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  1. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I just thought of something. What if WG reuse something that is currently in the halloween event? The CV Transylvania had an aura which healed team members. What if CVs had a weaker version of this passive skill? The cureent reworked CVs are basically disconnect from the team. I personally think all ships should have some passive buff for the team when they are within a certain range. CVs should have a weak repair/heal that only work on non-CVs nearby(CVs would have a consumable heal item), BBs should provide a passive boost to durabililty for all allied ships within range except other BBs (DDs would like this) , DDs boost fleet sailing & turn speed except for other DDs and Cruisers reduce reload time after firing & ammo type changing except for other CLs/CAs. These buff would have to be implemented and properly adjusted so it does not break the game play. Benefits to these buffs being implemented CVs/CVLs wont hug the back of the map and draw out the fight since pressing forward would require them to stick with their team and provide healing/repairs. Team members would protect CVs in order to benefit from passive repairs. CVs would no longer be floating Piñatas at sea! Since buffs wont stack with the same ship type, players can break into smaller groups. Those who try to Rambo solo would be a disadvantage since most of the time enemy ships will tag with each other and thats good. We want team play not lone wolf style play. Its a team game. These are just some last minute ideas I came up with. If WG can find a way to balance these and implement them into the game I think it would help encourage players to work together instead of racing off to get the most kills. I dont really blame players for doing this since the more kills you get the more XP you yield which I think WG need to fix as well. Maybe add in some assist kill points or something....
  2. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I still dont know what these crawling torps are for. Rockets are good on DD, CA/CL and CVs while dive bombs are good against BBs and CVs. What are we really suppose to use torps planes for? Use them to pass time until the other planes are ready? Its only on rare occasions after carefully aiming that I can get multiple hits on BB. Most of the time just firing at random locations result in more damage being done by them. I wish we could use our aiming scope (like on other ships) while in our planes because most of the time I cant see what direction the enemy ship is facing and by time I am close enough to make heads or tails it, its too late to make last second adjustments since planes take forever to turn and are somewhat difficult to stabilize after any sudden change in direction.
  3. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    There is one major problem I see in your vids and it is that your ping is really high. You are experiencing severe lag. This means whatever you are seeing is a delay of what is really happening on the battlefield.
  4. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I did that and even tried repairing 3 times and the problem persist. I will take like 2 hours to get the client back so i'll just download it again later when I get home. For now I need to sleep : /
  5. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I just tried a bunch of things and nothing worked. Well seems like I am gonna have to delete the client and re-download again....I noticed from the 1st day that the T1 ships; the modules had all the game icons instead of the research price. The icons were changing like every 0.5secs between free xp star icons, doubloon icon and all the icons from the Arsenal store. I cant even do Coop. Been stuck on Random Battle this whole time : ( This is one heck of a bug.
  6. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I dont use mods. Everything on my tech tree was blank. Gonna log in and check Edited Yep its still blank Gonna see if I can repair the client
  7. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I take it that it was hidden until you do a few games and earn enough XP? Gonna check whenever login again because the tech tree was blank yesterday when I checked
  8. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    The most I ever got on the T8 CV is around 87k dmg and it was because of floods . I dont have any T10 CV and I dont even know how to get them. I saw something about researching with 5mil points or so but I dont see where to research. I already unlocked everything on both T8 CVs and I dont see where to get the T10 : (
  9. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I wanted to put this on my post #2292 but oh well. I will place it here The purpose of this rework is to fix the following problems: 1. Remove the heavy influence that CVs have on battles. The more skillful Carrier (CV) player on whichever side could basically "carry" the team to victory. The other ships could be shooting nothing but sea water and still win. 2. Remove their ability to to exist everywhere at all times since a CV could have squads all over the map and prevent opponents from using stealth to ambush targets. 3. Make it feel less stressful since CV players basically have to control 8 individual squads plus the CV itself which is like controlling 9 ships all at once; which can be a problem to do perfectly. Multitasking is unhealthy. Also players like to blame the CV for everything that occurs during the match which is what pushed players away from playing them in the 1st place. Now did this rework fix these problems? 1. CVs have less influence on the win and losses. Sorta! They dont carry but they are now floating Piñatas at sea! 2. They no longer act as god; watching any and everything on the battlefield at all times. Check! 3.Reduce the stressfulness that comes with this ship? Not really. These new changes come with new problems. High AA def + High CV dps = back to square one; heavy influence by the pros and a rework of blame game. So dont attempt this route. Fair AA def + Fair CV dps = fair gameplay and more players playing the CV since it wont carry a heavy role/toll like it does on the current public servers.
  10. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    When everything is installed correctly, you can change between TST and normal server by doing this. If you cannot find the TST to download try and log out of your account on the app in this pic and sign in again.
  11. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    I guess its time to give my feedback on how I feel about these new changes for the CV. I know its still in the test phase and this is not your final work. I'm still gonna list some problems anyway. Controls and UI The controls on the squads are awful for starters. It feels clunky as hell. I spend more time fighting my own squad to get their crap together than fighting the actual enemy. Its nice that I have to earn my kill by going through a barrage of AA fire but, what I hate about this is the slow refocus aiming is on the planes. It should not take forever to get a clean shot. I find this to be frustrating most of the time. This has been mentioned a million times and I really thought it would be in the 2nd testing; the ability to change between squad and planes without having to recall them. I am sure the Captain and his crew did not all jump into the planes and abandon the CV in the middle of the ocean to fight the enemy. Pressing Z should allow us to switch to ship view, let us repair and get a view around so we can know what is going on and switch back to squad. Armament So after bobbing and weaving through a barrage of AA firing, one of two things can happen. The first one is you can reach the enemy and miss everything because the UI aiming takes forever to fully focus or you can arrive to your target, go Rambo on their ship and do underwhelming damage. Rockets are cool and I like the high chance of debuffs you can place on targets but, I think the damage from the rockets could be increased little (just a little). As for torps, I think this needs a lot of fixing. The fact that CV lost some of their torp power (which is kinda okay) and traded that for less torps and derpy UI aiming is bad.
  12. iKyte

    CV Rework Feedback

    They dont want to go that route because this is World of Warships (ships vs ships) not World of Warplanes. They want players to focus on attacking other ships not dogfighting. AA plane support is now a consumable just like how it is on other ships.
  13. Thats really depressing... Well I guess I can take a break from the event. I cant complain about 270k commander XP gain from the event. Would be nice if I could work on my ship while participating in the event though. Thanks for the reply!