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  1. serpent54

    Constant game crashes

    well, tried the game today again and about a minute into the port screen it critical errors and i have to terminate.. so much for grinding away at NewYork... guess ill have to wait for an update to fix it, I dont have the patients to try knowing itll just crash inevitably.. WG get your stuff fixed....
  2. serpent54

    Constant game crashes

    glad to see this thread,, I came back to the game first time since 2016 after a few hours of updates and relearning the keys i got a few matches in and boom! same critical error with option to terminate and close happens. I had 3 matches in a row it happen, all of which was early enough in game I could log back in and find my ship about to be torped haha. from what im reading hear it sounds like its a game issue. I sure hope its fixed in an update soon. this is one of few games my ancient system can actually run, at least the 2016 versions. staying tuned....