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  1. I got 210 days of premium from the Santa crates, so I'm good on that end
  2. Share your insights then. What should I have done?
  3. Hey WG! Last season of ranked we had a leader board that listed all the players that ranked out and in the order of who ranked out first. (https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/in-da-club/) It was really cool to see who made it and where you placed. Unfortunately, I'm not finding anything like that this season. Would it be possible to put one up?
  4. It was either push back or brawl it out alone in the caps, which doesn't work in a cruiser (note my fellow cruiser corpses at the B and C caps). Trust me, I was trying to play the mid all game but kept getting pushed further and further back. The BBs just played in the back all game and wouldn't push.
  5. SSE and especially EM is no waste on the Fiji, Edinburgh, or Neptune. The boosted JoAT on a cruiser is much more useful on a cruiser that uses, smoke/radar, heals, and hydro rather than on BB that just uses heals or a lame plane. He's a waste on Belfast because if you want to take JoAT, you need to sacrifice AR, and you'd have to completely skip SSE. Putting a standard RNCL build on him works fine for the BBs Nelson, Warspite, and DoY. But I personally use an AA specced Conqueror captain on the DoY.
  6. Fiji didn't lose! But the Belfast? That's not supposed to happen...
  7. Ok, check this out! This is literally every single one of our BBs, all clustered together in J5 on Ocean while the reds roll over the entire map.
  8. Dude, right? It's been insane. The only BB I've been able to make shots with has been the GK for some reason recently. Izumo, Missouri, and Iowa, they've all done crap for damage on full broadside ships aimed at the waterline. It's like something happened and all of a sudden I suck at shooting with BBs, but I don't see how I could aim any differently.
  9. you're even saltier than me this morning. I posted this to get some frustration off my chest. What's irkin you?
  10. Nope. My stats are usually pretty much the same whether I'm in a division or solo. I think I actually do less damage when div'd up actually.
  11. I used to scoff at the conspiracy. Recently I've become much less of a skeptic.
  12. 2 straight days I've had matches like this. DDs yolo straight into the reds and die immediately and/or a CV with 30-44% winrate on my team.