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  1. Thirsty13_CCW

    Underwater Obstacles

    Dear WG, I'd hash tag someone from the company but apparently everyone has quit. Is there anyone left working at WG NA? How many weeks does it take for you to do something about hidden underwater obstacles ruining peoples game? You know the ones you added for subs that can't been seen by Surface ships and which can't be backed off when you hit them and get stranded for the rest of the game? It's a simple question. The problem has been known for weeks. What are you waiting on? I'm also curious why WG closed the last topic on this issue without replying?
  2. Thirsty13_CCW

    Underwater Obstacles

    Dear WG, I'd hash tag someone from the company but apparently everyone has quit. Is there anyone left working at WG NA? How many weeks does it take for you to do something about hidden underwater obstacles ruining peoples game? You know the ones you added for subs that can't been seen by Surface ships and which can't be backed off when you hit them and get stranded for the rest of the game? It's a simple question. The problem has been known for weeks. What are you waiting on?
  3. Thirsty13_CCW

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Speaking from the Community I appreciate your message here. However, Its not NA that really screwed up here it was WG HQ in good old Mother Russia. They knew full well before they pressed send that their company had made promises it didn't keep. They knew full well what a dumpster fire was being created both in how these CC's were being treated and in the ship that was being launched. They unquestionably knew all of this because Mouse told them directly and they provided input into what she published. And yet despite knowing full well just what had happened instead of hitting the pause button and trying to work something out they made it very very very clear yet again that they don't care about the input they get, they don't care about having happy customers, and they no matter what are always right. This is a 100% self inflicted wound by WG RU not NA.
  4. Thirsty13_CCW

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    It’s not just WG NA that has screwed up. Russia had to be 100% aware of what happened and how unhappy Mouse and Chobittsu were before they dropped the ship. They could have hit the pause button and made a real or even token attempt to fix it. But as per usual they just charged ahead.
  5. Thirsty13_CCW

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    @LittleWhiteMouse and @Chobittsu this review the saga of how it came to be perfectly encapsulates why my once whale level spend and play time has fallen off a cliff. Once upon a time if there was a premium that seemed to offer an advantage or just something potentially fun and interesting over the tech tree ships I bought it. I used to play this game almost daily. But it’s clear that just as WG wasn’t listening to you and didn’t give a rat’s hind parts about your input they aren’t listening to the player base either. They continue to push forward stupid ships and just plane bad ideas. They continue to scout the trash bins of History for ships that are more 12 year old fantasy material than something that had even a slight chance of being built. Meanwhile they spend zero time adding ships that have been begged for over and over again (AHEM a proper WV44 for example!!) which if done right would have me ripping my wallet open to throw money at them. They spend zero time trying to actually make the game more fun to play and zero time doing anything about the general quality of play that has dropped off a cliff. WG and it’s developers seem to be trapped in some strange bubble that is utterly divorced from reality. They seem to have forgotten that happy players spend money and angry ones don’t. You have only to look at this debacle (and I’m with Chobittsu in wanting to break out the pitchforks) to see why. Instead of a ship designed and produced essentially for free by a pair that includes one of WG’s best known and most loved CC’s who then would have proclaimed to the world the immediate need for their fans to open their wallets and hurl money at WG they got this mess. And given that they had full advance knowledge of the dumpster fire that was going to be lit and proceeded right into it at flank speed anyway I can only conclude that they really, honestly, and truly want to tick everyone off and get them to walk away from the game. Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before an Easter Egg is found in Yukon’s cammo that reads something like “Long live Glorious Comrade Stalin”? Because that’s about how much respect WG has for all of us.
  6. Thirsty13_CCW

    CV moan

    The being alone part is mulefritters I’ve seen more than once a group of several ships where in very short order all but one of those ships gets killed. You can’t control your teammates dieing like that and when it happens you can’t run fast enough to avoid the attention of an enemy CV intent on killing you. And of course the fact that he can rapid cycle his planes to essentially perma spot you means that your ability to move laterally on the map is very limited since the ships that killed your teammates would like nothing more than your juicy broadside. So you end up being forced to run for the border unable to do much of anything. Not because you misplayed but because the CV class is broken. With any other ship class in the game there are counters to them. A BB one on one against a DD for example is at a disadvantage but there are things he can do. He has a chance. A single ship alone against a CV is essentially a dead man because there is no counter to the CV. You don’t know where he is and he can run faster than you can hunt. The CV can just continue to deal damage and there is nothing you can do about it. Not to mention that the grouped ships counter has been greatly nerfed by WG several patches back.
  7. Thirsty13_CCW

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    I’m curious how WG justifies banning certain ships? After all if all the ships of a given class are properly balanced against each other then why does WG need to ban certain ones from Clan battles? Doesn’t the need to ban them demonstrate that these ships are inherently broken? Or that the class is perhaps unsuited to the battle mode?
  8. Thirsty13_CCW

    Buy your own 21 skill commander in the next update, co$t calculated.

