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  1. Howlin_Mad_Murdoch

    Why the Carrier Rework will fail no matter what.

    Yep I'll be playing ranked a CV or nothing also, at least I'll save money.
  2. Howlin_Mad_Murdoch

    CV rework: People need to chill out - the new system works

    USELESS AA no matter the platform yeah the CV works whatever. WG I demand refunds for my premium ships like Atlanta, Kii, Kidd, etc. that were sold on the premise of AA superiority.
  3. Howlin_Mad_Murdoch

    Wargaming, where is shop update?

    Lol I was beginning to think it was actually Thursday and not Friday.
  4. Im doing ok in the hipper in my latest matches finally getting the feel of her. I do well in tier 8 matches but mostly feel useless in tier 9 & 10 matches. I just looking for more tips because as much as like her i feel i missing something in tier 9& 10 matches.
  5. Howlin_Mad_Murdoch

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Broke down and finally bought it and I lover it. If you enjoy the Soviet line then it's a must have. To me it's what shchors should be and the chapayev should be an improvement upon that. To those who say she's too fragile then it's not for you and your play style.