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  1. Wye_So_Serious

    PSA: 4 Goal Haul Achievement To End w/ 7.11

    Camos were rewarded? I never noticed that.
  2. Wye_So_Serious

    PSA: Black Friday Crates (7.11)

    Black ships matter?
  3. Wye_So_Serious

    All about the bias known as Stalingrad

    To your point, I saw a well positioned DM do a number on a Stalingrad in short order. In the Stalingrad's defense, it was one of two remaining ships and was avoiding a swath of torps but that doesn't change the damage.
  4. Wye_So_Serious

    HE & AP Mechanics need Adjustment

    Easily the best forum post I've seen recently.
  5. Wye_So_Serious

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar was also introduced when open water stealth firing was a thing too. DDs and CLs sitting in smoke and firing with impunity is fun and engaging for the one doing it, not so much for the recipient. Radar has a place in the game and, as suggested elsewhere here, perhaps there is a dispersion factor on ships that are detected by radar so that it is not a death sentence when radared. Let us also not forget a couple torpedo salvos into smoke can end that tactic much faster than any radar consumable.
  6. Wye_So_Serious

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Truth be told, they did a good job on two of them, the secondaries just finished them off.
  7. Wye_So_Serious

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Had 4 close quarter experts in one battle on all 4 red DDs with Mass. The intention here is not to one-up but further demonstrate secondaries on some BBs are decidedly not worthless.
  8. Wye_So_Serious

    Submarines First Impressions?

    I'll pass on further submarine play, but have a blast with them.
  9. I think this is exactly the intent of the ranked sprint: A low tier, low reward training wheel mode for ranked.
  10. 23, all solo. Looking at all the very low number of battles it takes to get to R1, I think this answers the question as to why ranked is now mostly T10. In my observation, T5 cruisers seem largely ineffectual but most of that had to do with inappropriate targeting by BBs. More than half the time there was a lonely cruiser each side. When there were multiple cruisers, it appeared the red BBs were not prioritizing the cruisers to their detriment. Most here know eliminating cruisers give DDs more latitude but that fact is lost on many.
  11. Wye_So_Serious

    Wichita Nerf as per Dev Blog

    In one devblog post, I went from "take my money" to HECK NO. Why would I want to buy, essentially in my mind, the old T8 New Orleans.
  12. Wye_So_Serious

    Why I play T8 better in T10 than T10 in T10

    I did this last night in Mass with some success until I noticed the 4 T10 BBs on my side were, well, literally at the borders of the map. The red team BBs had the temerity to push the caps so it didn't end well.
  13. Wye_So_Serious

    T8 MM is Broken and everyone refuses to believe me

    I noticed the other day, while in Zao, far too many games with lonely T8s. This should not occur and queue times is not a valid reason.
  14. 5 or 6 on first salvo with Nagato and spotter plane. Dev struck a Kongo about a minute into the battle. Complete luck, no skill, unlikely to happen again. Lots of salt thru the chat.
  15. Wye_So_Serious

    How to get 5 starts on "Saving Transylvania"

    You want 5 stars? Get to the end and have the ramming signal mounted. One ram takes 75k from Rasputin with a cruiser. A few more torps and BB salvos and it's done for.