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  1. Mustangrde1

    Private Stats Really Tick Off The Elitists

    I have hid my stats since day one.... Laugh at the "Stat Police" Laugh more watching people ignore me because "he hides his stats he must be _ _ _ _" I actually worry more about the person who hides them, that person obviously understands the game mechanics better than many as they actually know there are stats and how to turn them off. Odds are they also know other mechanics and are probably the biggest threat on the board.
  2. Mustangrde1

    The heat WG is getting isn't deserved

    First, is this REALLY a free game? Maybe, for a time, but eventually you will spend money. "pssst thats how they keep it running" so it is not really free if it was it would have folded. And the last financials on the company clearly say they are making a LOT of MONEY. Do people have a right to speak-up about problems they see? Yes..... Here is where your lack of experience shows brightest and where perhaps you should have done a little research. This company has been caught red handed lying to the customer base. They have been proven to NOT listen to the CC's or player base. Their trustworthy rating IMO is F- and that is being generous. So when the CC's speak via twitch or youtube it is worth hearing them out, when people on the social media including here say something it is worth listening to. If you don't like what they say well its simple (Don;t watch or read it) but you probably should get a little bit of experience under your belt or better word knowledge as to why they are saying it. Many now IMO to save the players headaches and troubles and still holding out hope Wegee might listen. I speak as a voice of just a little experience
  3. Mustangrde1

    Get Rid of the 2 Tier match-ups

    I agree git rid of 2 tier match-ups.... Put it back to what it was Originally..... I want to sink some of these t-10's in my Minekaze or Kamikaze again, still my most memorable game ever "detonating a Yammmy in my minikaze with the first torps.
  4. Ok, I try to defend the AFK as many will have it happen from time to time... BUT THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND..... Wargaming needs to take action this is not a game issue or storm issue.... I have seen the same people do it in several games and only so many reports to send...
  5. Mustangrde1

    Ok WOW just give us some options

    Could always put a private room, place all the ships YOU want on the opposite team as bots armed and moving and have fun..... Ya no credits xp fxp but hey its fun and engaging.
  6. Rolling Black-outs across many areas right now along with sporadic power fluctuation because of the storms. Im in Northern Arkansas and had a few problems with power but holding for now, -4 air temp wind chill to as bad as -28 below ZERO, ZED, NOTTA BURRASSCOLLDDD... The OP's situation should get a ticket sent in as that is a throw and possibly even a cheat where a person sinc drops from two PC's so they can farm massive damage as they know where everyone is....
  7. Take "Flamu" out of this and insert many others who say this and many would agree with them. Problem here is not that the points are not Valid <they are> it is the source delivering them that many people here are complaining about and not his points. The biggest tell is how he has been treated, how he treats others and yet because there is nothing else like this game he is still here. If other developers were smart they would grab the CC's from here and say what do we need to build a better mouse trap. Then do it.
  8. Mustangrde1

    Goodbye World of Warships

    When you come on anyplace and fully admit you are a Toxic Player in chat "probably the kind to send messages in port also" then the game is better off without you. BTW go back to school and learn what the 1st Amendment says (protects you from government) NOT a (Private Company).... Want a real world example that is very Current for an example? Look at Gina Carano and what Disney just did to her yet still allows others who work for them to do the same and far worse.... Private Companies can do as they wish even singling out repeated problems in their view.
  9. Mustangrde1

    The Morning Report....

    They are and she puts many men to shame when Waterfowl or Pheasant Hunting, Big game she gets board with says she has more fun at the range but paper doesnt taste as good lol.
  10. Mustangrde1

    The Morning Report....

    For the more experience players I agree. for the average player its made it worse.... Remember wargaming made AP less deadly for DD's from a BB, well now they made this Long Range meta a Long Range fire meta, which now means that dd gets deleted with HE from a BB... Also by having so many so far back I am seeing cruisers playing kiting style or further back (groupings are closer) meaning DD with the exception of Asa are being detected before they can get close to the BB's (as shown in the stats by the dds in play) Dont take it wrong Im a dd main and love it, but I am far from Novice or Average and I can see the balance problem Komrade, game needs all classes and honestly all ships balanced enough at least to be played at their tier range.
  11. Mustangrde1

    The Morning Report....

    Problem is she collects guns more than shoes.... Went to get a new pistol a couple years ago FOR ME... I let her feel it and she said it was to wide for her grip, guy at counter said try this one on it has the smaller grips, she smiled and said Send it and his in to the custom shop, needs a full polish, trigger job, put the night sights on it and add a crimson trace.... While filling out paperwork (my bad forgot my ccp) she noticed the serial numbers were sequential and said we were meant to buy both. Then proceeded to buy a new scope and pmags for her LAR-308.
  12. Mustangrde1

    The Morning Report....

    Nice post +1 What I see is a lot of fire starters in the top BB and CA and really only the CA that can mitigate best fires (long range kiting play with some fire prevention builds(esk). Shocked not to see the biggest Bias ship IMO not in there (Petrobiask) Also DD's looking worse and worse as weeks go on in stats. They need a buff to torps damage to some and detection of torps on others (flame away) but the dd for a average player is getting unplayable with CV and Radar. Maybe this is wargames plan, drive them away and then when subs come out they will flock back in droves, who knows. Just saying they should be up there in damage.
  13. Mustangrde1

    Buying coal ships question

    Much better, everyone knows they need the JB, that Russian Kraken getter.... um um russian horrible to play ship no one wants. Or needs.
  14. Mustangrde1

    ship slots

    I would love to be able to sell slots for say FXP or Coal maybe even Steel. After 5 years on this game and grinding every line to completion, plus numerous premium and monthly slots given, I have more slots than the game has ships. I also learned what ships I really enjoy and have them in port only (currently about 24 off memory) I would keep those slots obviously plus at least another 20 for (regrinding lines for new ships in the armory) as I grind IJN and USN DD Lines weekly for the perks. Also have some for (new lines) or (new Premiums) and then some for bringing back t-10 ships for Events like snowflakes. Sell the rest. Unless you collect ships and want a port of Port Princess's there is no reason to have more slots when you really keep getting them monthly.
  15. Mustangrde1

    What do the spreadsheets say this week, comrade?

    OH 10.0 GrEaT.... Cv spotts red CV,,,,,,,,,, Deadeye on Yammy says YUM YUM.... Red cv DELETED in one salvo.... Would not have mattered if it was me doing it, the amount of AP hits from the 4 other bbs were as Dead on as mine.... And even removing the cancerous plane factory in less than 2 minutes, I will still say DEAD EYE needsto be removed from the game it is hurting it in so many ways.