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    I recall WG saying you'll be able to get a refund for current CVs if you don't like CV play after the rework. Hey, it might be better....it might be worse, we just have to wait. Is AA overpowered, yes but that is to counteract the potential of CVs running roughshod over everything. And that can and still does happen.
  2. Alaska HP question?

    I want a "Constructed and Entered Service" battle mode like when they limit scenarios and only eligible ships are available for selection. Not laid down. Not 90% complete. Not in dry dock. Constructed and Entered Service only. They could have only done figure 8s around islands for their service for all I care but at least we'd dispense with all the farcical ships. Sadly there would be no Zao or Montana (among others) but it would let those ships with real histories shine through. (Climbing off soapbox)
  3. 0.7.7 New Resources

    I think the whining over the Alsace "nerf" from the BB fanboys overshadowed the lengthy list. More disturbing is the nerf to Balty. We can't have a strong USN ship now can we? Watch Helena reload nerfed next...but buff those Russian destroyers.
  4. RN Cruiser Premium?

    Then we can say "Where is my Effing Premium RN cruiser?"
  5. You were right to let the WG rep say it as they don't misconstrue things. He did not say T9 it is not a competitive tier. He said that fewer players retain their ships and to use them for ranked would require players to spend credits to re-purchase them very non-committal as he trailed off. That said, this person is obligated to tow the company line and parrot what he is told and the last thing WG cares about is its players.
  6. I can give you an example from today. Two Montanas squaring off near an island. If there is no team damage, I launch torps with impunity knowing some will hit my Montana and the others will certainly destroy the red Montana. Instead, I had to devise a new plan of attack which was re-position on another target as that one was risky to attack as there are consequences. Removing team damage is dumbing the game down.
  7. Au contraire, I was well versed in Irish libations at an Ancient Order of Hibernians watering hole with my grandparents.
  8. That's heresy in some places.
  9. Can I have your stuff? (Someone had to say it)
  10. Clan new function

    That fits me perfectly. As does "Random Clown", "Co-Op Clown", "Ranked Clown"- I got'em all covered.
  11. edit: all I can think is Bob Uecker in Major League saying "Just a bit outside!" however I'm apparently technically challenged today and can't get a link or anything to work.