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  1. Jonas_Brent

    Symbols and Patches update

    Oh, but the BUBBLE TEA! ?? *$%#(@! How stupid. Maybe consider WARSHIP related? Something players could be a bit prouder to display other than BUBBLE TEA.
  2. Jonas_Brent

    Armada: Tromp

    well, I used doubloons and Free XP and purchased it. I was pissed that the only way to get it was by purchasing those damn tokens, but I didn't have the coal for later, so I got it. It is by far the WORST Tier X DD I have ever used. Slow reloads, slow speed, no smoke (yea, it advertises that, but you have to use it to know, because WoWs words the bad stuff to sound good, and vice versa). There're Tier VII DDs that do everything better and have ability to play a bit more aggressively with better survival chance. WoWs sells these things for such high prices and yet they suck and ... balanced? NOT!! 150s and fast torp reloads (not really that fast) seem to be offset, but they're still the worst in the game that I've played (recognizing that I haven't played all, but have all US DD line, all European DD line, and up to Tier 8 and 9 for most others, and all but one of the tier X premium DDs). German DDs with 150s and less range torps are better by far. If you're considering getting this ship, let WoWs do something to make it worth its ridiculous cost first. Even splitting the Free XP and doubs doesn't make it worth it.
  3. No way to win Tromp, huh? Way the too expensive too! BULLCRAP WoWs, you bunch of money hoarders!
  4. Jonas_Brent

    Ship's Log: Brazil

    More ridiculously colored, non-historic, worthless camouflages. Give us something worthwhile! I'd be happy with a camo pattern actually used by Brazilian ships??? But after making camos worthless, this is pure BULLSH!T
  5. Jonas_Brent

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.11

    Admiral Schroder: What the hell do you mean by, "GOOD CAMOFLAUGE"?
  6. Jonas_Brent

    [12.1] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    I don't want stupid-colored camos that don't have any historical significance or look childish. I want actual historical camos that match the ship, or class, or type-camo for a particular nation / theater of operations. That's it. The recent survey on camos was STUPID, there was no way to say, "I hate all these". Ignore the damn survey results and make "historical" make sense in World of warships, not cartoonish ridiculously bright non-camo-colored camos!!!
  7. Jonas_Brent

    Base XP Naval battles

    I turned them off. My clan will not participate because WoWs has NOT been listening. If they do ever, and start rotating them one at a time, I'll turn them back on
  8. Jonas_Brent

    hide event ships?

    I want those damn things hidden too. In fact, I don't want them. Why do I have to have them? Give me a damn choice??!!
  9. The Halloween of is stupid; at the very least it is running way too long at the expense of running weekly ops. What made it worse is that you ran it at the expense of the WOLFPAC operation which should have been utilized in conjunction with the time allowed for reset of the captain skills. It seems like you completely defeated the purpose of the thing. I refused to rent subs, but now as a permanent part of WoWs, learning them seemed important. You sounded like you wanted to make it important, but you made it irrelevant with your bad timing and making the stupid Halloween op important.
  10. Jonas_Brent

    Malta in the Armory

    Here's a question ... If camos no longer hold any significance WHATSOEVER, why does WoWs keep adding them to bundles as though it makes the whole deal any more valuable than NOT adding them? It might have been one thing while they carried battle significance, but that's not the case now. At the same time, WoWs stopped putting any effort into real / historic permanent camos. They have become cheap, silly and no effort has been applied; and yet they continually brag about how they "pride themselves in their historic reconstruction". These camos do not impress me. They are in childish and cartoonish colors that do not meet any definition of "camouflage", and they carry no significant contribution to the battle. I'm sure someone will buy this ridiculous $200.00 money scam (as opposed to the lesser-cost ridiculous money scam), but I for one value accurate and HISTORIC ships and would rather have one or two permanent HISTORICAL camouflages. Even if not to that particular ship, a camouflage type that was accurate to a ship of that nation, same class, theater of combat, time frame or something that makes sense, not merely the easiest, simplest form of your low-effort "grey" is more valuable than the stupid colors and patterns you now shove at us. WoWs, you really need to put a renewed effort into the permanent camos as they have now obviously become your zero-priority "red-headed step-child", yet you keep pushing insignificant, inaccurate, childish-colored combinations (which in the past at least had value attached). I want historically accurate camos with the ship, as well as an ability to acquire more accurate and historical camos after acquiring the ship. I hope others feel the same way. I appreciate the historical accuracy and I cannot fathom someone who would play this game if they did not have some sort of love for Naval warfare and the ships in their true form and presentation; you just are making it more and more STUPID!
  11. Jonas_Brent

    Ship's Log: Superships at Sea

    and who cares about those dumb fake bright-colored camos. I want real, official, historical ones.
  12. Jonas_Brent

    Submarines in the Armory

    Wows, you just released subs, so stop being so damn stupid and open up the Wolfpac operation. It's hard getting a division together, but WHY the hell should I be forced to do that? You should be open to giving more players a chance to get used to the subs.
  13. Jonas_Brent

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.10

    Sounds a bit scarry. I always warm up in coop. Of course, it sounds like you can pay to get through this ... but perhaps that is the entire point; to frustrate the mass into paying! It FIGURES, the way WoWs has been headed.
  14. Jonas_Brent

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    is "Operation of the week" an error or is WoWs ending the "Random Operations" (which seemed nice and much less boring than having a repeating op for an entire week)?
  15. Jonas_Brent

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Cruisers

    I absolutely HATE HATE HATE 12 vs 12 brawls regardless of ship composition. The way cowardly players battle by hiding behind stuff and huddling the sides of the map is doing anything BUT brawling. That kind of behavior makes it no different than a normal random battle. Change this! Even if the cowards still hide, 8 vs 8 or any number less than that (change that constantly too) will make it more barrable. Am I wrong? Someone tell me the difference between brawls and random battles at the moment with regard to how they are played (ship composition is a given difference but doesn't matter in how players play out the battles).