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  1. BigBearCDN

    Kidd or Cossack

    Kidd Does well vs DDs and CVs Against BBs and CAs you'll be relying on your team to shoot straight so if you're spotting for potatoes you kinda watch the loss happen like a slo mo car crash.
  2. BigBearCDN

    Which premium ship to get

    Hood. She's just fun to wheel around the map unleashing heavy broadsides while trying not to give the enemy your side. Guns can be unreliable but you can say that of any of your choices. If they deem Hood worthy of a dispersion buff some day she'll be a beast.
  3. BigBearCDN

    Destroyers should seek cover

    DDs knife fight. One of them will sink the other. Doesn't mean the defeated is a bad player. You guys in the heavy metal need targets to shoot. If we push up and try to make that happen someone might make a nice play on us and we're done. Doesn't mean we deserve salt. Just a modicum of respect.
  4. BigBearCDN

    RANK 8 to RANK 13 in 24 hrs

    Sometimes I get on a bad streak where the more potatoes I play with the harder I try to win and the more overly aggressive decisions I make. I usually dont recognize I'm doin this until I string 3 losses together. Once I catch myself, a short break and then a change of class usually gets me back in the win column.
  5. BigBearCDN

    Players that won't push

    So pushing nose in in my Sovetsky Soyuz and drawing fire off of my teamates that mostly shatter off my armour isnt teamplay?
  6. BigBearCDN

    Albermarle Thoughts

    My first instinct is to declare this ship unplayable. But I've been at this game long enough to know that a large amount of my frustration could be I havent figured her out yet. I can perform in Exeter and Surrey but once I reached Albermarle at T8 its like the opponents got stronger but the British Heavy Cruiser line does not. Not particularily maneuverable Gawdawful accel/decel Gun range short enough that you must close to dangerous ranges to engage No Smoke to get out of the frying pan BBs cit you and any angle and you're not fast/maneuverable enough to juke I havent got blapped like this in years. Tell me what I'm doing wrong plebes.
  7. BigBearCDN

    Premium Ship Review #135 - Gorizia

    Playing Gorizia feels like your juggling while balancing on a knifes edge. Every rudder input is important. Every salvo needs to count. If you dont like the feeling of dangling on the edge with the constant opressive breath of impending doom breathing down your neck then you wont enjoy Gorizia. But if you can dance then she can sing. Survive til late game then feast. If you need to be able to take a hit then maybe BBs are your ship of choice.