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  1. USSPC_1264

    Looking for a player who had an awesome match

    Hey thanks for the tip I reached out to him.
  2. I was in a match on 8/27 4pm CST, I was horrible but there was one player named TEhBiscuit who had an awesome match. We discussed if he was recording he said he wasn't. But I notice that I have a file that shows the match from my prospective (ignore my poor gameplay) After the match i realize that I have the match in its entirety, except I don't know how to get it too him. Any help!!! P.S. If I can get this to The Mighty Jingles, since this is the closes I will get to being on the show!
  3. USSPC_1264

    The camera freezes on me in mid battle

    It happened again, I tend to notice it happening when I type in chat and then come back to the game, I know its happened when I see my ship sailing away.
  4. This keeps happening to me, and my only recourse is to reboot my whole system, log back in and watch as my ship gets blown up, or not even log back in at all. Then when I come back I've been reported and now I'm pink. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this.
  5. USSPC_1264

    Struggling with the guns on my fletcher

    How can we get this as a requested game mechanic maybe you can have it where you go into the settings pages and where you click to zoom you could put in a range number or is it consider zoom. so when pressing start button click to zoom to x magnification. or something like that.
  6. USSPC_1264

    Struggling with the guns on my fletcher

    " I find it best to scroll back from the max zoom of my gun scope cam just a click or two if a DD I'm shooting is out in my medium to maximum effective range of accuracy. " I was going to ask if there was a way to zoom in to the x1 range. Zooming all the way in tends to have me shooting off the screen. I have also switched over to a dynamic scope to see if that helps.
  7. USSPC_1264

    Struggling with the guns on my fletcher

    I'm gonna use your tactics and see what results I get , and I do think its the arc thing. I usually try and stay out of contact range of cruisers and do torp runs on BB's. My main goal is to spot for the fleet!
  8. What type of cross hairs do you recommend for a destroyer? I seem to miss behind ships a lot!
  9. Fleet Admiral Maurice James is back on duty he has be reprimanded to the barracks until a further investigation. He claims he went hiking in the Appalachian mountains when his passport say Argentina.
  10. Anyone else have this happen to them and how do I get him back!
  11. I keep getting this notice that this ships has no commands, and while looking to assign a high ranking office I noticed my 19 point captain that i had assigned to my minotaur was missing .
  12. USSPC_1264

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    I am finding out that if you get in a formation with a battleship and a dd and just get in close with the buffalo you can do some real damage, just hope you are not the primary!
  13. I was watching youtube the other day and I saw a video of someone playing the Benham, how do you get this ship? from what I am hearing you are supposed to start an event. The only event i have is for the USS.Hill, which I discovered only because people in the forum said that's how you start the grind for the Benham.
  14. USSPC_1264

    I give up the free DD

    I think I totally whiffed on the Benham, seems like my style of ship too. :-(
  15. I didn't have a problem with carriers I turn into there planes and mostly let my aa eat them up my plane kills are up! And if they are wasting time trying to hit me I'm hoping my teammates are deleting the other teams ships. Especially if you dont shoot your guns. "If you see me in a fight with a bear, help the bear"