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  1. galspanic

    P.E. Friedrick

    I shoot an Atlanta from 13km with HE and detonated it. The next volley was AP against a Leanders side from 5km and it gets 2 penetrations, 2 over pens, and 0 damage. Overall story #2 is how it's played out.
  2. galspanic

    Your very first Premium was?

    Campbelltown - I just started and figured I’d throw a little change at WG and I liked the way it looked. It’s still fun too.
  3. Uuuhhhh. After 100 games player A isn’t a rock star but he’s not going ruin his team. Player B has played 500 games and is bringing every team he’s on down into the gutter. Player B makes every team he’s on worse and doesn’t get that fundamental but if kniwledge the wr% is telling him. Sorry, but if you make your team lose that much it IS impressive but not the way you’re implying. The last part about high stats and low win rates is a complex game design discussion but you can very easily shoot the wrong ships - as indicated by lots of damage without being able to translate that damage into wins. Shooting targets that don’t help you win isn’t your team messing up. Finally, you can play well and still lose - a few times. If you continue to play well but lose then you’re incorrectly evaluating how well you’re playing.
  4. Correct. It’s why despite thinking I understand how to get the operations complete I keep my mouth shut- because I have a middling understanding of the game. So, what do my poor stats have to do with it? I wasn’t saying I know how to play the game better (I haven’t looked at my stats in over a year) but I know that win rates are a measure of how well you can win../
  5. When the goal of the game is to win and you don’t win... I mean, I can go go on Web MD and diagnose you (43% wr) or have an RN take a look (56% wr) and you tell me which one you’d listen to.
  6. galspanic

    For USD$1.00, It Works for Me

    I think that’s part of it - some of us didn’t know it got those changes and were pleasantly surprised. (I do hate that I lose my engine 3-4 times a game)
  7. Based on forum posts like the ones above I highly doubt. People wait until the last minute to pull the trigger and they put a big discount on a short fuse to maximize sales. It's a little counter intuitive but I'm pretty sure sales theory people here will confirm.
  8. galspanic

    PEF Doubloon 4th Directive advice?

    You could buy the PEF in the shop since it does a few nations at once... but then you’d have to grind out millions of credits in THAT ship. If on night 13 you don’t have it then either buy it with cash or realize that you don’t realky want it.
  9. You seem to think that the goal of the coupon is to give you 30% off. It's not. It's to get impulsive people to spend 70% more. The time limits are the best way to extract that money from people.
  10. galspanic

    Bring on the Russan BBs!

    ‘Thousands of hours...” ”Is anyone working back there?” When it comes to forum complaints all I can say is Git Gud.
  11. galspanic

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I have 74 ships and 250 of the regular +20% credit flag. I'll focus on premiums though since they make it go faster but it shouldn't be too bad with the following line up: USA: Texas, Saipan, Indianapolis - But will also use the Essex, Lexington, andIowa Japan: Musashi, Asashio B - As well as the Yugamo UK: Warspite, Nelson, Duke of York, Cossack all using my Edinburgh captain as well as probably work on finishing the grind for the Lightning. German: T-61, Graf Spee. I didn't realize I didn't have any higher tier premiums than that in Germany. Add the Bismarck, Z-23, and GFB to make this my hardest one. USSR: Okhotnik, Krasny Krym, Kutuzov, Molotov, Kronstadt plus Kiev and Ognevoi. France: Aigle, DeGrasse, Jean Bart and the Charles Martel, Saint Louis, Alsace - probably my easiest nation. Pan-Asia: Anshan Italy: Guilio Cesare Commonwealth, Etc: Nothing.
  12. galspanic

    Die Cast Metal Ships

    On a related note, my kids dragged me to a candy store and for $4 I found these god awful gummy candies that tasted like plastic, but they came with: No idea what brand it is.
  13. galspanic


    I was going to say... a Co-Op and Weekly Op guy like myself was still able to accrue 2.5m Free EXP in the last 8 months. 4m is legit. @OP - get the Musashi. With my 2.5m Free EXP I bought it, play it, and love it. People keep talking about the AA issue but I have faith that the players will figure it out. Instead of 4-5 squadrons of planes attacking it like now it'll just be 1 and 1 is easy enough to figure out in the long run. It's big, dumb, and slow... but it has guns that will hold up to anything in the game and sees enough tier 7 ships that you can play the "does it take 1 or 2 clicks to erase an Atlanta?" I just bought the Krunch That and don't know what to think yet. I will aim at some CL from 8km away and bounce or miss every shell, reload, and fire at a Montana 15km away and get 2 citadels. Seriously weird ship for me. And that leaves 1m left - the Alaska doesn't appeal to me and I'm hoping that there's a DD some time soon.
  14. galspanic

    Premium ships for training

    Agreed. My first 19 pointer was a Fiji captain who also rolled with my Campbelltown ($3) when I first started and then the Duke of York (free), Nelson (free), Warspite (free) and Cossack ($.99) as I got those in Wargaming missions. They've given away a lot of RN ships since I started and they all seem to be happy with Priority Target, Last Stand, Superintendent, and Concealment. I think the other 9 points are just gunnery stuff so that's all good too.
  15. I don't follow. It's a team game and when 1 player's performance influences the game significantly more than the other players it's problem. Or am I looking at this wrong?