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  1. Then why are they always bouncing off me?
  2. good luck hitting a citadel on a bow on angled hindenburg from mid to close range.
  3. If you're in a DD, fine, sure. A cruiser? If you can find a position where you can safely spam HE without getting deleted- okay I guess, maybe. Battleships though? No. I'm constantly going up against T10 BBs in my Bismarck and Tirpitz, and there's very little you can do to them with your guns. Even T10 cruisers are hard to do worthwhile damage to unless you're given a giftwrapped broadside. Can it be pulled off? Of course. Handle it "just fine?" Nah.. not by any stretch.
  4. how is that even possible? Did some bogue just hover his planes over you?
  5. That wasn't a black friday thing. Pretty sure that happened this spring
  6. after he smoked and parked broadside in the cap, and ate torps and exploded, he berated the rest of us for being "cowards" for the entire rest of the match, as we carried his dead weight to a win. Me especially because I used island cover to fire in my nurnberg instead of rushing into the cap against 3 DDs and a tirptiz.
  7. After this last match I was just in, cursed with having you on my team, I would love to sink you.
  8. Is there even anything in game that explains the mechanics of shell penetration with size vs armor? I didn't learn that until coming to the forums.
  9. so with these high tier USN CLs, will they have 1/4 HE pen? Otherwise IFHE will be a requirement for all of them
  10. yeah, that's the point
  11. you're misunderstanding me. I mean doing it on purpose knowing that they're there.
  12. I don't mean charging through open water while spotted for a prolong period of time, but there were definitely times where you would come from around a corner in very close quarters, pop your smoke, and blast away. It's definitely a different ballgame now.
  13. What do you mean? Before the smoke changes you wouldn't be spotted from 6km. Do you mean getting in that close before smoking? A lot of times that mean the difference between holding on to a cap or not.
  14. If it makes you feel any better, OP, I agree with you. I liked to play a "balls to the wall" play style with RNCLs. It worked very well regardless of all the people here saying "if you were that close you were making a mistake." And definitely ignore that kind of nonsense when you get an exclusively PVE player telling you how to play. Used to be able to pull of some heroic stunts. Now you have to play them a lot more passively. Perth especially is no where near as fun to play as it was before.