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  1. galspanic

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Yeah, I still can't get anything to work. If anything I get less to open up each time I try... There goes 3 weeks of paid premium.
  2. galspanic

    New Mac Wrapper Coming ?

    I just love logging in each day hoping it will work, click to join a team and grab a log in reward, and then watch my year of premium I bought with cash slowly evaporating.
  3. galspanic

    WG: What is the plan wrt Mac players in 2019?

    55-75 was normal.
  4. galspanic

    WG: What is the plan wrt Mac players in 2019?

    I have* and it works enough to get me into games. Before I downloaded that it wouldn’t run at all, but now it’s sitting tight at 8-12 FPS and drops me into games 15-20 seconds after it starts. I really like the CV rework and was playing those a lot before this update but now they are totally unplayable - it’s glitchy as hell until I hit AA and then I get something like .5 FPS. *assuming you mean that sketchy AF Russian zip file.
  5. galspanic

    Mac users: Any change in ability to launch / run?

    I finally got that weird Russian site Game Center downloaded and opened WoWs just fine. Then I started playing. It loaded me in 15-45 seconds after the game started and my frame rate hovered between 9-15 fps with dips and spikes between 6 and 30 fps. RIP WOWS.
  6. galspanic

    aircraft carriers are over priced

    Where not? CVs are fine. Tech tree is cheap since you’re skipping tires and premium shop is fine because you don’t really want a ton of people buying them and clogging MM.
  7. galspanic

    Advice on the optimal secondary build for Warspite

    What ship is he trained to? Because I would build to that and just let whatever the Warspite does happen.
  8. galspanic

    The Elusive 19 pt Captain

    Thank god. I see people on here from time to time that mess that up. The first 19 pointer I got was for my Fiji and that took about a year. My second came 6 months later and now I get a new one every month. The key for me was to go with more general captain skills and run them mostly in higher tier premiums. Halsey is trained for the Iowa, but is my go to for the Salem, Alaska, and Indianapolis. He can easily pick up 50k elite XP a day with flags and those 4.
  9. galspanic

    The Elusive 19 pt Captain

    Please tell me that 19 pt captain isn’t trained to the Marblehead.
  10. galspanic

    8.3 won't launch on a Mac

    I downloaded it, dragged it to the Applications folder like it said... and nothing. Already spent more effort than this game is worth for the day.
  11. galspanic

    8.3 won't launch on a Mac

    It opened five yesterday but this morning it does what you’re seeing - hit play, vanishes, then nothing.
  12. I’ve bought sooooo many Magic cards since the CV update.
  13. galspanic

    RIP Steve Prefontaine

    Why now?
  14. galspanic

    Premium Naval Aviation Containers

    I love seeing $75 worth of stuff I wouldn’t pay $5 for. Lol.
  15. galspanic

    Save your money the Saipan Sucks

    I’m better with my Lexington, but the Saipan you have today has as much in common with the old Saipan as it does with the Bismarck... not a lot. It takes time to learn and should not be seen as the same ship as before.