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  1. If your boat got detonated, then it has nothing to do with CV design or balance.
  2. Ah, right you are. Didn't see that twenty EIGHTteen.
  3. When did Graf Zeppelin get its hydro back?
  4. Frenotx

    Fuel: as a way to balance CV's

    I assure you, it's come up.
  5. They're probably waiting to adjust things like this until carriers are a little more stabilized. I personally find odd that the carrier rework is supposedly "done" enough to re-release the premium ships, yet simultaneously so volatile that it would be foolish to adjust achievements to match a given fleeting state, but... Here we are. I find it exciting when a game is making a lot of changes and progress. That said, the unpredictable and incredibly unstable nature of carriers has temporarily driven me, a carrier lover and a change lover, from the game.
  6. That's the thing- you're choosing to focus 1 of 1 attacking squad, rather than 1 of several. In essence, you're getting bonus damage against ALL of the attacking planes, rather than just a subset of them. If WG was going to go that route, they might as well just buff all AA and drop the focus system entirely. Having a buff be manually activated with no cooldown and no tactical decision making required is just adding tedium.
  7. When you generally will only be attacked by one squad at a time (since CVs can only control one squad at a time now, rather than several), the whole "click to tell the AA which squad to focus" thing doesn't make much sense. There's no tactical decision making involved when the choice is just, "Click on the only squad that's attacking you for bonus damage, or don't."
  8. Frenotx

    Comparing the new and old AA DPS.

    Don't the auras overlap, now? If so, how is the short range DPS less than the mid range DPS? If the auras do indeed overlap, then the 8.7 numbers should be more like, "Long, Long + Medium, Long + Medium + Short".
  9. Considering how volatile CV balance / design still seems to be, I imagine it will be a good while still.
  10. Considering every ship above T4 or so is balanced with AA strength (or lack thereof) as a consideration, the literal or practical removal of aircraft from the equation would involve an enormous amount of re-balancing work for the majority of ships in the game.
  11. Not all classes are forced to be 1-to-1 matched on both teams. Teams will generally have more or less the same amount of each class on both sides, but only carriers will ALWAYS have the same amount on both sides, with matching tiers, too.
  12. Winrate is not a useful metric with CVs, as they're always mirrored. For every CV that wins, there's always going to be one that loses at the same time.
  13. Carrier players have already done more than their fair share of adapting when, you know, all the mechanics for their class were thrown out and replaced with a completely new system requiring a completely new set of skills. They then continued to adapt when WG kept modifying things, and implementing a near-continuous stream of nerfs (even after they said they were "done" and released the premiums). The L2adapt line coming from carriers has always been steeped in, "we've had to adapt extensively, so you should be willing to adapt some, too."
  14. So coddled that their gameplay was completely redesigned from the ground up (requiring them to throw out most of their old skills, and learn new ones), and have had a near constant stream of increasingly extreme nerfs since said rework. If that's your definition of coddled, I'd hate to see your definition of neglected.
  15. Frenotx

    AA vs Planes

    Just have to watch the health bar. It can be easy to get distracted, but ships can tunnel vision and fail to notice how much damage they're taking, too.