    I expected that WG would actually produce a new system that was an improvement and In which the jump from 19 to 21 wasn’t beyond astronomical. I expected skills that actually would offer diversity of build. I did not expect that WG would take a lot of existing skills and split them up such that 19 pt builds are now 21 point builds FOR THE SAME SKILLS. I did not expect WG to use the capt skill rework as a massive stealth nerf to a wide swath of premium ships. I did not expect them to totally trash BB secondary builds. I did not expect them to produce a blatant and obvious bold faced cash grab. I did not expect a rework that would actively have me wondering whether or not I should stop playing the game. Because the effort to respec commanders for even just my top 25 or 30 ships is going to consume a ton of time. Not to mention having to figure out which skills are ideal. I did not expect all the work over the years I’ve played to get 19pt Captains and build up a reserve of Elite Capt XP would be flushed down the drain by the insane number of points required to go from 19 to 21. But really it’s all my fault. I’ve played the game long enough that I should have expected all of the above. I should have known that WH never misses a chance to screw the game up and ignore it’s player base.
  9. Thirsty13_CCW

    Commander Skills Update

    And Atlanta already got a reload Buff that Flint didn't. So this is a second hit to a ship that came very very dearly for most. Being earned originally only through multiple seasons of ranking out and then being one of the first steel ships when steel was an even more difficult to acquire resource. It's a true slap in the face. Especially for a ship that already has a very high skill floor and has already suffered from major power creep as the game has evolved.
  10. Thirsty13_CCW

    Commander Skills Update

    Hey @Hapa_Fodder remember when you swore prior to the PTS that the Commander skills rework was not a done deal? Pepperidge Farm remembers. It's quite apparent that as usual WG cooked up an idea, doesn't care how much of a dumpster fire it is, and is going to go ahead and shove it forward anyway because Mother Russia always knows best. Meanwhile WG continues to ignore real enhancements to the game asked for by players and real chances to give players what they want (Ahem... WV44) while concocting ideas that EVERYONE is telling you will not promote good gameplay. Yeah SAP in cruisers has been soo much fun so lets add it to Battleships!!! Look the basic concept of trying to add variability in commander skill builds was a good one. The problem is that WG haven't done that. What WG have really done is turned 19 point builds into 21 point builds by taking skills and splitting them up. WG has stealth nerfed a ton of premium ships by stripping skills away that had been baked into how they were balanced and of course cooked up new names for old skills that didn't change just to help make it seem like something had changed. PS. Hey WG if your going to ask for feedback try actually listening. It might take ,longer and be messier but the end product will be better and more profitable for you.
  11. Thirsty13_CCW

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    @Hapa_Fodder A question. When the update drops that makes the new Captain skills system go live what happens to all of our existing commanders? I presume their ship specializations won’t change but what about their existing skills? Is every Captain going to have all of his skills removed by default such that he has them all converted back into Captain XP?
  12. Thirsty13_CCW

    PTS 0.10.0

    After Multiple games with an all in secondary German BB build its apparent to me that both the number of hits and the damage output from your secondary guns are off significantly. This is true even when both sides are engaged at close range. There will certainly if this goes forward be a lot more diversity in Captain builds, But I see little indication that its really going to change much in terms of game play even between people with very different builds. My initial impressions that a lot of ships are going to have their balance affected remains steady and that to me is a major fail.
  13. Thirsty13_CCW

    Commander Skills Dev Blog Announcement 12-16-20

    Well the PTS and the DevBlog are not in alignment. For example NC base secondary range is still 5km.
  14. Thirsty13_CCW

    Commander Skills Dev Blog Announcement 12-16-20

    Maime is the USS Massachusetts a T8 secondary focus Premium US BB.
  15. This is precisely who this is going to hit and hurt the most. Those who like to play competitive game modes. Because in those modes the margins are close enough that you truly need to min/max everything because you know your competition will have done so. WG is essentially punishing the people most invested in the game.