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  1. holy crap seattle sucks

    I hated Seattle the entire way through, it's such an awkward ship to play with the gun angles and horrid acceleration. But then I looked at my stats in her once I got Worcester and found myself having a 76% WR God I hate her... Worcester is an entirely different beast and I love it. Keep up the grind!
  2. Essex vs. Midway

    So I'm pretty close to upgrading to the Midway, although I'm having concerns on whether or not its worth it. With the T8 Torpedo bombers I think it could be problematic seeing more T10 ships then I do already. Other opinions? On a side note, does anyone know how T10 cv queue is?
  3. Any solutions for constant disconnects?

    I don't know if anyone can help me with this but I have this problem. I'm playing the game and 1/10 games (or something similar) I disconnect for no reason, I know I have a trash computer that can play the game at 15fps tops. But normally I can play the game and enjoy it to an extent (meaning no problems besides terrible framerate), but these disconnects... I don't know what to do, I love this game and want to play it but these disconnects are killing me. Also, my internet is known for dropping but I have tested playing while watching streams and have disconnected while watching the stream and yet the stream continues playing. Can anyone help me? This has been happening for a while now but only recently has it been bugging me to the point of creating this post. Anyone who has a possible answer please try and help.
  4. Iowa vs. Montana?

    I know this. I'm not one of the annoyances at T9+10 who just payed money to get there. The NC does get destroyed on the sides but Iowa gets more punished due to its huge citadel. NC has underwater citadel making it less venerable at close ranges.
  5. Iowa vs. Montana?

    I find the NC more forgiving mostly because Iowa is so easily citadeld that finding yourself in a bad spot is suicide.
  6. Iowa vs. Montana?

    Thank you guys for the replies. I'm still undecided but I'm leaning towards Montana (Mostly just to say I have a T10 because I don't have any right now)
  7. Iowa vs. Montana?

    If you know enough about armor angling iowa is much better than NC just to put that out there. Back onto topic though, I dont care so much for repair costs. My credit gain isnt that good but Im not playing high teir ships all day. Also want an independence, kiev, baltimore (not to buy just to unlock so I can sell my new orleans without rebuying her someday), etc. Also just to say, many yamato players are too overconfident with their armor as they like to show broadside and yamato gets punished just like any other ship showing broadside. Anyway, now that my speech is over... Here is what ive collected. Montana pros: more guns = more damage. Cons: worse manuverability, see's yamatos more often, and is easier to citadel. I think a debate could go for which is easier to citadel though but I dont have montana so I cant say. Correct me if anything I said is wrong, I always like to learn more about the game
  8. Iowa vs. Montana?

    Ok, so next question. Iowa is the apparent superior ship so... What are the chances of Montana being buffed? *YES, I'm talking to you WG*
  9. Iowa vs. Montana?

    Well, all high teir battleships are wide. I meant stuff like better pen damage, dispersion, armor, and stuff like that.
  10. Iowa vs. Montana?

    Besides the Montana being T10 and facing Yamato's, is there anything worse than the Iowa on the Montana?
  11. Iowa vs. Montana?

    I currently own an Iowa and am closing in on the gap to the Montana, is she worth getting? I'm undecided on whether or not I want to grind out 20 million credits and I would like to know the differences. I run all the upgrades with a 15 point commander for comparison (stealth build).
  12. No Fun to be a Cruiser any more!

    If you understand how they play its not that bad, yes they could use something but as they are right now it is not impossible to play them. Play russian cruisers to learn how to stay off of battleships radar.