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  1. Blacklisting

    blacklisting me isn't gonna stop me from beating you up- you're just gonna make it worse
  2. Gaming & Speech

    I'm talking about outside the game. A few of you seem to be for enacting "hate speech" laws in everyday life.
  3. Gaming & Speech

    Why is that "hate speech" but not personal attacks against a person as an individual? If you're going to be a proponent for these speech codes, why not just make all mean language and attacks against the rules?
  4. You're forgetting that some of the people you're arguing with are babies that are crying because they can't use their credit cards to buy reward ships like the flint, black, and stalingrad
  5. what? You don't get the ammo switching reload bonus if you shoot the shells.
  6. i cant wait, 2 more months!

    I got all T10s except soviet ships and CVs
  7. Worcester is over the top

    what was the nerf to the Minotaur?
  8. Wait, so FF should not damage a teammate, but it should damage the shooter? Why? If they're not damaging friendlies then there should be no reason to be punished. That's the most un-immersive mechanic that could be implemented.
  9. If you can just fire shells and torps with abandon, it reduces the skill needed of the player and makes the game more unrealistic as it is. I do think the PT dumbs down the game and should be removed. It was better without it. All types of ships detonate.
  10. They volunteered for that chance to be hit by friendly fire when they clicked play, too. I've already said why- because it removing it lowers the skill ceiling and dumbs down the game.
  11. If I yolo into a cap in a cruiser at the start of a match and get deleted, my team suffers for it. Why should they have to pay for my mistake? Damage is already reflected back now after doing very minimal team damage.
  12. He's saying he pays for it. His team has less chance of winning if he damages/kills a friendly. It's not just the "innocent player" paying for the mistake; it's him too. Mistakes have consequences both in real life and in games. We shouldn't lower the skill ceiling of the game just to appease people who can't or won't bother to be aware of their torps and their surroundings.
  13. yeah, if you're have no reading comprehension
  14. Removing team damage dumbs down the game even more than it is. PVE is easy mode for potatoes, that's why OPs don't have team damage. But team damage hurts immersiveness? Is that a joke? Do you even know what that word means?
  15. Yeah, I'm in the minority opinion on these forums where I say that person is at fault for U-turning into them.