside the game client itself. This will help. It may also help to ensure your case airflow is set up correctly so that you have the best chance of dissipating the produced thermal load.
  10. Snarky_Wombat

    If WG are going to lock a topic...

    Wouldn't be the first time.
  11. Snarky_Wombat

    LOL, Dockyard is so poorly coded

    derf_20, your point?
  12. Snarky_Wombat

    Apostrophes are Serious Business

  13. Snarky_Wombat

    Connection problems - High pings

    Network latency has nothing to do with FPS or game settings. You are right it is some kind of network issue, could be poor ethernet cabling (don't use wifi for gaming) a dodgy router, poorly performing ISP or poor routes to or from the WG servers. Check your home setup and have a chat with your ISP regarding congestion and routing. The following may help How do I lower my PING? - Page 3 - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum ASIA server ping change - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum
  14. Snarky_Wombat

    Port Message Abuse - Isn't this a crime?

    Except all the times nothing has been done. Please don't feed people's expectation that something will.
  15. Indeed. I really don't understand why people think this is a problem. Playing together should be something we encourage I would have thought.