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  1. Just wanted my state represented instead of the lame California, Montana, Ohio, Iowa....LOL :)
  2. I would like to see this as a premium tier x: USS Maine (BB-69) was a Montana-class battleship, and was cancelled in 1943. Maybe a more agile version of the Montana or some other gimmick.
  3. This is the third time I have seen pings go from 5ms to 6000ms on the NA server. Not playable at all. It just happened to me again tonight 10:40 EST. It was NA server, space battles and nothing would respond for 5 to 6 seconds....LUL
  4. ooonnnooo

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    I was told this: Solved Dear ooonnnooo, Public Test of Update 0.8.3: Round 1 was stopped: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-083/ About the next iteration you'll know in the news on our portal. ooonnnooo Created 11 hours ago For the past 4 days now, I cannot login/enter the public test 0.8.3. I keep getting server unavailable after the spinning wheel which takes forever. World_of_war... .png 3.9 MB
  5. ooonnnooo

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Day three. Spinning wheel no login. I was able to login today for an hour and then got kicked. Server unavailable........ Would really like to participate. This has never happened to me before on other PTS iterations.
  6. ooonnnooo

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    I am also unable to login. Spinning wheel of death. :(