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  1. On the flip side, what if you test drove a ship you didn't think you would like, and found that it was great?
  2. 1. I don't think it's fair to label people who are interested in purchasing a premium ship or supporting the game "potatoes." The fact that they are even considering a purchase means that they care a lot about this game. 2. Why do you think car dealerships take the risk of allowing people to test drive brand new cars worth tens of thousands of dollars? It's because they know you can tell someone all about the car, but it doesn't equate to the experience of driving it. That's what truly sells it. 3. It's impossible for every single person to be happy with a ship. However, by allowing people to test it for a day or two, they can avoid making a bad purchase. By guiding these players away from ships they don't like to ships they will enjoy playing, they will be able to make purchases without regret. As you said, companies need to make money, there's no denying that. However, a customer with a bad experience is much more likely to shop elsewhere than someone who has had good shopping experience. 4. By allowing players to test ships, even if they don't buy it, they can tell other players about their experience with the ship. Word of mouth is capable of generating interest and sales.
  3. If you go to the car dealership, wouldn't you want to test drive a car before you buy it? I think providing players with the opportunity to "test drive" a premium ship is a good idea. It may turn away some players who have bad games with whatever ship they are testing, but in general, I think it will help people make a decision on the purchase, who were otherwise on the fence.
  4. That's because now it's the "History"* Channel. *Pawn Stars is historical because it was filmed 6 months ago.
  5. I don't get mad over AFKs or DCs. Real life comes first, as you said.
  6. It was a great game! 149k That picture is awesome!
  7. I enjoyed reading everyone's stories! Thank you to everyone for sharing and thank you for the great contest, Niko!
  8. Looking forward to seeing all the entries!
  9. I currently have 151 ships in port. Among all of the ships I've collected, there is one which is significant of the time I started playing the game. It also reminds of the time I started my hobby of building model ships. Here is the 350-word story of that ship: Thanks for the contest, Niko!
  10. Great review as always! Thank you for inviting me to help!
  11. Glad you guys got a laugh out of it!
  12. That @MrT11 should use detonation flags
  13. I'm uploading the replay to youtube. I'll post it in a bit.