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  1. Wye_So_Serious

    ST: New Map Bering Sea

    Now we are encouraging broadsiding. What could go wrong? Joking aside, great news. Could be a blast.
  2. Exactly...however, in a fleeting digital game where there is no tangible commodity that you cannot resell or reuse for another purpose it does devalue the purchase and perhaps dissuade from making future purchases.
  3. No question when we buy a premium we get what we pay for. My issue is with premiums that are INITIALLY offered for sale via doubloons/store and then giving it away through a mission and not compensating the initial buyers with doubloons. I think there should be a simple logic to this dependent on its initial offering. If a premium is offered exclusively via the store or for doubloons initially and eventually becomes available by way of a mission or crate (a crate you PAY for), you get doubloon value. If a premium is initially offered through a mission and/or the store or doubloons and you earn it in a mission or through a crate (that you did not pay for), you get credits. I think this maintains the integrity of the purchased premium and affords an equitable means to make premiums available by other methods.
  4. Wye_So_Serious

    Uss New Jersey

    Agreed. Georgia, for example, isn’t a T9 Massachusetts. I thought NJ/WI with Mass attributes would be a hoot, not so much now.
  5. Wye_So_Serious

    Speculate for WoWS Anniversary in 2019 Bonuses!

    Q4 will be submarines, not that I want them. They’ll be announced in August at the big German game conference. German line I am guessing. This is totally unfounded speculation however, I was correct in my prediction in December for 2019 but that was too easy. We knew the CV rework was coming in Q1. I figured WG had gone long enough without a full Russian BB line which was Q2. French DDs wasn’t a stretch either for Q3 which is imminent. That leaves Q4 for submarines. Hope I’m wrong.
  6. Wye_So_Serious

    How many fuel tokens do you have? Polls are broken?

    This will be the first promo ship I miss due to that abomination of a game mode and completing the non-Savage Battle directives is prohibitive for me.
  7. Wye_So_Serious

    An exercise in frustration

    If you have a high point IJN captain and one of the ARP or directional Myokos give them a whirl. I took demo expert and signaled up- constant fires on the reds. I had good success flanking, distracting and then kiting away.
  8. Mass is still good in a T10 battle. must have premiums? belfast, kutuzov, Missouri, musashi, Jean Bart, kamikaze, mass, Tirpitz, atago, Kidd, scharnhorst
  9. Wins AND Base XP would be ideal imo.
  10. Wye_So_Serious

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    I found that the first few battles and stunk the place up as well. After that it went fairly quick.
  11. Yes and today they relented and said no combat buffs- I'll take them at their word until I see otherwise. If fail to live up to their word in the future then we all explode again....or leave.
  12. Doesn't any business ask itself that very question? How do I increase revenue? No paid for buffs, that's a good thing. Incentives for bucking up and re-grinding? Sure, it's optional.
  13. Wye_So_Serious

    Average tier you play.

  14. Wye_So_Serious

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    It's optional and doesn't involve the buffs so ignore it. I don't plan on doing it but whatever floats others' boats, have at it.
  15. Wye_So_Serious

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    thank you for listening to our opinion