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  1. Thirsty13_CCW

    Stealth Radar

    Some time back WG nerfed several USN cruisers because they had the ability to stealth radar. I.E. with a full stealth build their detectability was less than their Radar range. Meaning by the time the DD first spotted them they were already in Radar range. I think this may have also impacted other ships but my memory is a bit fuzzy on the complete list. Point being that WG clearly said that stealth radar was bad for the game so the nerf bat got swung. But now we have the Russian Cruiser split coming and based on stats that have been released many of these ships will be capable of stealth radar. And not just by a small margin but by 2km or more. So I'd like to ask WG @Radar_X @FemennenIy what has changed? Yes we know the stats are preliminary but the fact remains that WG swung the nerf bat to kill this off and now proposes to gift it to multiple Russian cruisers.. I'd also take this opportunity to point out that continuing to roll out nonsensical paper ships (Ahhem cough cough like SMOLENSK and Kleber) isn't really helping the game. While things that would make it more interesting like new game modes (Ahemm cough cough ARMS RACE) are being ignored and or new operations to suggest another. Then we have ships that actually existed and have been highly requested (WV44, Italian BB"s etc etc) which continue to be ignored.
  2. Thirsty13_CCW

    New(ish) player looking for a US TZ clan

    Come check out TF-62. Send me a PM if your interested. We are a group of professional adults and we love to help new players grow their skills along the way.
  3. Thirsty13_CCW

    TF-62 Squadron Yoke

    Bump. Captains of all skill levels desired.
  4. Thirsty13_CCW

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    Trying to Delete my post and failing
  5. Yep, Offer me a refund on the booster I bought and a chance to return Gorizia for what I paid for her (I bought the ship only bundle) and we'll talk.
  6. @Radar_X @Kami You know trust is a funny thing. WG clearly presented PR as an achievable grind. Thinking that would be the case and wanting to help it along I bought Gorizia right off to help get the grind running and immediately bought the first doubloon booster without even looking. Wow my bad. 6000 Doubloons? Yep I should have looked. Luckily I noticed the prices and the second and third which gave me pause. Then all the CC content started dropping and I realized I'd been played for a fool. There never was a chance of getting the PR for free. Your nonsense math aside because that's what it is. Yes I'm sure the sums do add up nicely but when you consider the way the directives were designed its clearly an impossibility for a human player. Especially over Christmas for crying out loud. So I've wasted money on a premium ship I would not have bought otherwise and that I'm finding I really don't like anyway not to mention blowing 6000 doubloons down the drain all because I trusted what WG said about how she was going to be obtainable for free. So yeah my bad I didn't read the fine print and you screwed me. Well played sirs well played. Except there is the ongoing impact. I've bought bundles of Xmas containers every year. I seriously doubt I will be doing that this year. So there is lost revenue from those. Plus a consumer you screwed once is going to be much less likely to give you money again in the future. Heck I already have premiums I like that are rusting in my port these days so do I really need the next shiny new toy that comes along. Probably not. So you've played me for the fool and it was my fault. But It won't happen again.
  7. Thirsty13_CCW

    Premium Ship Review #133 - Poltava

    @LittleWhiteMouse I'm sure I missed something but have you permanently retired the Angry YouTuber part of your reviews? If so may I humbly suggest you bring it back? I get that there may be some who look at nothing else but even for those of us who devour your reviews its still a nice data point.
  8. Thirsty13_CCW

    TF-62 Squadron Yoke

    Bump. Still looking for active players to join a great group.
  9. Thirsty13_CCW

    Clan Battle Participation

    While 8v8 May make for better play the simple fact is that since the switch it’s obvious participation in clan battles is down significantly as a result. That isn’t good for the game. So if WG wants clan battles to be something widely enjoyed and not just the playground of a few large elite clans they are going to have to make changes. Either go back to smaller teams or come up with a way to allow smaller clans to put forward combined teams. But the current situation isn’t good for the game and is especially bad for smaller clans. Are we really saying that only mega clans are desired? The other major issue that WG must address with clan battles is the playoff system to advance to a new league. Playoff battles should be setup such that they are limited to teams from the same league. Alternately require earning a certain amount of points to advance in 5 battles as opposed to a requirement to win 3 out of 5. Or just eliminate the playoff system all together and just advance teams when they make the threshold the way it works in ranked.
  10. Thirsty13_CCW

