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  1. New Ranked Ideas

    There are already irrevocable milestones that correspond to required number wins, etc. per rank and R5 breaks the model, that's all. The published distribution graph shows the vast majority of ranked participants did not progress past R12 which leads me to believe the number of "bad" players at R5 and above would be few.
  2. New Ranked Ideas

    Ranked is fine. Add an irrevocable at R5 is about all it really needs. I rather enjoyed the season that had T6 to Rank 15, then T8 from thereon. Unfortunately, I was awful at T8 then so that's on me not the structure.
  3. Emblems

    That's all I've asked for- I don't want to see them. No sound, no effects, no mods, low graphics. Give me no emblems and USN cruiser line split and I'm good to go.
  4. Minimap Shooting Mod

    I was thinking more along the lines of the BBs I've seen more and more park next to an island and don't move.
  5. Suggestion of new game modes

    Someone longing for the Bathtub battles - no wait, there were torpedoes in that too. Just play co-op then, bots will shoot over you at 5km to hit a DD 12km away. And when there are DDs, they usually don't survive long enough to be an issue. Problem solved.
  6. Minimap Shooting Mod

    Oh boy, once you find that spot with Atlanta/Mino/DM and hit Shift-X bad things are going to happen if they aren't moving.
  7. The player base.

    Resurrecting two (this is the second I've found today), two year old threads? Have you nothing better to do?

    Hopefully they bring it back under a new name. Not sure what was wrong with it that it necessitated changing.
  9. Based on what I've read so far, Asashio is the way WG gets submarines into the game without putting them in the game (and last years April Fools Day port ship doesn't count).
  10. Why do we have 7 myokos in game?

    27 Cleves?! Sign me up!
  11. Understood however once you get Leander, Cleveland and Budyonny what's the point of revisiting that particular tier (premiums excluded) with the MM what it is. "Oh look, there's a Kirov/Omaha/Furutaka/Emerald" and you're sitting in your T7 whatever. The best cruiser for being up-tiered from T5 is Konigsberg (and perhaps the Emile) IMO.
  12. Emerald, Omaha, Kirov and Furataka are all sells, in my opinion, once you get T6 so yeah why buff them. Even if it was +/-1 MM they are just food for T6's.
  13. CVs are fine we just need more of them. With competent to good captains they should be super predators- capable of deleting anything on the map.More CVs will cull the out of control BB population. As it is now AA spec cruisers are stupidly overpowered when equipped with DFAA so that is the balance. It just requires teamwork. Currently it is difficult for an AA spec cruiser to do their job because of the multitude of BBs, meaning you are always within range of one if trying to support your DDs or protect your BBs from air strikes.
  14. Who is still playing Atlanta?

    Love Atlanta, lately I've been playing it daily. Overall an ok 53% WR, about 60% the last 100. I don't do eye popping damage as I enjoy stalking and murdering red DDs more and they only have so much HP. Don't get me wrong i love raining HE on the enemy (IFHE skill is a must) but that doesn't usually help win games as much as deleting DDs and other cruisers at close range.
  15. Emerald was buffed? You can still cit it with 6" guns and IFHE. AP is much more reliable however.