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  1. Ski206

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    I’m curious. Who thinks it’s a good idea for everyone to lemming train in the same direction as a standard tactic? I’m betting their are zero hands going up. But this is exactly what we are told is the counter to CV’s. “Just stay with your teammates and you’ll be fine.” Because for cooperative AA to really be effective (especially post nerf) you really have to be close. And even that is no guarantee. Of course people will suggest you don’t need to lemming train the whole fleet for effective AA and they would be right. But when you head out down one path with 3 or 4 ships It is very easy to suddenly find yourself alone when the cruisers go full broadside and get deleted and the BB starts getting focused and decides to run away. Then suddenly your alone and easy picking for the CV because you can’t run as fast as his planes can hunt. So CV folks please stop suggesting that all we have to do is stay with our teammates to counter you. Your simply going to have to deal with the fact that much of what you do cannot be countered which frustrates people to no end. Yes I’m well aware you have struggles of your own and CV play isn’t a bed of roses where you slay all who dare sail out against you. But that doesn’t change the fact that a weapon that cannot be countered sucks to play against.
  2. It’s been interesting reading through this thread. I’ve noticed a couple of things that are worth highlighting. 1. I’ve seen lots of arguments as to why carriers make the game less fun. I’ve yet in 8 pages to see a single coherent argument for how CV’s as they exist now make the game more fun or in any other way better. 2. The biggest argument against CV’s is the lack of a counter to them. You can counter most other things in the game with smart play and good tactics. But when your slow BB gets spawned alone on one side of the map and the train runs away from you at 30 knots your just dead. No amount of skillful play is going to change the fact that AA alone can’t save you and since your now essentially perma spotted given the extremely fast cycle times of CV planes your a dead man and that’s just one example. When there is no counter to a given threat that quite understandably is very frustrating to players.
  3. So lets be honest, World of Warships is first and foremost a surface warfare combat game. With that being said do you think the presence of carriers makes game play better or worse? Yes I understand we are not getting rid of CV's. No matter how much you hate them they are hear to stay. The question is do they make game play better or worse and why?
  4. Ski206

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    Bingo. Ironium has real value and is very much worth getting. But the only way to do it is this lame battle mode.
  5. So I'm not as fan of Space Battles. Its normal battles with normal ships but worse because no modules and no premium consumables. The credit and XP earning are decreased so every match you play your essentially giving away Free and Captain XP compared to a regular match. Ohh and these ships have various secret nerfs so its not even like you can take one out as a test run for the tech tree counterpart. I'm wondering what the freaking point is here. And its just random battles not missions or co-op so its not like you even get the fun element of just blapping stuff. We have (at this point) one new battle mode but frankly its not that different from a normal Random battle now. I'm doing them for the ironium but find it annoying that this is how they force you to earn the stuff. Honestly I wish they would stop wasting resources on stuff like this and focus on what we have. Instead of inventing a new currency and a new battle mode to earn legendary mods just make them available for coal or free XP. How many currencies do we need? And maybe we could bring back arms race as a full time battle mode that was a lot of fun actually. What say the rest of you? Do you love or hate space battles and why?
  6. @Radar_X, @iKami, @Femennenly Clearly I and others agree that WG made the right decision to shelve the proposed GC nerf and leave premiums that have been sold alone. But that doesn't mean that some of the issues that spawned the desire to balance OP premiums have gone away. I know WG believes that it has gotten better at balancing premium ships before release but clearly too that doesn't mean your perfect. So I'm hoping to open a discussion around how premium ships can be better balanced in the future and how those ships which are locked away right now might find their way back into the game. Yes many of us felt that living up to your prior commitments on premium ships was more important than achieving perfect balance. But that's not to say that balance isn't important. My first suggestion deals with bringing ships like Belfast back into the game. The answer is simple. Simply rebalance and rename the ship something like Belfast B or Belfast 47. We've got the black ships in the game so clearly this is perfectly feasible. And it would allow WG to begin selling those ships once again. You might even be able to sell them to owners of existing ships if you alter their playstyles or change their tiers. you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Second is the issue of how you ensure premium ships are balanced and where you want them before they go on sale. The issue, as I understand it, is that no matter how much testing you do there is nothing like having a ship out there on the live server to see how she really performs. So I'm going to suggest a new tech tree. The WIP tech tree. Ships here would be available essentially as limited time rentals. Captains can be assigned from the nation that ship will ultimately be assigned to and once assigned they get a free respec. The ship would remain in the WIP tree for a month or two until you had gathered the data you need to finalize the ship. At that point she would be removed from the WIP tech tree and once offered for sale subject to the no nerfs policy. I would suggest that any XP earned on WIP ships would be lost unless the player buys the premium ship. In that case all XP earned would automatically be converted to free XP as a reward for having participated in the development and then buying the ship. By putting the ship out there on the live server for free you get that real world experience you need to ensure she is truly balanced. You don't need to be as conservative as you might otherwise be with ship design since you will now have a period of live server play before the ship goes on sale. Also I suspect that with more people having a chance to try a ship out before it goes on sale your sales of that ship might increase. Looking forward (I hope) to a discussion around these issues.
  7. Ski206

