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  1. Here is the simple truth about CV as I see it and it is my opinion. On the forum there is (X) PERCENT that complains say 20% and then probably the same that defends leaving 60% who dont speak up for one reason or another. We can have all debates ended very fast on the CV controversy no paper spreadships or guessing... All Wegee has to do is put a survey on the Port Screen you must answer before playing about CV's. I would ask the simple question: 1. should the cv be in world of warships (yes or no) then we will know. If it is yes so be it if no then remove them let the poll run for 1 week and let the votes be seen full transparency. AKA Let the player base speak. After the week if people say keep them run another one asking what could be done to improve them again with some questions. hell take the questions and concerns from the multitude of threads here..... As a Businessman I often asked clients for input I THEN LISTENED TO THEM AND DID IT and that is why at 45 i was able to (semi-retire) because i listened and made lots of profit by doing what the clients wanted.
  2. Mustangrde1

    The best ships for Ranked

    Tears are for making coffee with... Coffee can also have Bourbon added but i would suggest lower end bourbons like Bookers or Makers Mark.
  3. Mustangrde1

    The best ships for Ranked

    Good selection of "Ships" but topic said "Sips" so I would go with. Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 23yr Bourbon Dalmore 25yr old Scotch 4 Roses single barrel Angels Envy
  4. Mustangrde1

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    YES. Being 100% honest though i am one who thinks that thought "Paper and Resource" ships are fun and should be in the game, I am firmly against allowing anyone to have them until they play that Nations Tree for that Class to completion and then allow them to have {unlock} the ability to have those ships via purchase, resource and yes even containers... {With containers you can still win the ship however it will not unlock until you finish the line} But more than ships I would love to see MANY more maps first the current ones got stale and stinky along time ago.
  5. Their is a Price for each of your scenarios. CL shooting can be spotted and fired on by other ships, same for a BB... DD using stealth to attack still has the high risk of being spotted, hydro'ed or Radared all of which will cost the above 3 classes a Price. The CV HAS NO PRICE! It can sit at the back out of detection range paying no price for its actions and even if it does manage to be spotted and set onfire or flood its mitigations services make the price almost nonresistant.
  6. Find someone with a Kurf and a Yammy... go to training room both built the same and drive up to 8K of each other turn on secondaries and do nothing else see who wins out of 10 times most
  7. Seems all your (Guide) discusses is making a DD at best very passive and worse absolutely useless to his team. Even in a Friesland a Airport can strike you for 3k or more and that is NOT repeate NOT a broadside strike that is turning in to him. I have had more than a few Airports continue to send guided missiles at all my dd's regardless of damage they take which is none REPEAT AGAIN A CV TAKES NO DAMAGE. A dd should be spotting and capping but it is near impossible with a airport that has just 1 braincell. I can defeat radar, defeat hydro or at least semi-avoid it and cause those ships using them to take damage by friendlies or even myself. An Airport with all the built in damage mitigation systems is almost in GOD MODE unless slammed with a wall of torps for a devstrike or near end of game focus fired by many. I have never complained about Radar or Hydro except to say neither should go through Islands and that is based simply off the truth they cannot in real life and we all know this game it could be implemented as well WEGEE just doesnt want to and the other gripe is it should only be for the ship using it to see the enemy but still allow for its position to be placed on mini-map, otherwise radar/hydro are playable against. An Airport is not, the simple truth to this is games without a CV dd's will still try to cap and spot and yes even try to sink other ships and even a typically walking dead brains damaged dd in those games by spotting helps his/her team. When you for all purposes remove a Classes intended use by another class that pays NO PRICE for playing then there is something wrong. How to correct the problem is simple. Remove the rockets and also decrease the flight time of planes along with remove the GOD MODE of the cv of damage control. They take torps or fires they should have to suffer like a BB would... Bottom line though from ALPHA Wegee has been told they should not be in the game, THEY Were the end of surface ships warfare for a reason!
  8. Ok, I am one of those crazy people who like to run a full 2nd Yammy. In no way is it a brawler like a Kurf or even Rep. The reason for the build is to take out people who would never expect it and when they find out 10.6 its to late they either come head on and pray or try to turn away showing a Yammy a perfect Broadside. The build is designed to make people turn in panic and get deleted. The draw back is a smart player with torps can sink you fast, on the other hand most arnt soooooooo ya...
  9. Mustangrde1

    Logically thinking...oh wait it's Wargaming

    BB Players have cried for along time, wargaming listens to them and caters to them, if it was not true then Shimy would never had all the nerf bats taken to it. Now they cry fowl again and IFHE, Smolensk are getting the bat. It will never stop BB players are worse than my granddaughter at least she doesnt always cry.
  10. Mustangrde1

    should I buy smolensk

    What everyone said and I will add one thing. If you like Karma, you wont have any left after playing the smol for a few days. If you dont care about Karma then get it and enjoy, its a fun little ship.
  11. FXP Ships are the first letter for me.... If I have the (F)ree xp and want a ship I will get it, but if I do not have the FXP im not going to go out and buy dabloonies to pay for something that is FREE... I can just hord the FXP and get something later..... 1m seems about fair for a dd t-10 anymore than that and well I will keep hording. Beside from the dds ive seen coming out they are "Meh" at best. Hayate I would have torp-reload and smoke as standard option along with 5.2k detection and increased AA... torps 12k with detection of 1.4k, 70km then it would be a "premium" worth having. Smaland looks interesting but with no smoke its just french with fast guns, Kleb, Khab and Tash are better IMO. that ship needs smoke "Premium" should mean better than standard line AKA something the main line doesnt have.
  12. Mustangrde1

    deadliest ships in the game**

    What I dont want to see is a player who knows how to play an IJN DD. Ghost Yugumo with torp reload is just not something you want to see on the other side because you will never see it on the map.
  13. Mustangrde1

    Shells falling 1k short

    Same here, broadside ships that should be deleted and shells fall way short, it is beyond frustrating.
  14. Mustangrde1

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    Go to Aslains and get all that you would like padwan
  15. All well thought out points. I prefer the old system where a failed division could happen or that fail with a damn good Kamikaze was fun. In fact from time to time its fun to get a training room with no tier restrictions and play your favorite ship. It is a shame this game does not allow for RANDOM TIERED and RANDOM OPEN, i would play open more often, Hell Open with 1cv per side and Radar disabled would be a blast and a throw back to when this game was a lot more fun IMO