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  1. Sharkbait_416

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Terrible. I hate the new gameplay.
  2. Sharkbait_416

    Has the Warships wiki been overlooked?

    Expanding upon River's statement, the Wiki team has not lost interest in making contributions--I cannot emphasize that enough. We love this game and enjoy providing players with helpful information! Quite a few of us are extremely busy trying to fulfill real life obligations such as work and school. Those of us in college are currently dealing with finals. Many projects on our backlog will be completed in the coming weeks as our schedules free up! We are still here--just a bit busy!
  3. Sharkbait_416

    Who have you seen in game

    Something about charging Okhotnik never seems to work out for me. Oh well. I went down fighting
  4. Sharkbait_416

    The Wiki needs your help with a new page: Terminology!

  5. Sharkbait_416

    The Wiki needs your help with a new page: Terminology!

    Thank you all for your contributions!
  6. Sharkbait_416

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Great write-up, Mouse! She is definitely a ship with massive potential. Aggressive players such as myself will have to put aside our desire to push in and brawl early on to keep our guns in the fight as long as possible. More salvoes fired throughout the game can counteract any wonky dispersion that may be encountered. She will definitely benefit from division play--especially with an AA escort such as a radar cruiser with long range HE spamming capabilities.
  7. Sharkbait_416

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    Great review as always! Thank you for inviting me to help!
  8. Awesome write up, I'd buy one.
  9. "wide hulls make these ships vulnerable to AP shell hits" Is that saying the AP has more time for the fuse to ignite the shell, or that there is a citadel in that hull...
  10. Sharkbait_416

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "I didn't set a profile picture"