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  1. Mustangrde1

    Non=Players POV of this game

    1. Agree they only saw about 2 hours maybe 3 of play. But it was what they said. I have seen games and game play and not wanted to play it based off a few youtube videos "WOP" for example and a few other naval games. 3. So have I but yes they are in large part immune from attack unless they or their team are playing stupid. Unlike any other ships they can sit in a corner all game with relative-immunity from anything. So to that I could not argue the point. 5. i think is more about why spend money on it when they have family to spend money on. 6. There just is no argument other games I play and them have better UI. As to your last Paragraph I have over 20 thousands games way over it. I know how to deal with the game and in most ships my win-rate is high 50's to mid 60's% with an overall of 52%. Again this post was not my thoughts but comments from family in town. I get and know some people will defend anything for anyreason so I ignore them. This was more for Wargaming to see and get feedback from a player (me) as to what non-players (family) think and utilize it to maybe help to bring more people in.
  2. Background: With Easter here I have family and friends in town for the week, last night I was playing the game and several of them were watching me play and I even let a couple try it to see if they would like it. After several hours these comments were pretty unison, in no particular order. Negative comments. (1). It is like a game of chicken, first team to turn at the first sight of the enemy runs! (What fun is there in knowing so early on you are probably on the loosing side?) (2) Without your premium camouflage and account you could not play in high tier matches long even if you win you make no credits or very few, so why would I want to spend my money on this game when I have a family to take care of? (3) So if you play aircraft carriers you are immune from attack and have no penalty for bad play and are just there to piss people off? (4) A lot of ships that never were produced so how come they are more powerful than produced ships as the unprocessed ships countries had limited technology and substandard materials and were more known for mass-production over high quality? (5) Co-op seems funner than Random where Aircraft Carriers just ruin the game experience. (6) Port UI Sucks These were my honest answers. 1. Couldn't argue and had to simply say, its what its become. 2. Couldn't argue at all 3. Couldn't argue here either 4. It adds other ships to play (this lead to a long discussion on why play fake when there were so many real ships) 5. Couldn't argue 6. This one I had to laugh and say yes it does. Positive comments: (A). Ships look realistic (B). Graphics are decent but the FPS needs to be higher (C). Could be fun to lay with family in the training rooms but no other mode as we cannot all play together My Answers: A. Yup B. Yes on graphics, not sure about UI my cousin who made the comment is a programmer so i will leave his opinion to him C. Fully agreed. 3 Man Div has always been a issue for me anyway coming from the SOCOM world where 15 clan members perside and 30 per game were common. Bottom line is they wont pay to play, will not play random as they like a game where uncertainty of outcome isnt decided so early, but might join to play in training rooms with other family members to kill a couple hours.
  3. No CV do not make the game fun or enjoyable. I see more teams either hanging on the back two lines or Lemming train. DD Play is almost useless and anything below t-10 with 2 cv is just not enjoyable. Cv are doing to this game what Arty did to WOT. 3 days on my premium left and I will not be spending any more money on this game. I will play it to get 3 containers and thats it until something is done to put the enjoyment back in the game. That is my honest opinion.
  4. No smoke.... well another fail by wargaming! DD needs smoke or very low detection or Khab speed and gun range but to not have any its nothing more than cannon fodder.
  5. Mustangrde1

    Just got the Minotaur. Any suggestions?

    Its a dd Brother, Play it like one but never show your broadside.....Also get three 19pt captain for it, set them up all different DD-Style captains and have fun. Damn fun ship to play.
  6. Mustangrde1

    Low Tier Bashing

    wth.... I watch flambass all the time and never seen him say anything I wouldn't let my grandkids watch. Flamu on the other hand I have to wonder how wargaming allows him to stay on the way he acts (Language combined with his stat shaming among other things) I would have fired his butt a long time ago if he worked or represented me. You might have the two confused, many do make the mistake.
  7. In a real ship you have a large crew to man all the systems in a game the crew is YOU. CV in this game is basically playing against bots that have differing (difficulty levels set) thats it. The do not belong in the game accept maybe in Co-op playing bots.
  8. Mustangrde1

    The paradox WG faces with premiums.....

