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  1. Wye_So_Serious

    Mah new bote!

    Nope, there's one better. A Belfast, a Flint and an Atlanta walk into a bar looking for a DD to spot for them... Seriously I followed a Belfast/Flint division in Atlanta and they were more than willing to share smoke. A DD on our side understood what he had and spotted the whole time and supplemented with smoke. . It was sad listening to grown battleships crying like that.
  2. Wye_So_Serious

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Day 1 of the RN cruiser release, I FreeXP'd to Emerald. 1 battle is all it took to convince me to FreeXP to Leander. Citadelled with HE- I think from a destroyer.
  3. Wye_So_Serious

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Nice post. All I know is even with the rework I still suck with CV play and not much better with anything else. But I enjoy the game.
  4. Wye_So_Serious

    Mushy and Kron -- what will replace them?

    I think going forward we are likely to see fewer high tier FXP ships, in the fuure those being available primarily through coal or steel. What FXP ships that do become available will be lower tier or exorbitantly expensive. My reasoning is their comments on how readily FXP is earned where coal is more controlled and steel scarce (save got the snowflake and steel monsters events). My .02
  5. Wye_So_Serious

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    That said, I'd love USS Wisconsin to enter the game with a Mass treatment. Div up with a Missouri and harvest salt.
  6. Wye_So_Serious

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    Secondary build on Mass is a blast. Multiple CQEs are not out of the ordinary. I have 2, 19pt Captain builds on Mass and Mass B. Identical except for 1 has concealment skill and the other IFHE. I prefer the concealment Captain in randoms for the ability to go dark after rolling into the cap and abusing DDs then watching them scurry away from secondary range if they survive. This weekend in one battle i had a CQE on a Shima, Tirp and Lexington. Would have had a Des Moines but the damn island was in the way. BTW, the Shima was almost full health and when he tried a torp run that failed.
  7. Wye_So_Serious


    That's about par for the course around here-most everywhere, in fact. Most are quick to report, slow to compliment.
  8. Wye_So_Serious

    Neustrashimy vs Black

    Let's see......carry the 1.....oh I get it now.
  9. Wye_So_Serious

    Crusier bad habits....

    shhhh......Mamie likes this tactic
  10. If the wallet was/is an option, about a dozen battles combined with PEF and Missouri to completion.
  11. If you bought it: Stop complaining, it was your decision. If you didn't buy it: Stop complaining, it was free (and yes, I bought it)
  12. Wye_So_Serious

    CV Rework/Public Test

    No disagreement there. I was thinking how rabid the base was (myself included) for the snowflake event as evidence of how one might further entice people to play the PTS.
  13. Wye_So_Serious

    CV Rework/Public Test

    Notification for Round 2 is up. I read the rewards which got me to thinking: if they were to offer steel and/or coal as a reward for your NA account ( I don't know how much) I'm quite certain players would flock to the PTS which may give a better representative sample of the play with new CV reword in lieu of releasing it into the wild. Just a thought.
  14. Wye_So_Serious

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    If you requested another HE spamming BB line, you'd get that downvote you're looking for.
  15. Wye_So_Serious

    PEF 4th directive co-op going faster than forecast.

    Thanks for the reminder. Time to crank up Molotov for a citadel fest. That should net a couple of credits.