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  1. A good WHAT IF scenario. I think the better question is what IF Japan had invaded eastern Russia to support Germany. The reasons below will illustrate why this aspect might have been more viable in my opinion. (For those with far more extensive knowledge of this please pile on and tell me what I might be missing I am no Expert, and this post may well be the ravings of an idiot). lol The logistics and expertise required for a large scale amphibious assault was just not an aspect of SOVIET military doctrine or training in that time period. The Soviet army was more or less a self defense force, albeit a large one, in the late 30's and 40's made up of poorly trained conscript soldiers. The Soviet navy was more or less a small coastal defense force and not suitable for blue water naval engagements at that time, and the air force was not composed of fleets of large and long range bombers o fighters suitable for projecting power deep into enemy territory or providing cover for an assaulting force. The learning curve for the Soviets at this juncture would be nigh on to insurmountable. On the other hand, the Japanese army was mainly an infantry fighting force with a definite lack of mechanized and heavy armored forces or masses of field artillery and anti tank guns. The brief engagements they did have with the Russians left them bloodied, shaken, and defeated. Not to mention the vast expanse of the Siberian territory they would need to operate in. A Standing Japanese field army versus a Soviet Field army in a major land war/slug fest with massed soviet armor would have resulted in a devastating defeat of the Japanese forces. This is the main reason why neither nation actively pursued hostilities against each other in real life. The cost-benefit aspect of it and the magnitude of the logistics for either nation made the thought of it untenable. The Soviets would have needed to pour huge resources into building up bases in the east with naval shipyards and airbases. Defend these assets against Japanese naval shelling and bombing by Carrier strike forces. Train crews for these vessels and develop expertise and tactics. They would need to master NAVAL aviation, and amphibious tactics. The Soviets would need to invest in research and development of not only naval vessels but master the logistics and develop new aircraft for long range support and cover of blue water operations. They simply didn't have these resources available to divert due to the magnitude of the battles on the front line with Germany and the sheer scope of that invasion. The Japanese would the need to develop the capacity to develop huge amounts of armored assault vehicles (f driving deep into Russia or needing to face Russian Armored forces), logistics to supply an armored force if they ever intended to take and hold territory of any depth or size. The Military manpower needed would be staggering. They would need to develop tactics and strategies to utilize these forces deep in Russian Siberia. They would also need to develop the ability to land and deploy such a force. (This is not something the Japanese would have a huge struggle with in reality. Japanese shipbuilding was well capable of this). The terrain of Siberia does not lend itself to large scale armored warfare either. So in this case the Japanese infantry may well have been able to hold the line against a Russian infantry force. I feel like it would be easier relatively speaking for the Japanese to complete these tasks than for the Russians. If Japan had poured all of its resources into gathering material for an invasion of Russia, and bypassed China and its attacks in the Pacific (bypassed Pearl Harbor) just to focus on Russia with Germany it may have worked to defeat Russia. It may well have kept the U.S. out of the war at least for quite a while longer. Russia would have had to go it alone on a two front war with limited in any assistance for the British. I think it would have been a protracted bloody mess for all involved especially on the western front (Russia vs. Germany). However, Japan could well have held the eastern coast of Russia and built up naval and air bases in the area of Vladivostok, and then driven into Siberia deeper to exploit the resources of the area to keep driving the war effort forward. They could have used these new land bases in Russia to launch long range bombing attacks against the factories moved by the Russians in the face of the German offensive thus crippling Russian manufacturing output and put severe pressure on Russia's ability to supply its troops with the required armaments to win a war. I think this might have been more viable.
  2. D_I_P_Scout

    DD's in coops

    I have charged the bots in a Konigsberg and wrecked the bot team. Let's face it that could NEVER happen in a random lol. Driving between enemy BB's and dropping torps off both sides in a Konigsberg to sink enemy BB's. Lord it was fun, but NEVER EVER happen in a random. So yes Wowzery is correct in COOP play aggressive, hell play a bit reckless and you can still easily win. This is what makes it fun to play once in a while. I use it for a bit of light stress relief when randoms suck on weekends.
  3. D_I_P_Scout

    Haida Shows a Unhealthy Trend in Game Design

    Now this is a well thought out argument and adds fuel to this post. Well said sir! and a thumbs up.
  4. D_I_P_Scout

    A ship I could not tame, a ship I could not stand...