    It is not hard to figure out how to solve problems and monetize the game. First listen to your customers to the best of your abilities. Premium ships should be special an to a degree a little better than other ships in the tier (EXAMPLE) Missouri it was the most advanced BB of its time and thus should be advanced in the game. Be it in consumables, weapons or just ability to generate Credits. All Premium ships need something to set them apart. I have said this several times now, the solution to much of the problems (setting aside cv issues) is the TIER'S. (SOLUTION) T-1 should never face anything but T-1 it is the introduction phase. T-2 through T-5 is not to bad right now but power-creep has come in a little and a few ships being moved around could help. T-6 and 7 are in a good place right now. The Problem starts at T-8 which could face t-12 paper ships that they never would have in real life (yes i know what this is) But in what world would any T-8 say maybe a IJN DD take on any of the t-10 paper-monsters? They wouldnt, no more than a Hash would take on a Kurfurst. Wargaming could fix the entire tech tree and salve many problems while still keeping 2 tier match making and balancing out ships to meet ships they would have or might have tried to engage in battle. If you pay for a Premium ship it should NEVER be buffed or nerfed upon release. The excuse of only so much testing can be done is [edited] there is many ways to get people to play the PTS or even (testers) could play them live server to see what they do and how they perform! But once you release it is as it is and that is it. There is not a Premium in the game IMO is to overpowered for someone to not kill it, Yes a couple are very powerful and very hard to deal with, that is wargamings fault not the players. Hell put Kitakami in the Premium shop and even i might buy it one trick ponies can be fun. People want interesting ships even if they are a one-trick its a different play they like.
  9. Mustangrde1

    Server Issues?

    Dead like Littlefinger and it was agonizing like Joffery
  10. Mustangrde1

    I am tired of ungrateful teams

    Here is the thing. You have planes you can fly around the map at warp speed SCOTTY and do a scout now and then ESPECIALLY if a dd is missing on the enemy team. Cv's have the most scouting impact and thus best chance to help the team. Example: I was in a game yesterday in my Lyon, our team was complaining DD's were not doing their job (insert meme) I said neither is the cv (he then proceeded to rage how he was doing so much (ya he was in the east sending planes west to strike a what i dont know) I replied back you are sending your planes all the way across the map and 2 cruisers are coming at us East and no one has spotted their last dd you might want to. His reply was rather colorful. about two minutes later RAGE FROM HE-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS... Guess what snuck up on him and sunk him??? Yup that DD he was warned about was missing and then the rest the game we got to read his rage. If you play cv and want to be helpful and appreciated. SPOT their entire team first (yes weegee needs to make spotting XP much more of a return ) but do it, then take on then strike something. Repeat process through game and you will find people are very appreciative of your spotting/scouting ability. At Least I will be. But dont cry about being sunk by a dd when you can look at the mini-map and see something is missing from it, like oh that dd who is sinking or damaging half your team. BTW I am a dd main but I am so sick of CV crymbabies in games when they have the least amount of threat to them and highest amount of potential scouting and still get sunk because they wont watch the mini-map. Find the damn threats to your team .
  11. Mustangrde1

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Their main battery is so powerful why would anyone want to play anything else. I have seen them ONE SHOT BBs. Pull the records I saw one obliterate a Kurfurst with 2 salvos watched one game a Yammy get made in to a reef by one with maybe 3 salvos could have been 2 and a some fire from another. They are way to overpowered, I get the Russian Bias they aren't even hiding it anymore. But come on NO soviet ship should be so much better than other nations when SOVIETS never sailed. I still feel dirty playing my Moskava but the BB line is taking dirty to the level of needing to take Bleach Showers after using.
  12. Or maybe the CV Rework is hitting Wging in the pocket book.
  13. Mustangrde1

    Soviet Tier 5 BB Armor profile video

    When is see Russian BB i hear this playing in my minds eye