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    Family comes first, My wife says that games are my "mistress" lol Video games I love are the Wargaming.net stuff, Jotun, Sundred, All of the Age of Empires although AoE 2 and 3 are my favorite ones and AoM. I really enjoy spending time with the most awesome, understanding ,beautiful, sexy, smartest woman in the world. My wife "Helen of Troy!" We love our cat Toby Joe he's like our child now that their grown up. I enjoy reading and learning new things. Mostly I'm a computer geek.

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I'm a Disabled Veteran that was in the U.S Army for 4 years, then decided to join the Tennessee Army National Guard for 4 more years (TNGAUS). as soon as I was in TNGAUS I had to catch up with my unit, as we were going to be cross trained to build infrastructure in Afghanistan for 10 months ,  I was then offered a promotion, I didn't know the unit was deploying lol 2nd deployment I was cross trained as an MP to work an Iraqi prison. 3rd deployment I kept my MOS 88M (Before I was 11B) long story short, I'm 100% service connected for A TBI and PTSD among other things that you get the PH for, I'm recovering though. So no pity party for me, I was good at it and now I'm starting over again I volunteered and I miss the Army so much,at least I'll retire as E-7. Thank God for my "Helen of Troy!" My picture from I.E.T