    Mahan is a good boat, but I got a Sims out of a santa crate a year ago, and I play the hell out of that ship. Mahan is better in some respects, but overall the SIMS is awesome. Played operation Dynamo in it and killed 77 aircraft with a 19 point captain all speced for AA. Fun ship! The one ship I struggle in still to this day is the Mogami. I absolutely love the Myoko at tier 7. Mogami and I just hate each other it seems. I stopped playing the line completely. I know Zao is awesome, but I have the Minotaur, Worsrchester, and the Hindenburg. I enjoy them all. I just could not force myself to keep grinding through Mogami. It seems odd since I love the Helena as well. you would think Mogami would play like a beefed up Helena but I just can't get it to work.
  5. D_I_P_Scout

    CV Rework Feedback

    I play them in operations only as it has been letting me practice and learn the dynamics of the CV platform. I am not great but getting better, and I am concerned regarding the rework. Then again it is a chance to try something new and just possibly I might be better at the new system.
  6. D_I_P_Scout

    mini map

    Not a bad idea, I never thought of it until you posted this!
  7. D_I_P_Scout

    what goals do you have for each match?

    My goals are as follow: Have fun (Hey it is a game) Contribute well to the team victory Hopefully place in the top half of the team at the end of the battle Learn new tricks or tactics from friend or foe alike if possible Meet other players who have a like mind I might division up with in the future Earning flags, and coin to keep playing is good also but not the point of the ting
  8. Losing DD's in high tier games hamstrings any team due to the lost of capping/cap contesting ability. You also lose your ability to out spot the enemy so your team can focus down those enemy ships that push out of position and get isolated. In high tier games DD's are essential for team success in most cases, as are good BB drivers who know how to shoot and focus down radar cruisers, and Cruisers that can get close to a cap and focus down enemy DD's to cover your dd's as they enter a cap. It takes a mix of abilities to get a winning team. Any t-10 DD can be a menace if played right, so can any tier 10 cruiser or BB. I have a Harugumo and have burned down a BB that sat nose in and let me shell him from behind an island. I have also tried that and had an enemy Des Moines destroy me in seconds because he was close and hit radar and then pounded me to wreckage in three salvos (15 seconds or so). The Des Moines is a menace to any DD but not over powered. My point is that to be competitive a DD has to have strengths and be a threat to other tier 10 ships. They pay for their gimmicks and tricks with no armor and low hit points, (Kinda like a Wizard or mage in an RPG). I see so many threads on here about OP DD's please nerf. I just do not see it. In order to do what the original poster is asking a DD in a tier 10 game would play like a tier 7 in that same game. No threat to anyone but himself and on the map as a convenient target for any cruiser or BB.
  9. Yes I do generally agree. I do own the Kutuzov and the Belfast and both are considered by many to be a bit OP. I find them competitive but have had my ships shot out from under me in both of them more often than I would like to admit lol.
  10. D_I_P_Scout

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    I feel like the MK is a very competitive ship and one of the best tier 8 cruisers in the game. However, with so many BB players who know how to shoot into smoke anymore it is a dicey move to set in your smoke to shell even from a distance. Not Op but again a very competitive ship and fun to play.
  11. I do not see it as P2W at all. I have gotten my backside handed to me when in premium ships considered OP by facing a player who knows how to play his vessel. BB drivers who understand how to shoot into smoke are the bane of my existence when in a Biritsh cruiser or Kutuzov. I have ran into BB drivers who can consistently Blap me when I am in my Tashkent at 48 knots and 13 km away zig-zagging..because they are just damn good shots and know what the hell they are doing. This has nothing to do with anything they BOUGHT. In most cases these are just Tech Tree ships that have damn good players on the other side of the screen. This tells me that the game is not pay to win. Does a premium account and flags help me make credits to use premium consumables? Yes it does, but it doesn't mean I will win at all. That is up to me.
  12. With Flak bursting around his sled as they tried to bring down old, "Baron Von Kringle!" Then he could lob little gift boxes out like bombs and destroy the Flak cannons.... Then this would CLASSIC!
  13. D_I_P_Scout

    Hey Quick Question

    I do believe you are correct. A good solid base of high DPM cruisers is key to this operation. I loved running my tier 6 Cleveland in this but alas no more. I have good luck with Buddyonny (DPM Beast with long range), DeGrasse, and even the Leander. I just find I can contribute better in a cruiser. I do play to BB's once in a while.
  14. D_I_P_Scout

    Am I alone? (Ref. Neptune)

    Neptune was a bit of an odd duck for me as well. I love the Fiji and did well in the Edinburgh. I struggled a bit in the Neptune. I am not sure why it has fantastic guns and smoke and all. Minotaur I play just like I do the Fiji and I do well in it. I put a 19 point captain in her and she will do well if played a bit defensively. It is hard to play aggressive in any light cruiser, as it is far to easy to be deleted by high tier BB's. I do like the Mino though and it is much better in my eyes than the Neptune was.
  15. D_I_P_Scout

    Hey Quick Question

    I think Newport is one of the most challenging operations but I have 5 starred it a few times. I enjoy the operations, but getting good team play in operations is still rare. You always seem to get the YOLO guy who, "Knows what he is doing", and Mr. Campy Camperton who never moves. Or you get the MM that gives you 3 DD's on your team so no DPM at all. It can be frustrating as hell, but I will say overall my experience even with Newport has been fairly positive.