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  1. The information from the angle indicator is already available in the default client, Lock on a red ship and look at your compass it will show your angle and the gun deflection to the target. So in opinion that is not really a hack and since it appears to only display one target it is really inferior to the MK 1 eyeball where you can angle against multiple enemies( I get focused a lot pushing). Im old and have bad eyes so am going to try the fog remover as I need all the help I can get.
  2. I would like to apply for your Fleet of Blue Steel. Just been playing around coop since January and want to start more PVP so looking to division and get better playing with some more experienced players.
  3. DADITDIT DIDAH DADAH DADIT DAH DIDIDIDIT DIT DAH DADADAH DADADIT DIDADADIT DIT DADADIT DADADA DIT DIDIDIT Damn the torpedoes kinda of sing it and it resembles a good fist sending
  4. Come on man please fix this, at least wait the full 30 seconds for humans to join the team. It appears to launch the game usually after only 10 seconds or so.
  5. Same question here, it no longer seems to wait longer than 15-20 seconds for human players before starting battles. It may be to add more of a challenge in PvE mode by crippling your team with suicidal bots. I think they should wait a minute (the full 60 seconds) for humans to fill out the teams even if they spawn the bots 2:1 to balance play as the bots lack a strategy other than hunt DDs.