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  1. Mustangrde1

    F.D. Roosevelt

    I dont think t-10 is out of NDA if i remember correctly
  2. I have to ask the question all the time. Why the hell would anyone buy anything without researching it first? Bare Bones $40.00 for the thing, I can think of other things I can buy for that and things that if the company goes Belly-up or I get fed-up with the game im not out $40 bucks. To me you do not buy things someone can take away from you that should be permanent. Premium time (has a ""time-limit"") ok buy it you know its time sensitive. Camo im torn on I do get them for T-10 only (you almost have to have it to play t-10) lower tiers I have free camos and wegee likes giving them out so no need for buying anything under t-10.
  3. Mustangrde1

    F.D. Roosevelt

    Flambass is playing them right now and the KM are just sickkkkkk
  4. Lets be Honest this is a (A-150) BB. NOT a Yamato Class. There is tons of artist(s) renditions of what she might have looked like The Japanese were actually understanding the need for AA defense and I believe bases off resources and that understanding she would have been a configuration of 3 × triple 46 cm (18.1 in) main guns, instead of the dreamed 20inchers. Now AA is where is gets interesting. I think they would have been armed with (11) Type 5 15 cm AA gun in triple turrets, 3 on center-line of the ship and 4 per-side dual-purpose {these are 5inch guns fyi) (12) Type 98-10 cm/65 in dual mounts 6 per side. dual-purpose {these are 4inch guns fyi) (60 )Type 4 20 mm twin AA machine cannon.
  5. Mustangrde1

    F.D. Roosevelt

    I have faced FDR in numerous matches now a couple with a SuperUni CV on my side. Fdr in one match took out both dd's in less than 5 minutes 1 was a Halland the other a Gearing then to prove how smart Wegee was he went after our cv and had him down to half heath before a Yammy finished him off..... This is another case of A CV on live server (even in testing) that is match breaking.
  6. Mustangrde1

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    I cant help myself im a scifi geek.... Been doing DS9 and Voyage the last few weeks, Prior was Original and NG, Quantum Leap original Battlestar and worse ALF lol... B5 is always a watch-list Corona has got me watching the good ones again when there was just good writing with a touch of corny.
  7. Mustangrde1

    Your professional opinion please.

    Did you 3 ever communicate what to do? Did you tell them you were going to do (X) and support it You made your choice and they made theirs... Teamwork is not existent in this game but on super rare occasions, But even less without communications.
  8. Mustangrde1

    Well the trial was nice... but I'm out

    UM im calling TROLL here, this is not a post that an 88 game player would WRITE or even have that kind of opinion on. This is IMO and flame me all you want a PLAYER who has made a new account and came to flame things. Nope not buying this at all.
  9. Mustangrde1

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Wow and I thought I was aging myself with the B5 reference... Now I must go searching for SAaB been years since ive seen it.
  10. Mustangrde1

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Interesting choice. Trekverse I would have gone with Defiant class or maybe Dreadnought class Vengeance.
  11. Mustangrde1

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    How long before we get Federation, Romulan, Borg and Species 8472 Ships???? For me I want Sharlin class warcruiser
  12. Mustangrde1

    DD, A pointless class

    This is NOT new mechanic its been around since ATLANTA and all players need to learn how to work with it and around it. Yes its fun to dodge and the entire time you are helping your team by the gun-bloom penalty those ships are having. If your team would fire on them they wouldn't like the hits and go dark or force maneuver. But the counter to them firing on you is watch mini-map and know where Mr. Radar is. 2 hits from a BB can devastate many things, its all about HP POOL if a BB is low HP another bb can wipe it out. Again why did you put yourself in that position? Mini-map should tell you 90% of the info you need to not be put in that position. Agreed BB and CA CL need to move up and support but you cannot control other players,, simple fact. So with the last quote being the best way to win, why wont they? Answer: I HAVE NO _ _ _ _ - - - Clue.
  13. Mustangrde1

    Zao or Minotaur

    1. By playing them on PTS server 2. Grinding the lines to completion cost you nothing but time and truthfully with all the signals and flags available they go fast Which is better is always subjective. Zao is a kiting fire breather if you enjoy staying in the back and needing someone to spot for you. It can take more punishment than mino but a good BB will delete you fast. Mino is my largest DD!!!!! Yes I play it like a dd, push caps and flanks and try to be sneaky and cheeky. Played like that it is a ton of fun and can make dd's light cruisers go to the bottom fast and even a charging BB can eat all her torps with a fast turn. But dont let anyone see your sides or your dead. Two completely different ships and play-styles. Both can be real fun and offer that difference to break up the monotony of the same play over and over.
  14. Mustangrde1

    Zao or Minotaur

    They are BOTH free for playing, so just play and get them for free, save your XP for ships that require it and it only.
  15. Mustangrde1

    DD, A pointless class

    Learn to play DD before making such a silly post. They are in NO WAY shape or form pointless and others have pointed out why. Making a post like this is either a Fishing expedition or Someone who refuses to learn how to adapt and overcome in ever-changing meta's.