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  1. The most humiliating way to die...

    Most embarrassing? Being killed by a CV in Cleveland- it should never happen. Others: Being gunned down by an Emerald, any of the Myokos, Nurnberg, any Italian ship or French battleship other than tier 9 or 10.
  2. That's strategic with Henri though. Get the special Speed consumable, mash the W key and burn everything for the first 10 minutes.
  3. sadly, I had to kite all night with Hindy after our BBs inexplicably evaporated and not to torps. Red BBs were full on hammering my green BBs all night and dying early in the battles as well. Wound up +2 stars for the night only because Hindy can put a hurt on BBs but I'm not dumb enough to try and slug it out with 2 Yamatos on a regular basis. Watch green BBs die early, get two caps and hold 'em- that was my evening.
  4. I'm not a BB however I had enough of watching what is described in the OP last night and played Bis. At the beginning I told the other BBs to sack up and push. Sadly, only a Gneis heeded the call. We rolled up into B on the trap map. Sure I was destroyed (had good torp beats, just too many of them) due to flooding but took out a DD and a CL first. It was a stomp point wise. The only three greens to be destroyed were mine, the Gneis and a Belfast who was also at B slugging it out. I know it doesn't always go that way because you pushed but I sensed the aggressiveness we displayed at B threw the reds off. They never even capped as their BBs held to the stand off/back meta. Whole heartedly agree, it's all about winning. You're supposed to have fun with a game and winning is the fun. If you ain't first, you're last. edit: I hate AutoCorrect
  5. New US CA/CL firing ranges

    Expecting there will be a part 2 as they said think Russian DD split. I had Kiev and Trashkent in port before the split and wound up with both DD lines to T9. ....not dumping any $ on this and I ain't grinding!
  6. New US CA/CL firing ranges

    My 2,500,000 Cleveland XP should count for something - but it probably won't.
  7. Before the split 151.....do I get a bottle of rum with that?....well not anymore......
  8. I agree with all of the responses however the AI must have some other threat matrix it utilizes as well because I have numerous experiences to the contrary.
  9. You assume paper would be used. How can you be sure that they wouldn't have used linen and ink? Or vellum? Perhaps even ink on Mylar, but I'm not sure as to when that was introduced. Regardless of the media, you are correct, the Tillman documents would likely have the larger potential to induce blunt force trauma if necessary.
  10. End Situational Awareness

    While we are at it, let's get rid of radar and bring back open water stealth firing. Things change, so we need to adapt. Automatic notification of detection is a good thing and provides a some useful information without having to give up a captain skill point. For a better understanding, choosing Priority Target still uses a captains point and really goes a long way aiding decisions. Like last night in Atlanta, my PT went to 9. It helped me make the decision on what ship to select or the next battle as that one was about to be over me.
  11. Premium Ship Review: De Grasse

    I did say there appears to be qualified by noting Cleve being OP at T6. The review suggested an alternate post-war AA design possibility which would be much more powerful and competed with Cleveland in this area. Dallas and Pensa may be good but there really will not be an AA beast at T6 any longer. Perhaps Cleve spoiled us in being able to wipe out squadrons with ease. I think it's a good thing to have at least 1 cruiser at each tier that can shred CVs to keep them in check. T5 is still a problem for cruisers but Texas fills that role nicely for the tier as a BB.
  12. Explain to me again why I should give a about a 3rd party "rating"?
  13. Premium Ship Review: De Grasse

    With Cleveland moving to T8, there appears to be an AA power vacuum or we just got used to stupidly over powered AA Cleve provided. What about WG buffing DeGrasse to fill that niche given LWMs lamentation regarding the actual vs. potential AA of the ship.
  14. Limited-time idea

    All for it. In 111 days, I will have 145 million credits to give away.
  15. Flint, black, Alabama ST and the like should be excluded from this obvious reasons. Tech tree and premiums are fair game for this evaluation as there isn't any exclusivity to them- other than money, which can put them out if reach of some but still available. I do think 55% is the break point at which the ship may have some inherent advantage(s) over a reasonable period of time provided a good amount of players utilize it. The real data we don't see is if players consistently do markedly better than their overall performance with a particular ship it probably has some sort of advantage. Out of respect for Kombat_Wombat I'm refraining from my usual [edited], asinine commentaries.