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  1. If this BB was an instrument. It would be the Kii-tar.
  2. So I got the Kii

    After a week with Kii I find her a little frustrating. If played properly she should operate around 15km from the enemy with heavy use of WASD and kiting. So virtually identical playstyle to Amagi. However compared to Amagi both gun and armour protection are inferior so you may play a great game from a tactical decision making standpoint but not be rewarded for it with damage numbers. I am enjoying the better AA umbrella for sure and as CVs learn to avoid you planes become one less thing to worry about so torp drops forcing you into giving broadside becomes rarer and rarer. The torpedoes are dead weight. If you're playing this ship properly you should come nowhere near using them. Maybe at the end of games when things get messy you may land a torp and have a chuckle but otherwise the launchers are passengers. Bottom line is its a mid range fire and maneuver vessel and Amagi with its better guns and armour is just slightly better at it. If you're waiting for an IGN "fast battleship" with tankier armour and superior rifles..... you're still waiting. (Tosa?)
  3. Premium IJN Battleship Kii

    I need this ship now. Opens wallet for Wargaming again. Notices spine of wallet about to come apart from constant use Kids will have to be satisfied with community college Glory of Imperial Japanese Navy will shine forever