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  1. Wye_So_Serious

    It all returns to nothing

    Similar sentiment…
  2. Wye_So_Serious

    End of the Forum

    Yup, read that after but decided what’s the point in correcting. thanks and happy trails!
  3. Wye_So_Serious

    End of the Forum

    Let’s see… 7 days (roughly) until no more forum. 64 days left on premium time. Likely my 8 yr anniversary with WoWs will come and go with no activity whatsoever.
  4. Wye_So_Serious

    Asymmetric Battles - The mode needs to stay

    There’s always Petro if you want to do cruisers…or Stalingrad
  5. Wye_So_Serious

    USS NoGo?

    Once again, Art Dept>Game design Dept
  6. Wye_So_Serious

    Is there a game mode without CV's and Subs

    Operations only for me until that’s eventually ruined. Once premium time and credits run out it’s sayonara.
  7. Wye_So_Serious

    Vote with your wallet

    I've been "voting" for almost 2 years now, doesn't make a difference.
  8. Don’t play random PVP. Problem solved.
  9. Wye_So_Serious

    Subs sealed it for us

    I am certain you both will find something else to do together, which is phenomenal regardless of the activity. Way ahead of you on the lack of playing. The game is a dumpster fire now. Happy trails!
  10. Wye_So_Serious

    The New Meta

    We’ll done, sir.
  11. Wye_So_Serious

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Nah. That ship sailed a long, long time ago when they switched from sim to arcade. Historical accuracy isn’t a thing in the game. It provides inspiration and that’s about it. Consequently, they are were never obligated to include certain types of ships. That certain types, consumables, gimmicks, “features” have been ham handedly implemented is an entirely different discussion.
  12. Wye_So_Serious

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    That’s partly the problem. There is no necessity to include subs or CVs into the game. It’s an ahistorical game, not historical. WG and forumers tend to use the history card when it suits their interest or supports their argument and vice-versa. Including or excluding them can be easily rationalized depending on your point of view. I think better choices could have been made for this game since 0.7.12 and therabouts.
  13. Wye_So_Serious

    A Moment Of Respect For The Dailies.

    No reason to log on any longer for me.
  14. Wye_So_Serious

    How many hours a week do you spend gaming?

    I’ve only played 1 game - WoWs, since Dec 2016 when my son introduced me to it.. Down to about 1-2 hrs a week, maybe. I used to play much, much more. I’m not burned out or anything. I miss playing but IMO it has turned into such a dumpster fire it’s not worth the effort any longer.
  15. Wye_So_Serious

    Returning, but Should I?

    Try it yourself however, compared to 4 years ago I suspect you’ll find it a completely miserable experience in comparison.