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    Family comes first, My wife says that games are my "mistress" lol Video games I love are the Wargaming.net stuff, Jotun, Sundred, All of the Age of Empires although AoE 2 and 3 are my favorite ones and AoM. I really enjoy spending time with the most awesome, understanding ,beautiful, sexy, smartest woman in the world. My wife "Helen of Troy!" We love our cat Toby Joe he's like our child now that their grown up. I enjoy reading and learning new things. Mostly I'm a computer geek.

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  1. That SAP just melts DD's! is ok for CL or CA but imo is pretty meh on BB's due to the lack of fires, Not a bad ship so far in the 5 battles I've piloted her in
  2. Sea_Jotun

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    I got the Golden Eagle camos for Kansas , Maxisota and Vermont during to US BB event
  3. Sea_Jotun

    enough is enough

    every other ship in the game has to lead and predict what a DD is going to do, why should CV's get to "point and click?" No it's a much needed nerf and I've been up against good CV players who can still do this effectively
  4. Sea_Jotun

    Player Skill Level and Training

    I love trying to improve my win rate, when the WHOLE team minus 1 or 2 go to the corner of the map (I like to call it the Loser's Corner) and stay there. Seems to be a Friday - Sunday thing for the most part as I do pretty good during the week UNTILL. lol
  5. Sea_Jotun

    trying really hard not to get upset

    Eh it's rough life on the sea
  6. It's my new favorite take out dish! At T5 it's pretty DELICIOUS
  7. Sea_Jotun

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Excellent review as usual!, But I find it particularly disturbing how expensive/grindy the ship is and the shell cost?! Is way expensive as well WOW
  8. Sea_Jotun

    Server Down Yet Again……Compensation?

    imo the current datacenter does a pretty good job, regardless of game problems and other issues.
  9. Sea_Jotun

    Pan-Asian Paper Ship Token Counting

    Seems a little expensive for ships we can get in a month or 2, so your mostly paying for special perma camos it would seem
  10. Sea_Jotun

    Honest Update 0.11.0

    Those 2 are really, really nice dough
  11. Somehow after muting the tabs, I end up forgetting about it and missing my loot box or missions lol Get into a battle and it's unavailable to retrieve when I notice a Notice
  12. I think it's rather more to the point of Fujin not being as well known as the others as Ensign_Cthulhu points out. I have Kami and Fujin. They both preform the same and are basically Minekaze with stronger torps. My stats are better in Fujin which reinforce the points imo
  13. Sea_Jotun

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    I want Operation(s) Cherry Blossom, and Dynamo back! those were so much fun for me. Now I only have the Cherry Blossom patch feelsbadman
  14. Sea_Jotun

    Captain’s Holiday Tree – A Rigged Event

    I really can't believe I didn't win a single ornament, I mean during the T5 portion I got 7 kills, 180k damage, 2 million PD, all 3 caps and well over 2k Base XP, and I was no where on the list, RIGGED. It figures though. Most of my t5-7 battles were like that!
  15. Sea_Jotun

    Seeing other player's stats? Seeing own?

    What does it really matter, Are you having fun? F 'em. Everyone who starts out is a bad player except for a few, most will start another account. Just enjoy yourself and as you git gud your stats will rise