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  1. Under_The_Black_Flag

    Gameplay Freezes or Locks Up

    Can confirm this directly after the update. I've performed all standard performance fixes and game integrity checks. FPS & latency are stable as usual this is a game bug nothing else has the same issue and confirmed in-game by others. Mostly affected with any update in gameplay e.g. new ship is detected - stutter or pause. I'd like a refund on my lost ranked battles please
  2. Under_The_Black_Flag

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    Please ... no more campy boats.
  3. Under_The_Black_Flag

    The better the player, the worse CV vs DD interaction becomes

    That's what I'm thinking, they still have bombers but for a DD there is more opportunity for a dodge. CV's shouldn't be about blaping DD's, they should be about reconnaissance and spotting for the surface fleet when it comes to this class.
  4. Under_The_Black_Flag

    Buff Puerto Rico

    Personally find it an effective ship for randoms. No buff required or it would be OP IMO. 13 battles so far...
  5. Under_The_Black_Flag

    The worst and angriest I have felt in 17k games @ you WG

    Thing is though, he's right. I'm with ACE on that point, I don't see this as an 07 thing at all. Imagine trying to play a game where the player classes don't do what they should 65% of the time and if the rest of the team cannot adapt (like vast majority of whinge posts to be found on this forum). Best thing any new player can do is get into a causal non-competitive clan and progress clan wise depending on how they want to invest into the game, if you see this type of behaviour in game reach out to that person, grow the game, suggest they look into joining a clan. Take the player base EVE ONLINE approach, help a newbie out. No amount in game "Operatings" or co-op training is going to do it. Anyways, someone just needs to sticky the "how it works" youtube series to the front of the forums or the game client and in port to drill it into people when they keep getting pummeled. Nothing is stopping wargaming putting a notification pop-up to that youtube series if a players win rate is abysmal.
  6. Under_The_Black_Flag

    Minotaur worth it?

    Yes it is, I think it was my fourth tier X. Its still very good in capable hands. And so much this:
  7. Under_The_Black_Flag

    CVs against DDs

    You hit the nail on the head, except what did you expect. This is an opinion piece and totally up to how people individually perceive things. So.. WOWS 4CHAN fo life. To be honest there's a complete different section to discuss ships that can be done there which is well constructive.
  8. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    I agree cause I can be one too
  9. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

  10. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    Numbers don't make up that fact that it's player skill which has the most impact. /Ignore list.
  11. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    And what you are assuming is everyone should be thinking your way is best. To which again, i'll advise posting in a public place, expecting everyone to agree with you based on your numbers can be refuted in any way we so please.
  12. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    @Varknyn12 Problem is this isn't a spreadsheet game, we aren't playing stats VS stats. Matches are more dynamic than that and influence is based on the teams ability to "randomly" come together with some sort of cohesion rather than this ship needs to be buffed cause today at the moment we still continue to have OP broken ships in the game. You could get a game with all Borgone's the top damage outputting BB however if those players are average at best and then we have a team of unicum Montana's who's gona win then? It will still be 50/50 at best based on "statistical WOWS ship performance" however if I had to bet my money would be on the Monty unicum players. You are blinded by numbers they like any other statistical analysis never capture the entire picture.
  13. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    So there's not a large disparity between a highly skilled CV player on a team and average joe lunchbox CV capitan? Send what you are smoking my way please Is it easy to be a potato in randoms and do average potato damage in a BB covering the majority of the player base, yes likely (I'm not a BB main so I have no problem doing average BB damage). What I saying is that not all of us agree that montana needs a buff. Back to my point and your original statement in the right hands its deadly, just because of current meta there is a gap, are we going to buff all ships for the sake of a couple of broken ones in the game... I don't see the sense in this.
  14. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    So in the current meta you think being i a BB requires no skill, interesting. That to me emphasizes what I said. We can agree to disagree that's fine too. It's two different perspectives on the game. Shooty boats or chess.
  15. Under_The_Black_Flag

    American BB Update Needed

    I disagree, Montana's skill floor is high. So what, it's a highly mobile artillery platform comparatively to other BB's. Bow tank in for a strafing shot in close is very scary for the enemy player and you take next to no damage. Play her correctly at range and it bounces nearly everything. People are starting to know where to hit the Kremlin and how to deal with her, Thunderer probably is on the list for some sort of attention cause I line ships are a nuisance. Why people constantly come here asking for skill floors to be lowered all the time is beyond me, some of us like challenges, some of us like high skill floors, some of us like differences in ships. If everything in this game were equal it'd be a bloody boring game. In no way I mean this as a personal attack but I just don't see why the Montana needs better armor or more health, in the hands of a skilled player it's still a very scary ship to come up against. 100% agree. And there was never anything really wrong with that gimmick until they nerfed AA.