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  1. GoGo_Pazu

    Win Rates and Number of Games

    That helps my self esteem since I've gotten my #1 spot taken in Bayard, Colbert, and Flint and top 10 in plenty others. Now if people ask me, I'm always #1!
  2. GoGo_Pazu

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    Three man divs add another layer to the game, because instead of making it your prime goal to win it becomes to get enough damage so when you win your stats still go up
  3. GoGo_Pazu

    Remove RTS CV Stats

    Well yes, that's my point. I did suck in them, but I can't change that anymore so I'd rather have that at least not contribute towards overall/post reework stats Fair point. Maybe I should just stick to my talking point: Rollback CV rework I would just rather have that history not be fighting against my current history. I'm not hard line on removing them period, but I would rather not have to compensate now to compete with them now that they're written in stone and nothing can change them.
  4. GoGo_Pazu

    Remove RTS CV Stats

    RTS CVs have been gone for over a year now, there's no point to those stats sticking around hurting your overall when you can't even change them. Does WG have any plans to remove them or are they going to continue being a drag?
  5. GoGo_Pazu

    Smol in ranked

    See, this guy knows what he's talking about. 16x 130mm guns on a 3.6 second reload is perfectly fine!
  6. GoGo_Pazu

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    Most players in this game are unaware of many strategies that can win a game; ex. Flanking, pushing, using concealment. If you exclude many of those elements, CVs are fine. If you know them, you also know how much a CV can ruin your day trying to turn a game around doing it. WG tries to please the masses, and the masses don't know how to play the game. Any competitive environment knows CVs have no place.
  7. GoGo_Pazu

    wg question about cvs

    Anyone can counter cvs, just put all 12 ships in the map within half a kilometer of each other. PROBLEM SOLVED! Now, if you plan on winning a game, then you just have to eat the CVs damage. Pretend you start the game at 1k hp, and stay safe the whole time because the CV will get you there. Playing by AA ships is not only ineffective but will result in a net-negative for your team when it comes to positional advantage. In this game you have to control the map, the maps being big often means you have to spread out. Sitting on top of each other for AA protection just means you'll get flanked and killed. VERY fun, and HIGHLY engaging game play, I know.
  8. GoGo_Pazu

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    Hopefully never. CVs in clan battles will run many top clans out of existence, and rightfully so. No competent player wants to play against a class that removes half the skill from the game
  9. GoGo_Pazu

    Smol in ranked

    Don't hate the player, hate the game. Smolensk is balanced, the spreadsheet said so anyway.
  10. GoGo_Pazu

    Balanced Gameplay

    I think I found your problem here- you didn't dodge well enough. ALL the spreadsheets indicated to a fun and engaging game play experience, must've been user error. WeeGee would never implement such an unfun mechanic!
  11. GoGo_Pazu

    Identifying Very Important Players

    If you show up on the enemy team I'll be glad to show you just how hard a good player can dismantle a potato like yourself
  12. GoGo_Pazu

    Altering your W/R

    Increasing WR is a long process until you understand the fundamentals behind what wins a game. There are three big things to focus on, 1) taking off the most important health, 2) not loosing all your caps, and 3) not dying. Taking off the most important health isn't always concrete, sometimes a broadside Minotaur may be more advantageous to shoot rather than a 20k hp Shimakaze, shooting BBs should mostly be a last resort target except in certain situations where the BB is the main threat. Such a scenario might be full hp Kremlin is rushing 4 of your guys, hitting him may deter them from continuing their push. Other times 10k on a Kremlin isn't even 10%, where 10k on a DM is 20%. It's all about pinpointing what is damaging your team the most, or is the biggest threat. It's your job to find the most effective positioning to do it, and not get killed for it. Caps is pretty straight forward, although often it's out of your control if the team elects to ignore caps. Not dying is a big one. There is nothing you can do to change the outcome of a game if you are dead. Further, you reward the enemy team with ~50 points, which your team also would have lost. Living on 100 health is almost always better than dying making the best of it. Playing other ships can also help improve WR, understanding what is good at what through experience allows you to make better judgement on what is the main threat in a game. Alternatively you could just play with people better than you in 3-man divs and get carried to any WR your heart desires
  13. GoGo_Pazu


    Orange may be a more fitting color for your playstyle
  14. If you expect us to not stat pad then maybe everyone should get better at the game. If there was rough enough competition I would care far more about the game play than this cool website called wows-numbers, but as is, regardless of ship, I treat the opposing 12 people as nothing less than baby seals. The best competition is against myself until I face a super-unicum 3-man div
  15. GoGo_Pazu

    Last patch had pretty good CV balance

    I have no idea why players don't like the mechanic that makes you a cvs personal punching bag, waiting to be punished for intelligent play such as flanking and finding good angles. The only thing more frustrating than that is seeing the guys like you talk about "staying together" just to see the whole 12 players on a team within 2 squares, and why? Because the cv means anyone who breaks off will get killed. Seems fair and balanced to me, no issues whatsoever, WeeGee next cv buff when?