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  1. vip3r_92

    Seeking advice for my first premium ship purchase

    sims is fun for narai and co ops for sure she can deal a lot of damage if handled right and especially with a skilled cpt, but perth is my go to ops ship she usually racks up high points and HE spams pretty decent, more fun than leander imo and worth the $ you just have to know how to use it.
  2. vip3r_92

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    one of those fun matches where your entire real player team gets wiped by bots except for myself and one bb and leaves you to carry lol
  3. vip3r_92


    fun ship when played right I like it better than leander, like others said in ops it can definitely wreck and with DE and CE she becomes more lethal, blapped a bis and hipper with mine in asymetrical not long ago just from he spam alone
  4. vip3r_92

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    sims seems to be a pretty good boat when played right with a decent team
  5. vip3r_92

    How to Win at Asymmetric

    played 1 match with my Perth against a 5 ship red team of 1 cv 3 bb and 1 ca and we wiped them pretty good, I sank a bis and hipper with he spam that were trying our flank while their vlad and colorado came straight through the middle and got focused while 2 of our ca's went wide the other flank to go after their cv. we also didnt have a cv but did have dd's but I still felt like the red team could have used another ship or 2 in order to have a decent chance, no bots in match either.
  6. appreciate it, normally i run narai with fiji KGV or New Orleans but got to grind some points on my sims capt while i can, haven't seen any cali's yet but the colorados seem to come in handy dealing with the main group towards the end
  7. agreed about the dd's im usually only a ca/bb main in ops but just picked up sims a couple days ago and she seems to handle narai well with a halfway decent team, 1st match with it in ops