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  1. I remember that game. Sat in smoke too long.
  2. @FireAndHEspam
  3. Why hello there, Hieronymus, have you heard of GreyFox78659?
  4. Scharnhorst is great. I loved using it in Ranked Season 6.
  5. Well, you know what they say about opinions.
  6. I always try to be aggressive when possible. Sometimes it's better to be somewhat passive though. Its situational, usually depending on what the game mode. No point in sitting in one place taking tons of damage while the team refuses to push past.
  7. On the way up to Tallahassee there were convoys of power trucks headed South. My parents got power back last night. Hopefully it will be back up within 24 hours.
  8. Yeah. Affected by Irma here as well. Still no internet. Luckily it didn't affect our home too much in Fort Lauderdale. Went down there to help parents evac, then managed to get a direct hit here at my apartment in Tallahassee. Most damage on our property down there was knocked down trees and branches. Apparently a tornado touched down on our street and took part of the next door neighbor's roof off. Thankfully our house wasn't affected. They got power back but don't have internet. We lost power up here for about 3 hours but internet has been out since Monday. Crazy storm.
  9. No idea what you're talking about!
  10. Indeed. We have a tendency to be annoying to the red team.
  11. I enjoy Udaloi, I keep up with you in it (when I don't rush caps).
  12. Don't forget ramming flags!
  13. A Tier VIII aircraft carrier with no intention to surrender to the red team, Graf Zeppelin will fight to her last shred of HP. When one action can determine the outcome of the game, Graf Zeppelin shows just how powerful she is. Here are just a few examples of her devastating potential: Are pesky destroyers hiding in smoke? These little gremlins will taste the wrath of Graf Zeppelin's Stukas. What if the destroyers aren't in smoke, you ask? No problem for Graf Zeppelin, she'll provide them with a one-way express ticket back to port! Larger damage farms ships aren't exempt from being targeted. Did your team forget to play the objective? No problem, Graf Zeppelin can handle that. Those Tier X cruisers have torpedoes that really pack a punch, but Graf Zeppelin can handle them. If the enemy is able to withstand the withering firepower of her secondary armament, Graf Zeppelin will send them back to port by ramming. As you can see, Graf Zeppelin has awesome carry potential that she utilizes to secure victory. She may be down, but she's never out.