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  1. Considering how volatile CV balance / design still seems to be, I imagine it will be a good while still.
  2. Considering every ship above T4 or so is balanced with AA strength (or lack thereof) as a consideration, the literal or practical removal of aircraft from the equation would involve an enormous amount of re-balancing work for the majority of ships in the game.
  3. Not all classes are forced to be 1-to-1 matched on both teams. Teams will generally have more or less the same amount of each class on both sides, but only carriers will ALWAYS have the same amount on both sides, with matching tiers, too.
  4. Winrate is not a useful metric with CVs, as they're always mirrored. For every CV that wins, there's always going to be one that loses at the same time.
  5. Carrier players have already done more than their fair share of adapting when, you know, all the mechanics for their class were thrown out and replaced with a completely new system requiring a completely new set of skills. They then continued to adapt when WG kept modifying things, and implementing a near-continuous stream of nerfs (even after they said they were "done" and released the premiums). The L2adapt line coming from carriers has always been steeped in, "we've had to adapt extensively, so you should be willing to adapt some, too."
  6. So coddled that their gameplay was completely redesigned from the ground up (requiring them to throw out most of their old skills, and learn new ones), and have had a near constant stream of increasingly extreme nerfs since said rework. If that's your definition of coddled, I'd hate to see your definition of neglected.
  7. Frenotx

    AA vs Planes

    Just have to watch the health bar. It can be easy to get distracted, but ships can tunnel vision and fail to notice how much damage they're taking, too.
  8. Frenotx

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    Not all damage is created equal. When and to whom the damage happens can have a huge impact on how influential that damage actually is. The damage a CV racks up in the last few minutes of an already-lost game (since they're often over of the few ships still alive) is worth basically 0 influence, and only serves to prop up the CVs (quite poor, by default) economy and misleadingly inflate their stats. It would be interesting to see damage stats for ships filtered for only games that they won, and another number for games they lost.
  9. Frenotx

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    I like DE on the RN carriers. I think I have it on some of my US carriers, too. For me, though, the plane survivability comes first, and the smaller, more specific damage perks come once those core skills are taken care of. None of the 4-point skills appeal to me, which leaves more points for the cheaper skills.
  10. With good play and target selection, yes, a CV should be able to keep attacking all game. The same expectation exists with the rest of the ships in the game: if you play well, you'll remain a threat for the whole game.
  11. Frenotx

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    My top priority skills differ a bit from yours. -Better service time is nice, but the percentage is so small that I question how often it really makes a difference. It's 5%, isn't it? That's only a difference of a few seconds of you're waiting for a plane to generate, and a very minor increase in the actual number of planes you can possibly generate in a 20 minute game. I'll pick up this skill much later on if I have the points, but it's not high priority. -Boost duration is definitely the biggest 1-pointer. Boost is being used constantly, and in practice affects both your total average DPM, and your plane survivability. Big win. -The speed increase is a nice skill (since speed is both plane survivability and DPS for carriers), but the increase is fairly small. I definitely like to take this skill fairly early, but it's not because l necessarily a must-have right away. Instead, I usually take... -Torpedo acceleration. This skill might not be as important on Japanese carriers (I don't have much experience with them), but it's very important for the other two nations. The effect on perfectly-broadside drops is minimal, but the effect on drops with any amount of chase involved is substantial. The speed increase might not SOUND like much, but when you look at relative speeds / speed deltas between torpedos and the ships you're trying to hit with them, the speed increase is very significant. The increased torpedo speed gives you a lot more flexibility with what you can do with drops. I like to get it ASAP, too, so don't have to re-learn my leads and angles later on. -Totally agree with both 3-point survivability skills. Every bit of survivability helps. The sturdier your planes are, the more you can press your attacks and the more situations you can attack in. I usually go for survivability expert first since it helps with all types of incoming plane damage, and (I assume) makes your hull itself able to take a little more punishment as a bonus. Once I have boost duration, torpedo acceleration, and the two survivability skills, then I'll start looking other more ship-and-situation-specific ones. Those are my must-have ASAP core.
  12. Frenotx


    Compensating for universally increased AA efficacy via a single (supposedly optional) 3-point captain skill is... an odd choice. Any particular reason plane base HP wasn't adjusted, instead? Confining the HP counter-balance buff in a captain skill both effectively removes all choice when it comes to picking your third captain skill, and puts players who don't yet have a 7-point captain on their carrier at an even more extreme disadvantage.
  13. Frenotx

    How AA is changing from 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6

    I know at least one of the recent sets of containers she reviewed was purchased via doubloons she'd received as gifts from her readers, not WG.
  14. Frenotx

    Lots More Deplaning

    Who was it that had to adapt the most when the carrier rework came out? Oh yeah- it was the people who's class was completely thrown out and replaced with new mechanics. That same group of players continued to need to adapt as nearly every subsequent patch contained additional changes, adjustments, and nerfs (mostly nerfs). Yes the rework required everyone to adjust their play styles, but few have had to adapt as much as carrier players have.
  15. Take a look at this: https://na.wows-numbers.com/season/12,The-Twelfth-Season/ Data from ranked season 12. Hak is the most popular, and most successful carrier. Despite that, it's popularity only accounts for less than 2%, and has an ok winrate of a less than 53%. Both other carriers have significantly smaller populations, and less than 50% win rates. None of those numbers are exactly blowing my socks off. The Henri, for instance, has higher popularity, win rate, AND average damage- the Kremlin even more so.