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  1. My thought too. Why would they sell a $20 ship 30% off when they can sell a $50 ship half off? $14 vs $25 for them.
  2. I sorta thought some branch of some nation is almost always on sale.
  3. adrenalin rush on CVs

    What exactly would it do on a CV?
  4. So about marathons...

    A marathon is 26.2 miles so 26 would still be wrong. A marathon is also a foot race so that doesn't really make any sense. A marathon is define as being "A long-lasting or difficult task or operation of a specified kind" and in the end that seems to be what they are getting at. And I suspect we all got that.
  5. Option 5: Impatient Customer. They said give it 24. Give it 24 before you worry about it. Sure, it usually goes through immediately but give it 24. THEN file a ticket.
  6. Wargaming Coupon: Does it applies to Warships?

    Most ships are good for that coupon. Look in the store and if it shows a red box with a % off or “special” it’s no good. If doesn’t say it’s a special or on sale do it!
  7. The Most Expensive Home in U.S. ?

    There’s a new development in Dana Point CA with 60-100 new homes all sitting on the palisade overlooking the ocean. Every house is $8m to $32m. Every. One.
  8. Indianapolis Daily 24 - Kay?

    That doesn’t mean anything except you learned how to play a bad ship.
  9. What makes me buy premium ships?

    I love premium ships. I just got my first 19-point captain and it’s all because I could take my Fiji captain out every day in the Nelson, DoY, and Fiji. I like all 3 and with drago flags can add 25k-30k Elite EXP a day. That’s great because now I never need to run half trained captains in other ships. While captain training is my main reason for using them, I guess credits is good too. I have 90M sitting there doing nothing because I’m not planning on going higher than tier 8 in the near future, but I suppose it’s good to have for later. I do love not having to grind for a ship too. I spend about $400 worth of time to grind to tier 6, or I spend $25... easy math. I am just glad that the ships are good. This “weaker than the tech tree” nonsense is silly.
  10. Indy prepaid

    It doesn’t matter how you got the Indianapolis, if you have it you can put ANY American captain in there. Either you are doing something wrong or there’s a software error.
  11. Baltimore

    There is nothing Nouveau about these skins - it’s ridiculously deco. It’s like someone took a look at the Chysler Building, got in Photoshop, and cut/paste the thing onto these ships.
  12. Start with “why should they?”
  13. Save it. It gets you 50k closer to the Nelson, Musashi, or Kronstadt.
  14. Since the Modded package comes with 5,000 Doubloons the question is really whether or not that equipment is worth $24. For me, credits are easy to come by and there's no way I would buy something that came with easy to get stuff over Doubloons. The Mass itself with a few flags should be able to earn any equipment you need in no time.
  15. He's been playing for 30 years, so I bet you can if you're around that long.