    So, the was Cesare Stealth Nerfed...

    Is that an actual picture of GC during her rebuild? Is that really what they did? Just tacked on a new bow over the old one leaving the old one intact underneath?
  8. Ski206

    Premium Ship Policy

    @FemennenIy Then how do you explain @Sub_Octavian's much quoted statement? Why is everyone from WG pretending he never said what he said? I'm well aware the EULA has allowed you to do this all along. But its one thing to have the legal right to do something. Its something else when you exercise that right after promising the community you would not.
  9. Ski206

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    There is no doubt that Stalingrad outperforms in part because of her player base. But there can also be little doubt that she is in fact the T11 cruiser WG promised when she was first teased. She is OP. Very OP. Probably the most OP ship in the game period.
  10. Ski206

    Radar Changes

    @iKami @FemennenIy @Radar_X I'd like to ask you about the recent Radar Changes. The announced purpose was to allow ships detected by Radar a better chance to escape. Hence the 6 second window before they become visible to other ships. But why then has WG increased the Radar range of most ships? And why did the Russian ships get both a range buff and a duration buff? Why weren't the changes in range applied equally across American ships? If the goal is to make numbers easier to remember (as stated) then should a given ship from a given nation have a given radar range at a given tier? The changes to the Russian ships look especially noteworthy given that the 5 second duration buff almost fully cancels out the 6 second window where the teammates can't see the Radared ship. Thanks
  11. Ski206

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Mouse here is the answer to your question. “You shouldn't trust them. They went back on their word. Expect anything to change going forward. Any ship that looks "amazing" can be turned lackluster at their whim. Use that knowledge to shape your buying decisions going forward. If that results in you closing your wallet to them: that's perfectly acceptable. You're a consumer that was sold on the promise of X feature and X feature is no longer present. If that feature was important to you, you'd be a fool to continue to make purchases in the vain hope that it will somehow be preserved when they're actively attacking it.” How long do for profit companies survive when they anger their customers who then stop buying their products? Of course the bigger issue is that WG is approaching this backward. Before deciding on how to nerf a specific ship they should have engaged the community on the subject of what their policy will be towards premiums going forward. A big part of that conversation should have been just how far out of line a premium has to be to get nerfed. How owners would be compensated for past purchases and a fair warning to future buyers of what the policy would be. This would also open the door to community input on how to better develop ships so that they don’t get released as OP to begin with. But as your own experience with Exter seems to indicate they seem rather disinclined to listen to good advice even when it comes from a trusted source.
  12. Ski206

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Do you really need the difference explained to you?
  13. Ski206

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Mouse I’m curious why it is GC that broke their back. Why is that ship such a bug problem they simply cannot ignore it? She is good no doubt. But she is hardly a Montana laying waste to everything insight at T5.
  14. I won't argue that point. But as she is now she seems to offer very little to make her worth buying. And she definitely won't outperform Baltimore (which she should not as Baltimore was a redesigned and improved Wichita historically) which makes her a very safe "we will never have to nerf her" premium for WG.