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    Family comes first, My wife says that games are my "mistress" lol Video games I love are the Wargaming.net stuff, Jotun, Sundred, All of the Age of Empires although AoE 2 and 3 are my favorite ones and AoM. I really enjoy spending time with the most awesome, understanding ,beautiful, sexy, smartest woman in the world. My wife "Helen of Troy!" We love our cat Toby Joe he's like our child now that their grown up. I enjoy reading and learning new things. Mostly I'm a computer geek.

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  1. Sea_Jotun

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just got 200 ships!! Nice Emblem.
  2. Sea_Jotun

    Mega Santa Madness

    I should have just said this. I have most of the ships on the list that can drop with Santa Containers. Mega having the best chance. I knew I was going to get those ships the question was how many crates will it take. If you get a ship and you have it, you get a re roll in a super container for one you don't have on the list. It angered me that Puerto Rico cost soooo much. I was going to get some EPIC ships for a fair price. I spent approx $60 us on Mega Santa's so. I bought Thunderer with my Coal and coupon for a Legendary Shipmas :-D
  3. Sea_Jotun

    Mega Santa Madness

    Thrilled as everyone else was about the Holiday Dockyard, Snowflake and Santa Crates. I was angry as hel surrounding the Puerto Rico! Looking down the list of ships that can drop this year, I started to get excited "Hey! I have every ship on the list but a few!" So to start I bought 8 Mega Santa's about $34 us. A Super Container was waiting... Marblehead Lima lol but there it was. Next 2 2k dubs and Leviathan flags. SUPER CONTAINER!! Gremy, cool been wanting her, next SUPER CONTAINER: Belfast omg what a drop. So excited. The rest were signals and camos. So I dropped enough to get 3 more Mega Santa's... SUPER CONTAINER: Benham!! F'n awesome!!. Next 2k dubs. Then it happened Mighty Mo in a Super Container. I was ecstatic. USS Missouri on Christmas Day Happy Christmas to me. So I started thinking again how much Puerto Rico costs and reflecting back on approx $60 for all of the ships I just got. I went ahead and bought Thunderer from the Armory seeing how I had a coupon and 3 more Mega Santa's. Awesome enough. Kamikaze and Fujin dropped. No I think I made the correct decision to invest in Mega Santa containers than the Boosters for Puerto Rico.
  4. Sea_Jotun

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

  5. Sea_Jotun

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    Did you read the whole of my comment, I never said speed is everything, VU's bad characteristics are shared by so many other ships. I haven't had any major problems with VU as of yet. Go broadside in front of any decent player even in Yam and you'll get nuked to another dimension. VU has a great turn radius and I have dodged shots quite a bit. People are being way to hard on VU It has pretty good armor for T 5 . If every ship premium or tech tree had perfect everything what's the point? People focus way to much on the bad parts and forget about the good ones just my opinion but doesn't mean I'm wrong
  6. Sea_Jotun

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    I love how people are so different, and it's great that there are so many opinions, but in VU's defense how many US BB's (especially the low tiers) premium or tech tree are slower than rising dough. New players are exposed to these ships constantly and to make it up to Iowa and Montana which are pretty fast. They get dialed down by CV's and enemy ships constantly. Granted better players have better results but imo there is nothing absolutely horrible about VU. WV '41 is a fair example and she sits at Tier 6 and might be a kt or 2 faster than VU. I think that new players could benefit from her short comings making them better players WV '41, New Mexico and Colorado has most of the characteristics of VU yet new players have to deal with the Tier 4-7 US BB's. For my money VU is a solid buy despite her problems which is shared by so many others.
  7. Sea_Jotun

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    I think it's a great ship! 1st game got a Kraken, Dispersion is great, armor is pretty good, speed is crap, aa is crap,HP is a little low but it's a Tier 5 what do you expect. I'm currently working a review and video early release for my patreon site. If every ship released was OP we would have a very nasty game. I say buy her! Decent price for a great ship imo. This screenshot seems to be the usual games that I have in her.
  8. Sea_Jotun

    CSS Alabama - Sweet Home Forever At Sea

    Pretty amazing what CSS Alabama acomplished
  9. Sea_Jotun

    Enough is Enough

    No, commenting on this one as you can obviously tell I assume. or do you expect me to run down every thread about that and comment on it?
  10. Sea_Jotun

    Enough is Enough

    So strange to complain about something you have never played, just goes to show people just want to complain I guess, but starting a thread about something you've never experienced is just ^^^^^
  11. Pretty sure it's random. if your chosen as a marauder you have to type the phrase and follow the rules. If you join a game not as one, try to kill it for the rewards but don't forget random only or it's goodbye special events!
  12. Sea_Jotun

    Ranked Sprint

    OMG can't believe what crap rewards! WG sure do put a lot of value (money) on their virtual stuff, I mean I do love WoWs but buying a T9 ship or package from the premium shop is like getting four expensive game titles games every month or something. Just seems to me if the reward were better and the prices lower they might sell more. 10 person out of 100 who can afford or would buy a $150 package or 70 out of 100 who can afford or would buy $50. Maybe it's just me?
  13. Sea_Jotun

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    Been funny that recently ships I really wanted, but didn't have enough coal for (Jean Bart) was in the premium shop! Then Georgia dropped! OMG. It would be awesome to have Yoshino. Luckily for me I saved my coal for Yoshino so even if it doesn't go in the shop I can still have her!
  14. I have seen people not shoot at an enemy UNTIL it is very low health. 1 salvo's ships that wait for the work to be done just to buff their kill ratio stats is Kill Stealing. People who say there is no kill stealing are the very ones doing it! Just be honest with everyone you know it's true.
  15. Sea_Jotun

    Armada: Georgia

    You know. Commander, flag..etc. I'm good I'll just have the ship lol. Still that's an expensive virtual ship I could probably get 2 or 4 Title games for $80, Eh we'll see