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    Family comes first, My wife says that games are my "mistress" lol Video games I love are the Wargaming.net stuff, Jotun, Sundred, All of the Age of Empires although AoE 2 and 3 are my favorite ones and AoM. I really enjoy spending time with the most awesome, understanding ,beautiful, sexy, smartest woman in the world. My wife "Helen of Troy!" We love our cat Toby Joe he's like our child now that their grown up. I enjoy reading and learning new things. Mostly I'm a computer geek.

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  1. Sea_Jotun

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Well, at least you can finally Scream at people in a satisfying way w the GZ and KK voiceover and ship horns lol. They do look pretty cool in port hugging their respective ship. I'm sure they'll make some money. I would have loved to have seen a Mech Godzilla skin for Vladi though if you had to use the T8 silver ships. I would have picked different ships than those for the skins, but oh well
  2. Sea_Jotun

    Italian Battleship Branch Review

    Idk but I do like a lot of things about C. Colombo. What I don't like is the "feature" of the amount of shells you fire you'll land something, seems laughable imo. The 360 rear turrets are very nice
  3. Sea_Jotun

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    They are way too expensive, but very useful especially for DD and CL players. I really think all of the flags are overpriced , the Ram flag is the only one that's reasonable
  4. Sea_Jotun

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    Best Super Container: Steel, Coal, Free XP. wouldn't turn down dubs, premium ships, premium time or any of the flag drops though Love the animation for the super container, and when you roll for a SC and it drops. priceless :D
  5. Flandre seems pretty good for me excluding the bugs. Can't wait to play her without the annoyances
  6. Sea_Jotun

    Yudachi Do not buy it.

    She certainly needs a specialized captain and 19-21 points at that. I love the torp soup you can create ambushing victims who can see the torps for miles, but can do NOTHING about the Dev strike :-D taking out camping ships with a double strike w 2 Dev strikes is golden
  7. Thank you. Also thanks for the quick response
  8. Is there going to be some sort of compensation? Apparently the problems aren't going to be hotfixed, but corrected in the next patch. In my opinion the bonus mission days should be reset at the very least, at the point we who unknowingly purchased the ship can have the full value of her in the way it was intended I'm sure. I haven't heard anything as of this post Thanks!
  9. I got Flandre before finding out about the bug, Found out first game .and then later from youtube after filing a ticket with WG At the start you cannot zoom in or out only change turret cameras, using free look puts it back into that start of battle where you can only change turret cameras but are completely zoomed in. I use Free Look A LOT. Super annoying bug. I wonder what type of compensation we'll get. Should at least get the 200% bonus days reset. But perhaps nothing. Sad thing is it has a lot of potential imo but playing her like this is ....
  10. Just remember the 5 D's of Dodgebomb: Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip, and,,,,Dodge Don't give up yet. once you figure out how to dodge at the last second the CV will get pissed and usually move on
  11. Sea_Jotun

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Really, another camo/clone for Amagi. The movie was pretty meh imho. King of the Monsters was better. MechGodzilla was ok but...the whole dead monster taking over his brain wth
  12. If your talking premiums and ships available right now seems that Pommern is your best bet imho. If you have Georgia, Big Mammie they are great too. Tech Tree ships, The Bismarck twins still are viable, FDG is debatable and GK is well GK (see Potato Quality on YouTube) French BB's as secondaries is very situational and IJN is not even a question better to invest in Pensacola secondaries lol enjoy the meta!
  13. Sea_Jotun

    What's the Gift?

    Is it really that important that WG have my phone number to text me vs email that works on mobile device, no thank you WG your not selling my number for some small "gift" that I'll use up in a day or less and have to deal with the spam for years
  14. Sea_Jotun

    Teamkill Penalties

    Playing in a torp boat couple years back in Co-Op, I ended up being orange. bot teammate took my torps, then in the very next co op game bots took some more so I was orange. No more co op for me lol
  15. Sea_Jotun

    Teamkill Penalties

    Perhaps it's splash damage when the pasta maxima meatballs hit the sauce close to their ship?