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  1. If you have one premium ship in the 6-8 tier range, then you have a trainer for all nations. Just build up a 19 point captain for it, and you'll earn elite commander XP that can be used on any captain. Buying premiums for "trainers" is a thing of the past.
  2. Not really. Just a DD with really slow turrets but good arcs. You could just play a Russian DD.
  3. I would say save it for something else. Aigle is a waste.
  4. Ju87s

    Should clans police their members?

    lol, same here. I told the guy to tell our commander I said he can "(word for oral sex) me"
  5. Ju87s

    Should clans police their members?

    So you want an internet where it's all the easier for people to by cyberstalked, doxxed, and IRL stalked? All because you can't handle some occasional mean words on the web? Wow, what a great idea! Why don't you lead by example and use your full name as your user handle, champ?
  6. Ju87s

    Should clans police their members?

    please be joking
  7. Ju87s

    Halsey campaign, and best ship him?

    Huh? Worcester already has great turret traverse and a 4 second reload
  8. you can say that about most any ship
  9. Ju87s

    Struggling in Des Moines

    My guess is you're using that range mod to hit BBs with HE from far away and that's where a lot of your damage is coming from. DM is all about getting relatively close and deleting other cruisers and DDs.
  10. Secondary hits don't do damage to teammates.
  11. Ju87s

    Gaming & Speech

    I'm talking about outside the game. A few of you seem to be for enacting "hate speech" laws in everyday life.
  12. Ju87s

    Gaming & Speech

    Why is that "hate speech" but not personal attacks against a person as an individual? If you're going to be a proponent for these speech codes, why not just make all mean language and attacks against the rules?
  13. You're forgetting that some of the people you're arguing with are babies that are crying because they can't use their credit cards to buy reward ships like the flint, black, and stalingrad
  14. Ju87s

    I'm done with the USS Buffalo

    what? You don't get the ammo switching reload bonus if you shoot the shells.
  15. Ju87s

    i cant wait, 2 more months!

    I got all T10s except soviet ships and CVs