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  1. Some ships have bad AA. It's a balancing factor. There are also some ships that are otherwise kinda meh, but have great AA to compensate. If a specific ship's AA is too weak, then that specific ship needs balancing tweaks, not the entire AA mechanic.
  2. From the patch notes: " We have also significantly reduced the hit points of fighters, which will emphasize their weakness against ships and low efficiency as an intelligence tool. " Fighters are extremely flimsy, now. Anything can shoot them down fairly quickly. Also, Kagero (with B hull) has 157 DPS in its short range aura, before any skills or modules, and a range of 1.9km. Considering your air spotting range (again, before any modifiers) is only 3.1km, there's not a lot of space the fighters can be in from which they can see you, and not be shot at. Fighters just fly in a circle, too, so it's not terribly hard to figure out where they're going and just... not be there.
  3. I've been on that destroyer! I want it to be added into the game, including that neat little scouting drone it had.
  4. Carriers only can control one squad at a time now, and the spotting range of DDs with their AA off is "tripping over them" distance.
  5. Nice work. I certainly wouldn't mind having that ship in my port.
  6. Indeed. I have had plenty of squads either die before they can drop any bombs, or die before they can exit the AA bubble after a single drop. That's with full survivability USN planes, too. The top end of AA is very, very high.
  7. Fighters are actually reasonably effective now. Your CV must either have simply not been in the area at the right times, or not have realized fighters were needed there. I'm impressed that this CV was able to attack you so frequently that you literally had to dodge planes the whole game, while still finding time to take out a cruiser and cripple a BB.
  8. Just shoot the fighters down; they're extremely fragile now. If you have catastrophically poor AA, then you can always wait them out. Fighters only last a minute.
  9. If a carrier spent the entire match trying to kill a single destroyer, then they weren't really playing to win- they were playing to troll you. It's not dissimilar from a DD that spends most of a game border crawling its way to the back line just to ambush the enemy CV- sucks for the CV, but their team will probably win because the enemy destroyer wasted an enormous amount of time on a single target.
  10. If literally spent the whole game dodging his planes, then you effectively single-handedly removed that CV from the game. Congrats.
  11. AA from smoke is extremely annoying. I seem to remember AA revealing you if you fired in smoke, back in the day. I think WG even released a little animated how to video about it. Am I remembering incorrectly? If not, maybe this change should be reverted.
  12. I wonder how things would play out if that were the case. I mean, most of the AA monsters are the way they are because their main battery is dual purpose. If their main battery is firing on the planes, it makes some sense that they'd get the game gun bloom they normally do for firing their main battery. Would make turning AA on and off a little more relevant to a lot of ships.
  13. Oh for sure. I was just trying to make sure folks were aware that the spotting from fighters won't stay for long. Sometimes it's the best play, but just don't expect it to last.
  14. Frenotx

    PSA - Cruiser Stealth AA figures

    Thanks for sharing this. I lost a squad to the Seattle's freakishly huge stealth AA band last night. By the time the ship rendered, most of the planes were dead. The rest died far before I could do anything about it. I didn't even realize it was a Seattle until I saw the "last spotted" marker on the mini map, once I was back on the carrier. I find it amusing that any ship can spot my tiny little planes 9km away, but I can't spot massive several-hundred-foot-long warships until after or just before they've started shooting at me. Is acute near-sightedness a piloting requirement?
  15. You need those for countering many things; that's what they're there for. Hydro, radar, vigilance, and the spotting module, for example.