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  1. Dunkirk Op Star Reset

    I suspect your Team got 5 stars and your Aigle was along to make fun of Parks for being so dumb. :D When you have the AA monsters in the Monaghan and Sims and the laser guns of the Minsk and Bly the Aigle struggles. That said, I loaded up the Aigle with 8 flags today and I pulled in 24K Elite Cmd. EXP, 400,000 credits, 13K Free EXP and it took just 15-20 minutes.
  2. Let's talk plane kills for Dynamo

    I've had 2 games in the Aigle with 0 planes shot down. I've also played just 2 games in the Aigle. How can you compete with the Sims and C Hulls?!
  3. Campbeltown rear gun mystery

    It's a weird little ship, but despite all it's shortcomings it can tear people up.
  4. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    I would love to know how. In the Farragut I had to lead the shots so far the boats were sometimes not even on the screen. The Aigle’s shells are way slower and arced. In almost every game I played there was an Aigle and in all of those they were near the bottom in base EXP.
  5. You are not the target audience. You are not the person they are catering towards. Instead of being put off by WG just realize that not everything is for everyone - and this one isn’t for you.
  6. Jean Bart - Is she ready?

    There's a sea of information about this ship so I may have missed it, but do we know when it's coming? Patented WG "soon?"
  7. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    Then why are all the pieces I get "Duplicates" and crediting me 15K Credits if that collection isn't active still?
  8. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    I bought the Farragut, threw on the C Hull, retrained a Captain for AA, and it's the easiest mission ever. It also does a good job taking out the zippy little ships as long as you put them just outside your screen to lead your shot. The Aigle has almost no AA and can't hit the torpedo boats, so aside from getting the 200% bonus in a Premium Ship I'd steer clear. (Played it 5 times today with premium flags and have picked up 60K Free EXP... putting me over 750K. Here's hoping the Jean Bart comes out soon)
  9. Monaghan AA build in Dynamo

    You should try it in the Aigle - 1 plane shot down. It's AA rating is 4 and that's with a 19 point Martel captain.
  10. I put 8 of the premium flags on the ships I play in the scenarios (leaning heavily towards premiums to I can get 2-3 first wins per captain). Today, with the Duke of York, Nelson, and Fiji all strapped with 8 premium flags I picked up 70k Elite Cap EXP and 24k Free EXP. The flags definitely get deducted and they are definitely worth running.
  11. Stats are provided by the actions of all players. Opinions typically only come from vocal people who have a problem with the game. Which would you primarily base your economic decisions on?
  12. Best use of anniversary tokens

    Just started the Edinburgh, so I snap bought that one without even thinking about it. The rest will get churned through the Leviathan flags.
  13. Tired of losing.

    You know the ol’ expression: “If you don’t play you can’t lose!”
  14. Your favorite Western

    Once Upon a Time in the West. American Astronaut (sorta)
  15. Video unavailable. I actually want to watch.