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  1. STOP Recruitment Page Tired of all the Over pens you get when shooting a broadside ship? Well so are we. Who are we kidding? Like things are ever going to change. After all this game that is not realistic. What is to become of STOP A. This clan will become a semi competitive clan. B. Team focused on divs, Cbs, Ranked, Kots. Requirements of STOP A. Over 18years of age. B. Must have discord. C. Must have 1 tier x. D. Must be able to do cbs twice a week. Contact Contact me in game. x_CAP_x
  2. x_CAP_x

    ODR66 is now in effect.

    Order 66 Recruitment page ODR66 is now in effect. This is a top secret order to destroy all rogue ships who stand in our way. ODR66 will be the grandest fleet ever assembled to destroy the seas. ODR66 is a new clan that will be casual, laid back and overall fun. We will be doing Clan battles, Clan brawls, and eventually KOTS. Discord is used to communicate to our fleet. If you feel like you want to join ODR66 and rule the sea's, Message me in game and lets destroy all the traitors.
  3. x_CAP_x

    looking for a clan

    I will be looking for a clan in the next couples days due to the 3 day cool down. I don't have the perfect stats but I been around for a long time(Couples months are the game came out) and know the game. I am trying to improve my stats but with the crappy teams its hard. I like to div up and like to do cbs. I am looking for a clan that is in storm league and that uses discord. Hit me up in game. Later captains.
  4. x_CAP_x

    The Jolly Roger Division Wants you

    I would be interested in joining. Add me in game.
  5. x_CAP_x

    -OWN- Overpowered Winning Navy

    bump will be joining when 3 days expire.
  6. Great group of people with a sense of humor.
  7. x_CAP_x

    Join the Grumpy Captains

    Is that just -GSC- or our previous clan names all together? Because we have had several names. I appreciate your smart a$$ comments because it's funny you have to investigate. Our 177day members have left and come back. Same as me since I was the founding fathers of the very first clan and spent my hard money to make the base. But go on and say what you want to. Freedom of speech.
  8. x_CAP_x

    Join the Grumpy Captains

    Lol sure thing. All our wife's say we are jerks and grumpy. Me I'm everything in the book lol.
  9. x_CAP_x

    Join the Grumpy Captains

    -GSC- Grumpy Sea Captains We could say hello but that's not us. We are considered by our significant others to be grumpy, and every other name in the book. We are laid back and out to sink any boat that gets in our way. Even if its ramming you. Nothing is greater than a boat on the bottom of the sea. If we take your kill get the f### over it. Do not be jealous of our team work. If you do not like the way we talk MUTE us because it will only get worse. Clan requirements 1. Must have discord. 2. Laid back and out to have fun. 3. Must NOT be uptight. 4. A team player. 5. Must be active 6. Must play CBS and do div and ops. If interested contact darth_beer, majchaos29, CMDR_BlAcK_BeArD.
  10. I don't know where you are from, but in North America Friday was the 13th. Saturday would of been the 14th. Just saying.
  11. x_CAP_x

    _SAD_ is looking for players

    I have no idea.