    PROOF Russian Bias is NOT a thing

    Comrades, As OP has said there is no bias towards the ships of the glorious Soviet Union in this game. Now of course if the game happens to reflect the reality of glorious Russian design superiority then one cannot blame bias. It is no surprise that the decadent imperialist west was unable to produce designs that matched those of our glorious Soviet Union. Indeed the surprise is that the west mired in decadence could produce anything at all. Meanwhile mother Russia and her people united as one striving towards world unification under Soviet rule continue to show the world their superiority in every facet of technology. You Comrades would do well to remember that soon you all will be united with us under the banner of mother Russia and that when that inevitable moment occurs (as it soon must given the decadence of the west) the organs of state security who are unmatched in their vigilance will take swift action against those who have not demonstrated proper thinking. Thus I would invite you to recant your allegations of bias and proclaim the glorious natural superiority of all things Russian! to fail to do so will only invite your own destruction.
  11. Thirsty13_CCW

    TF-62 Squadron Yoke

    Come Join us. We are still looking for players. Especially if your looking for a clan that will div with you and help you improve as a player.
  12. Thirsty13_CCW


    Some interesting points from Flamu. First Kutuzov was removed from sale and given an out of proportion smoke firing nerf because it is OP. I say out of proportion because it’s worse than it’s tech tree counterpart so clearly it was targeted. Second during test the British Cruisers initially had HE but WG decided that the combination of smoke and rapid fire HE was too much. Which of course begs the question of how given their past decisions they decided to go ahead with Smolensk?
  13. Thirsty13_CCW


    So let’s start with this. https://youtu.be/DE8iQ5U62ZE That’s Zoup who is generally the most positive of CC’ unleashing Angry Zoup on this stupidly broke ship. So WG @Radar_X, @FemennenIy, what say you? The CC most likely to put a positive spin on the worst of news just went full nuclear. I think that merits a response with respect to how this ship impacts the game.
  14. Thirsty13_CCW

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    When you lead off with the fact that this ship is an imagined version of an already imaginary ship the bull manure flag seriously bounces off the top of the mast. Yep just what this game needs another OP fake Soviet ship.
  15. Thirsty13_CCW

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Dear WG, @Kami @Radar_X I'd like to share a few thoughts with regards to subs. First the announcement "that our players are highly interested in submarines and we should be engaged in full development." frankly feels very much like a bold faced lie. Here is a news flash. I don't mind being told things I don't like when they are the truth nearly as much as I mind being lied to. The majority of feedback I saw after the Terror of the Deep event was that players did NOT want subs in the game. That people played the mode didn't mean they liked having subs. Especially since that mode wasn't even close to the same thing as having subs in random battles. I strongly suspect if you actually polled players you would find that the majority of us are fine with subs being in a special mode but that they should NOT bein inserted into normal random or competitive game play. Second the subs we had for the special event were HIGHLY ahistorical. Frankly I for one am getting more and more tired of WG taking what is supposed to be a game based in reality and adding silly gimmicks that are well outside the bounds of what was remotely possible. Like 40 knot battleships and 55 knot destroyers for one. Subs that can run a sustained 25+ knots underwater are the work of science fiction fantasy with the exception of the Type XVII that frankly wasn't even close to being a useable weapons system. Then again we now have multiple Soviet Ships in game that are essentially imaginary given that the Soviet union lacked the technical capability to build the designs they are based on. My point is that if your going to remotely respect history (as you should) a Gato class sub that runs 8-9 knots submerged and 21-22 on the surface is going to really struggle to be fun to play in the current meta. Let me please beg of you not create subs that are utter nonsense racing around at speeds that a Soviet Alfa would have been envious of. In the spirit on offering constructive suggestions I offer the following: 1.) Subs should not ever be incorporated into normal game modes or competitive events like ranked or clan battles. 2.) The testing plan seems sound but if you want people to really play them you going to need to seriously incentivize that behavior. Like offering Steel in notable amounts for just playing the sub modes. 3.) For the love of all that is Holy the subs need to be reflective of actual fleet boats. I'm repeating myself but I'm not interested in seeing a French sub line running at 80 knots and firing 200 knot torpedos. 4.) I strongly suggest doing some heavy duty polling and getting someone into WG HQ in Russia that can really look at the data and feedback your getting. 5.) A game mode that reflects WWII or WWI convoy combat with DD's trying to keep subs away from the Merchies and a wolf pack of subs trying to get in and get kills does sound like a lot of fun. Especially if your talking live players in both the DD's and the subs. Something like that should be the focus of your development. NOT trying to get subs into Random battles as a new ship class.