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  1. HomTanks87

    Clan Battles MM

    All the responses are pretty much what I already expected. I still don't see why the MM would have a storm team play against a team at the top end of hurricane while on their hurricane 100+ tag. It's more than a 400 point difference. When that game started, I even asked them where their tag was at the time just to confirm that it wasn't a low rated second tag they were using. They were just as surprised as I was that MM had us playing each other. I guess the good part is that we don't have to wait more than about a minute to get a game (much better than the first clan brawl, wait time ended up being about 27min). It's just annoying having MM throw hurricane teams at you again and again when you're just trying to help a few people get some storm steel and a little bit of premium time.
  2. HomTanks87

    Clan Battles MM

    Is there some place I can see exactly how the clan battles MM is supposed to work? I decided to help a low rated group try to get to typhoon and most of the teams we get matched with have significantly higher ratings than we do. We played against several typhoon/hurricane teams before we even got into storm. Once we got into storm, we were matched with even more hurricane teams. Today, we were matched against O7's tag at the top of hurricane while we were still in storm. I can understand getting matched against those teams if it was just their second tag that they neglected and they were just starting to work it up, but that's not what a lot of the matches were. Almost none of the games we've had were against teams rated lower than us at the time, not even remotely close to a 50/50 balance. It seems like MM is going by something other than just the tag's rating. I doubt they're including the stats of the individual players, so the only thing I can think of that might be influencing it is the clan's rating at the end of the previous season. My current group's tag finished last season somewhere in typhoon, so the MM we've been seeing this season would make a lot more sense if the MM actually is factoring in the previous season's result. I'm just trying to understand the logic of it.
  3. HomTanks87


    Yes, TNG is always looking for new people, so he can put in an application if he wants. However, he'd have to refrain from talking crapabout people that beat him repeatedly and that's probably too much for him. Although, I'd be impressed if he actually joined and always conducted himself in a respectable manner. That'd require a kind of strength most people don't have and humble pie doesn't come in good flavors. But, if he succeeded in doing that, he might be surprised at how many people would be willing to defend him for it instead of always mocking him.
  4. HomTanks87

    Clan Brawl

    I thought you might like to see this. Of the 6 hours available during the clan brawl event, I spent at least 2 hours just sitting in queue waiting. At the beginning, it only took about 3 minutes to get a match. As the night went on, the wait times got progressively longer until it was almost a 27 minute wait just to even start another match. I don't know how the matchmaking worked during the event, but I have no doubt there was at least 1 other group ready to go that we could've been playing against instead of just sitting around in queue for 10-20 minutes again doing nothing. Please fix this for next time.
  5. HomTanks87

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I've played destroyers for about half my games and there are only 2 things I think should be done with radar to make it reasonable instead of the magic clairvoyance button it currently is. #1: Make it so radar requires direct line of sight just the same as the normal detection mechanic does. I have absolutely no problem with radar seeing me when I'm in smoke in open water, but letting radar magically see through land is and always has been ridiculous. The same goes for hydro. Being able to magically detect ships through 1, 2, or even 3 islands at once is a bit retarded. Having a plane be able to see over islands makes perfect sense, but not for radar or hydro. #2: Make every ship with radar have a detection range of at least 1km more than their radar range. Accidentally driving into a Worcester or Minotaur almost always means losing most or all of your health as a destroyer and you had no way to see it coming. The best you can do is try to anticipate where they will be, but that's not exactly a reasonable system. As it stands, as soon as they get detected, they immediately hit the magic radar button because they know they're already in radar range.