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  1. NeptunesInferno

    Can you be better? I bet you can.

    Death does seem to confer a certain wisdom -- or at least provides time for reflection and progress on the journey to enlightenment. The reference to the great Chester Nimitz is apt!
  2. NeptunesInferno

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    What I can tell you is that playing Tier 1 is tremendous fun — simple gunnery, no tricks — and an experienced player would do well to leave port in his Black Swan with a degree of humility. Some good players reside at Tier 1. Check it out.
  3. NeptunesInferno

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    The CE captain skill does not affect enemy-fire dispersion but the concealment module does.
  4. NeptunesInferno

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    Haha—okay, you’re right!
  5. NeptunesInferno

    Des Moines — American Tier X cruiser.

    The cost in credits to pay for consumables, ammo, and "service" makes the DM very difficult to earn credits with. Typically I'll earn 30-40,000 from a decent game. I lose money if I die early without getting a kill. The Worcester has a camouflage that saves 50% on service cost. How do you play the Des Moines profitably?
  6. NeptunesInferno

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    How do you pronounce "Worcester"? This post will constitute the last and final word on the subject. It will also contradict WG, which has titled the Personal Mission for the Tier X cruiser, "It's Pronounced 'Wooster'." No, it is not. The ship was named for the city in Massachusetts. The city's name is pronounced "WIS-TER" or perhaps alternatively "WUSS-TER." There's no OO in the name. Not at all. Stop staying it that way. It's wrong. This Massachusetts native is here to correct the record. And I hope the word will spread as it may deserve. Cheers.
  7. NeptunesInferno

    No nice way to say this

    Yes, I've open a ticket. The response from WG was that I needed to uninstall and reinstall. Which I've done. Same problems -- actually worse. Now I wear pink.
  8. NeptunesInferno

    Setting up a MacBook Pro to avoid the Dock and Bar

    Once you referred to yourself as the "unofficial WOWS Mac Troubleshooter" and also mentioned being in touch with Codeweavers. Is there any hope for us Mac users who are currently frozen out of the game?
  9. NeptunesInferno

    which class of ship to play

    I recommend the USS Massachusetts. Take the Manual Secondaries captain skill, and Basic and Advanced Firing Training, and watch your five-inchers churn!
  10. NeptunesInferno

    No nice way to say this

    There's no nice way of saying this, but World of Warships is absolutely broken on the Macintosh operating system right now. I have a modern iMac running OS 10.14 aka Mojave. I have reinstalled the new 0.8.0 wrapper and dumbed down all my graphic settings to Low (this used to work). I have read all the posts on the subject. And now I cannot get through a single game with my hard-earned Lion or hard-paid-for Massachusetts without the game crashing mid battle. So now my user name wears pink because of the penalties imposed for "unsporting behavior." Shame on me? Shame on WG, or Codeweavers, for failing to support one of the world's principal computer platforms. <rant mode: off> Can anybody help?
  11. NeptunesInferno

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Just to note, the article referenced above does not address the sys-crash issues that are pervasive with MacOS. I received the error message this article addresses and it was easily remedied by downloading the game again and re-installing it.
  12. NeptunesInferno

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    My latest mid-game crash of MacOS is attached. The code seizes up right at the moment the 406mm salvo is about to fly. Terrible. Wargaming.net has no business taking money for such an inherently unstable product. This needs to be fixed as a matter of high priority.
  13. NeptunesInferno

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I am experiencing NEARLY CONSTANT crashes with version 0.8.0. I am running MacOS 10.13.6. High Sierra. Having been accustomed to dumbing down my graphics to Low across the board in order to allow the game to run on my machine, I find that not even this seems sufficient any longer. The game freezes mid-contest every second or third game. Alternatively, the game suddenly quits from the Port screen, usually when I try to switch to the Tech Tree or to my Service Record. The instability is a real problem. Please advise optimal settings, or another solution, because soon I'll just have to give up on the game. I'm spending money here and feeling frustrated that the code is falling apart for the Mac platform.
  14. NeptunesInferno

    Thanks for saving me the grind - King George V

    That’s very fair. I’m being cranky I guess .
  15. NeptunesInferno

    What is this icon on the battle screen?

    Thank you for the thorough and informative reply. My ignorance was the culprit for my post, as I wasn’t aware that WG had a sanctioned in-game mods page. You’re totally right about the name-label problem. People say I’m doing this or I’m doing that and I have no idea which ship is speaking.