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  1. Old_Blood_and_Gutz

    Why the Carrier Rework will fail no matter what.

    My take in this is the following: First and foremost, WoWs is a game, and as a game it's supposed to entertain us... That said... I'm actually looking forward to patch 0.8.0... I say this simply because, in my opinion, WoWs has always been a live-action game... I have a few CVs in my port, but so far looked the other way when picking a ship to go into battle with... The reason is that I really want to see the enemy on my sights and actively fire at him and dodge his shots... So for me the upside of the CV rework is actually having an action-based mode, where you see the enemy right in front of your sights, see him trying to dodge your rockets/bombs/torpedoes, and where you have to aim and shoot, hitting and (YES!) missing a lot of times... The rest is balance issues... I played the new CVs during the Beta Test, and during the first round of the 0.8.0 Public Test... Sometimes I felt the damage I dealt was too low, sometimes I felt very happy at how high it was... Sometimes AA was amazingly weak, and sometimes my planes would completely vanish from the air as I was setting up my first attack run... Summing up, I feel the new CVs concept is a valid and positive one. And I'm sure we'll go through a lot of patches (and mini-patches, why not?) in order to balance damage caused by rockets, torpedoes and bombs, as well as damage caused by AA from the different classes of ships in the game. Other than that, I feel that (sadly) this topic is just too hot right now... People hate changes, and whenever you have to change habits, the first reaction is dreading it... So yes, I guess you could say that since I've played so few battles with CVs, maybe I'm just not feeling that i'm being 'robbed' of a play style that I've developed through hardwork and countless battles... But I choose to believe in the alternative - that the game will actually benefit from these changes, and that in the near future (or maybe, in the not-so-near future, but very soon) everyone will look back and say this change was one of the best things Wargaming did... Maybe some players will take a break from the game, maybe some will even sell their CVs... Me, I'll keep thinking it's just a game, and one of the very best of its kind! Let's move on Wargaming!!!
  2. Old_Blood_and_Gutz

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    Same here... How can I fix this Wargaming?
  3. Old_Blood_and_Gutz

    Montana obselete?

    So... Just got my Montana yesterday, and let me tell you something... What an amazing ship she is!!! I have the Yamato, but for some reason I feel more comfortable playing the Montana. With the proper ASDW control, you can easily get amazingly destructive salvos on enemy ships while avoiding enemy shells, and even those that do hit you tend to bounce off your armor. Montana's AA is also something amazing, event though I've faced enemy CV's only twice in about a dozen battles so far. IMHO, Montana is totally worth the grind... I moved all the way from the Iowa, and got a Nelson as a plus with all the free XP I ended up accumulating during the process. My final word: one of the most fun ships in the game!!!
  4. Old_Blood_and_Gutz


    Just got my Worcester... The map for this first game? Ocean! Lol Even though my team lost the battle, i was very impressed... Did 98k damage and sunk two enemy ships... Looking forward to more fun with her...
  5. Yeah... I'm trying to find this information but for some reason I'm not being able to... If I remember correctly, you would need about 36,000 xp to unlock a tier VI cruiser... Thanx!
  6. One more question related to the US Cruiser split... Do you guys happen to know what the cost will be (in XP, I mean) of the new American light cruisers? Thanks a lot!