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    Why I Quit The Game

    I stopped playing a couple years ago. I had many lines finished, played and became proficient in every type of ship, though mastery eluded me in most. I even managed to clear a pvp season. I don't know how many games I'd played, but it may well have been thousands. So here's how it went down; first of all the missions and campaigns were too much for me. I didn't want to play to do these things, I wanted to play because I wanted to play. I wanted to unlock and buy and play new ships and become better at the game. I didn't want to have to score an arbitrary number of torpedo hits or shoot down a number of planes or use a cruiser to set x number of fires. I hated seeing what amounted to a list of chores being set before me. I missed when playing the game and doing well was a reward in of itself. Next, although I'd played almost every line up to Tier 6 at a minimum, my passion and pleasure was battleship gameplay. And I don't mean I turtle and snipe. I understood how battleships could be used to engage, disengage, apply pressure, perform feints, all that. Battleships weren't meant to group up and volley fire back and forth, they were supposed to be used for leverage on the map while jockeying for positioning. I understood one battleship could defeat a group of battleships if the group had their sides and citadels exposed, and that's what I would always try to do. I'd try to circle around the map to gain positioning or lance directly at the heart of the enemy fleet as they tried to gain positioning. It was all about map control and creating areas of dominance. Battleships were supposed to use their armor and nigh indestructibility to create a place enemy ships couldn't go for all practical purposes. A battleship really could tank a fleet of ships, successfully disengage if the need arose, repair, and come back into the fight for more of the same. With a battleship you had to plan ahead, but also be unpredictable. And you could make those kinds of decisions, because your ship was tough. Even if you were punished and took some big hits, the play-style let you do so, because once you assumed a defensive stance again in a better position, you may as well have full health for all the difference it made. Suffice to say, I rarely finished a match without using all my repairs. But that all changed with British Battleships. HE spam was bad before, don't get me wrong, but at least cruisers had some skin in the game when they opened up. There was some risk involved for them. And they couldn't blow away huge portions of your HP in single volleys and they had limited range. But the royal line, it made no difference if I angled my armor. And if I performed and aggressive action, I couldn't reliable escape. Feints were pointless now, I couldn't cause the enemy to over-commit, because all they had to do was set fires and go on to forget about me as I burned away. I could handle waves of torpedoes, planes, cruisers hiding behind islands. Everything had a certain counter that you could plan for. There was always a certain amount of risk, but the fact that the risk exists means people might not expect you to take it. But it didn't matter with the HE spam from BBs. They could do instantly and persistently what a carrier could do once every 5 minutes. And you couldn't fake them out like you could a DD and it's torpedo spread. And you couldn't run them down like you could a cruiser hiding behind an island. I couldn't take it anymore. All those hundreds of matches where I perfected my play-style, all the brain storming, all the planning, all the experience I had gained was TRASHED. All because of some cheese. I honestly don't know what the state of the game is like right now, but I did hear about the submarines. and from what I hear, I know I'll never come back because of them. You will never get battleships to perform as anything other than snipers if you keep introducing elements that render their armor and their hp pools worthless.