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  1. Because it's not fun enough to warrant doing.
  2. galspanic

    Yubari: Is she worth the coal?

    As long as there are other useful things to buy with Coal I’m skipping it.
  3. It can’t be that. That would make sense.
  4. galspanic

    SuperContainers, The Dream Is Real

    I got Stage 4 of the US Cruiser Campaigncompleted tonight, opened the 2 SCs, and got 25 Hydra and 100 “-5% consumable reload” flags. I love the Hydras butin the last 5 SCs I’ve seen since April, 1 had Hydras and the other 4 had 100 random almost useless flags. I feel for you.
  5. galspanic

    Alaska free xp cost

    I'd assume that until I saw the Jean Bart is more than the Musashi in the Arsenal. They seem to be reevaluating the in-game economy and finally realized that the high tier premiums were easier to get than ever... and want to step back a bit. If it's released at 800K-850K I would be less surprised than 750K.
  6. galspanic

    Dreadnought, WG, Please.

    Easy big guy. They will sell it eventually. You may have the money but you don't have patience.. They can't build hype for a ship if they don't require a bunch of hoops - be that missions or the waiting game. Of all the things to sound genuinely butt hurt about this seems really petty. You've been around long enough to know that they DO want your money and in some sense are being played by this release method.
  7. galspanic

    1 day free premium

    They come with different stuff and have been posted about 3-5 times already.
  8. galspanic

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    I highly doubt it too, but then I remember that this is Wargaming.
  9. galspanic

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    Come on man... this is Wargaming. This is the same company that sold players super rare tanks that they said would never be sold again and then a few years later sold the hell out of them. We are currently looking at a tier 9 premium in the shop and lots of people said that'd never happen. My guess is the Missouri will be back in the shop with a bunch of junk attached to it so that they can charge $150 without looking crazy. Give it a year and it'll be one of those "1 weekend only" things. Actually, I could see it popping up right after Thanksgiving for a limited release.
  10. "Why the rush? Why only 3 days." Because it leads to more sales. "Why not a week? Two weeks?" Because urgency leads to more impulse buys. "I am not in the financial position this week to use it." But because it's, limited people will spend money they don't have because of FOMO. This time of year is one of the slowest times for sales because people are gearing up for Black Friday through Christmas. If they gave you time it would bump into whatever nonsense they are doing after Thanksgiving. Some very smart people with fancy calculators have determined that this is the time to offer this coupon and how it is offered - It's not for me because I don't want anything currently for sale. It's not for you because you don't have the money right now. It's not for that guy because he forgot to log in or use it. etc etc.
  11. galspanic

    Refunding Jean Bart ; Need Advice

    This is a weird coupon because it applies to specials, but just not things that are discounted.
  12. galspanic

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Nothing. I almost bought something and realized that instead of saving $15 I was about to blow $35 on something I didn't want before I got that coupon.
  13. galspanic

    Stan Lee is dead, aged 95.

    Truly a well lived life.
  14. galspanic

    Any way to still get sovereigns?

    Buy crates with sovereigns... that’s it and not at all helpful.