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  1. i thought i remember reading somewhere that they did put the engines back to speed after they hit but only for around 5min or so before stopping for good so guess they didn't like what they saw in that time. Other ships have tried it when closer to land but it usually seems to end in a faster sinking (Britannic, lusitania), at least with britannic they probably would have made it had all the portholes below deck not been open
  2. vip3r_92

    Massachusetts B

    picked up the mass b a couple of years ago and don't regret it one bit. if it's a heavy dd/ torp cruiser co op match your probably not going to achieve much but if you ever need secondary ribbons just run along another bb broadside and let them do their work especially with any skills/ upgrades that increase their range/ rof. half the time i get secondary kills against random dd's i never knew were there while im focused on another target lol
  3. not sure how reliable this source is or where they got their info from but they have it labeled as a freemium in the title at the time it was posted https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/world-of-warships-supertestdutch-tier-x-freemium-destroyer-tromp/
  4. vip3r_92

    Is the Perth worth it?

    perth used to be my go to ops ship before the rework but i havent tried it since, i still use it in coop and can pull high scores there (last match I did think i ended with 3 or 4 kills and top place) but the couple times i used it in randoms she did well also, even in asymmetrical battles against t8's she can deal damage (especially fire spam)
  5. vip3r_92

    If you live in Florida..

    especially during storms like this when you have thousands of out of state crews coming in and working on systems they don't have experience with in disaster conditions and in the FL heat. I did underground line work for a bit and currently work for an FPL contractor on the engineering side but my dad was a career lineman for duke energy so I have nothing but respect for everyone in the field and what they do, not everyone can handle it. On the plus side all these crews are making bank $ with all the storm work going on right now lol
  6. vip3r_92

    If you live in Florida..

    All good here one tree down but no damage and power is already back on, worst our area got was some flooding so think we got off easy this time
  7. vip3r_92

    Your Best Random Operations Game(s)

    first run with mainz in the new narai, not my best run ever but can definitely see why people like this thing in ops lol
  8. vip3r_92

    If you live in Florida..

    still nothing compared to the '04 season for those that remember but in the orlando area we've been waiting over 5 years for the next one to hit, and if it means i get to work storm and start making that overtime bring it on lol
  9. i did notice in aegis tonight we had 3 bb's and 4 cruisers including myself but the bots focused down each bb down one at a time while ignoring the cruisers including the schors even though they stayed with the group and towards the middle/ back, all 3 bb's were gone by the time the convoy escorts were taken out and we were still able to 4 star it but the bot targeting has definitely changed in some way
  10. vip3r_92

    Historical ships you would like to see added to the game

    yea a northhampton as a t6/7 premium would be nice along with san francisco as a t7/8 and maybe throw in hmas australia at t6/7 to, all real ships i'm sure lots of players wouldn't mind having myself included
  11. vip3r_92

    A tale of 2 Killer Whales

    the biggest issue ive seen with killer whale is teams that don't seem to understand you have to be in the exit area to complete the match before time runs out and they'd rather go pointhunting instead, had a match yesterday where we beat the clock with 15sec left because of this but had plenty in the past where we didnt make it. but I also noticed this go around more matches like the second you described, red ships getting wiped before they can barely move and sometimes red ships that don't move at all now
  12. vip3r_92

    Killer Whale Bot BBs hardly moving?

    had that happen earlier in another match to, plus one of the dd's in the first reinforcement wave never moved either it just spawned popped smoke and sat in place until dead
  13. Had a match a while back where I was last alive on the team to escort the convoy in and was able to spot all the red ships once they spawned in but they never moved or fired since they never spotted myself or the transports so might be related to spotting somehow, until they detect a green ship they just stay inactive
  14. vip3r_92

    Narai teams off bit today

    sims can definitely hold her own in narai when played right lol
  15. vip3r_92

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    not bad for a bb in a match with all human teamates with multiple dd's