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  1. Wye_So_Serious

    When will the sub rentals stop?

    Not soon enough
  2. Can’t be any worse than what we have now.
  3. Wye_So_Serious

    Dockyard tab

    A spend money prompt?
  4. Wye_So_Serious

    How are you faring against Super CVs

    No problem here, I just stopped playing Randoms. Between CVs, superships and subs, what’s the point?
  5. You're 100% correct in that CVs ruined the game. Post 0.8.0 the game is an utter train wreck concerning design and implementation. Subs are an absolute abortion. Superships? Again another mess. If you come back, play ranked, ops and coop. Randoms are a complete disaster for so many reasons. When superships and subs are allowed in ranked, I’ll be down to ops and coop. Sans CVs, subs and superships, I still like the game but as soon as I run out of credits and premium time it’s sayonara. Return at your own peril and please don’t spend any money.
  6. Wye_So_Serious

    Friendly Super Ship Reminder

    I'll continue to pass on CVs, subs and superships.
  7. I wouldn't know, completely ignored it his time and played it a handful of times previously to know it is hoo haa.
  8. Wye_So_Serious

    Fleet Mode

    Other, actually popular games, have a PVP mode for more casual players that are basically are just looking for "gunfights" and another one for those that want more challenging mechanics. It's not unheard of but introducing such a mode would definitively reveal the large portion of the player base doesn't really want CVs or subs.
  9. Wye_So_Serious

    Low reward for spotting damage?

    Somewhere there is a Developer Q&A with WG where they answered a similar question with they(WG) don't want the game to be about capping and spotting, hence no further incentives. Another fine example of poor design. If I cared more, I'd find and post the link, but I don't. I do have an excellent memory though.
  10. Subs and CVs….precisely what is wrong with this game.
  11. Wye_So_Serious

    Old Guard slowing game progress

    This is their "vision".
  12. That is a middling business strategy, which most ascribe to because they aren't inventive enough to take decidedly solid core concepts and develop them to their potential. It's a niche game. Not everything is scalable.
  13. The gimmickry, subs, CVs and superships, in my opinion, are a mistake born from a desire to appeal to a larger audience which probably will not happen. Its too bad as the core of the game, graphics and connection to some sort of history is very compelling but the add-ons have diluted and diminished the product to a great extent.
  14. Wye_So_Serious

    Is the time coming…

    Yes and it’s been sideways since 0.8.0
  15. Agreed. Subs, CVs and Superships not good for the game.