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  1. I thought about trying ranked (At R9) but I feel like it's just too late in the season to get anywhere. GL with ranking out.
  2. Look up the movie, Sahara. Fun watch.
  3. Roma.

    Cost is pretty much average with a new Tier 8 prem BB. You can wait until black friday and pay a couple hundred dollars to get her in a bundle (which would bring her actual purchase price to ~$20-30). Like any other premium ship release, the cost will be stable for a while.
  4. Hmm, well... I know that CSS Texas was capable of shooting down helicopter gunships.
  5. "Hey Roma, put this beer can on your head!" "What for?" "Target practice."
  6. Glitch in game

    Ayyy South Florida, sup! Also, to the OP... Could be your HDD, could be a corrupt install, lots of things could be the issue. Contact support, there's a file you can download to check your game.
  7. Look on Reddit. Theres a mod that removes it, if you are so inclined.
  8. AP bomb nerf

    Outright deleting a BB with AP bombs is not a normal occurrence for CVs. The likelihood of you being the one deleted is pretty low. You have to be seperated from the fleet, not AA spec, and not have friendly fighters nearby. You need to be totally isolated or have low health for an effective AP strike. Consider your positioning when you were killed by the bombers. If it happens, just hop out of battle and play a different tier for a bit. Maybe take an AA spec cruiser out.
  9. Roma Needs Some Love

    I've had my citadel blown out at interesting angles and I have had no luck with outright deleting anything. I can get 100k in a battle with her, but it's a struggle. Her guns overpenetrate everything, and with her dispersion that means that the average salvo does 3k (at least in my experience). Alabama is just an all around better ship. In Roma's current state, I can't justify a recommendation over Alabama, Tirpitz, or even Kii. Tirpitz and Kii have torpedoes. Tirpitz is a lot tankier and has great secondaries. Kii makes up for fragility with outstanding AA and a devastating broadside. For outright gun performance (which imo is the most important factor), Alabama takes the cake. She even has good AA.
  10. If you don't like the camo, don't buy it. It's just an option for those who think it's cool or want the bonuses.
  11. AI Submarines-Why we need them

    Aircraft carriers can be used to great effect on lone battleships camping in the back.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Great write-up, Mouse! She is definitely a ship with massive potential. Aggressive players such as myself will have to put aside our desire to push in and brawl early on to keep our guns in the fight as long as possible. More salvoes fired throughout the game can counteract any wonky dispersion that may be encountered. She will definitely benefit from division play--especially with an AA escort such as a radar cruiser with long range HE spamming capabilities.
  13. Playing on Bad Teams

    The main cause of losses I've seen in high tier games recently is that teams don't push caps or ignore them outright. Points are a huge factor in games. Controlling points can allow an outgunned team to win by hiding or defending caps, or allow a ship with carry potential to do so.
  14. USS Emmons, Where Would It Fit!

    Oh, are you watching History channel as well? That scene with the grenade shrapnel in the wall was pretty eerie.