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  1. ked65

    The GRIND Was Real - Done! (PVE Thread)

    Well, I have been playing longer than you so maybe I have seen things in this game that you haven't. And I am pretty sure that WG has never marketed premium time with a disclaimer that it doesn't apply to certain events. WG can be a little unclear at times when describing things. I guess I am not a fanboy like some people. Anyway I am not here to argue with people who "know it all". I'm out.
  2. ked65

    The GRIND Was Real - Done! (PVE Thread)

    So I take my car in for tires and pay for four new tires but when I pick up my car there are only three new tires and one of the old ones. I complain that I have paid for four tires but I get told that the guy before me could only afford three new tires so to make things equal I only get three as well. Seems pretty stupid right. Why is premium time any different? I am paying for something and then being told that it doesn't count. I pay for something and then WG comes up with missions that bypass the benefits of having it in the first place. Nothing is being leveled when the rewards are the same even though some people have paid money and others have not. Are we going to see refunds for premium time if it has no benefit?
  3. Just my opinion but it is torps that are OP not the DDs themselves. They are simply the ships that can make the best use of them because of their speed and low detection ranges. There are a few CL\CAs that can do the same basic thing if you use terrain to set up an ambush. An example of how OP torps are happened a few days ago was when I was in my Arizona and was the only ship on my team without torps. The battle was over in about four minutes and when it was done I had counted 48 torps in the water just from the friendly boats. The bots added lots more. I managed to get three salvos in at max range and got to watch my shells spray out like a shotgun. I managed a whole whopping 8 hits at max range and of course 5 of them bounced and 2 of them shattered and I managed to get one pen. It was a waste of my time. I think something could be done to balance things better.
  4. ked65

    New Garbage A. I. Rebuttal Praise

    I think that the bots playing "smarter" is a good thing. There are however other issues that will come as a result of this. If the bots become better from a strategic stand point, then they also should tone down their ability to operate outside of the game mechanics. (cheating) . The bots have some advantages that will become unacceptable if they become too good. There should also be some revisions on how rewards are calculated. If games become harder and/or longer, then rewards should reflect that. One side effect that nobody has mentioned yet is game chat. A lot of people play coop because chat is far more civilized. It can get toxic but this is rare. I have already noticed that players are starting to get mad and blame others for losing and the level of toxic chat is just going to get much worse when winning is no longer all but guaranteed. If there are enough players that do not want the skill level raised in order to do well and they become frustrated or unhappy then player populations could suffer. I hope WG can find a good balance between too hard and too easy.