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  1. Read War Plan Orange: The US Strategy to Defeat Japan, 1897-1945, by Edward S. Miller, Naval Institute Press. It is the Nec Plus Ultra historical analysis, and can be had as as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. Long-winded, but sound enough that it is used as a historical and strategy reference at every Staff and War College on the planet.
  2. GrandAdmiral_2016

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    British defence policy is riddle and cursed with blinders and incompetence in decision-making when it comes to defence purchases. There has been a political mindset against large ships of any kind in UK politics since the 1957 Defence Review. RAF opposition to RN's FAA and naval air is institutionalized and systematic, and it control Defence Ministry policy even today. The RAF has alway opposed carrier air, and alway will. The only reason the RN got the small Invincible class CVLs was to protect jobs held by workers that voted Labour in the early 70s. These two RN CVs have power projection capability without the escorts to get them there, and were built for the same reason as their predecessors, to protect employment!
  3. GrandAdmiral_2016

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    She costs less than anything nuclear-powered long term. Her sole purpose is power projection i.e, ''peacekeeping'' for British commercial interests abroad. The RN is still stuck with their old out-of-service nuke boats because they cannot recycle the powerplants, and even the USN with its' specialized facilities has a huge backlog of nuke boat and CVN recycling staring them in the face. Rickover recognized the problem way back and realized that he would not live to deal with it so he did what he could. It is not enough. And now we have Russia (who lets them rust until the radiation leaks start) the French, and the Chinese. Sad, really....
  4. GrandAdmiral_2016

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    Royal Sovereign/Archanglesk...two for one like Boise and Nueve de Julio...
  5. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Twilight mode.

    I am not fond of the mode but I support this, because I have been asking for night battles since the very beginning. If the mode is adapted to regular ship play I would probably play more of it.
  6. GrandAdmiral_2016

    World war II question

    Lexington at Coral Sea, Yorktown at Midway, Hornet at Santa Cruz, Princeton at Leyte Gulf.
  7. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Highlight of Italian line.

    With the SM signal up Montecuccoli can torpedo herself! LOL!!
  8. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Stealth Firing in open water

    Kentucky windage. It works with BBs that have very long range guns with respectable dispersion. Works on any ship. I just used it in a game in Minotaur. There were three broadsides in the air before I got a lock on the target, a Conqueror. Got a respectable number of hits on the target, and between me and a team mate BB we sank it before it got close enough to spot me by muzzle bloom inside my smoke cloud
  9. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Italian cruisers - Whats there at the end of the rainbow??

    Paper ships are never worth the effort in my humble opinion. I will grind the historical ones and skip the rest. At least they look good in harbour at Taranto...
  10. GrandAdmiral_2016

    British 8 inch (203MM) gun Heavy Crusiers

    Yes they can....The Russians (read WG) hate to be reminded that the RN shed tons of blood on Arctic convoys keeping them supplied with materiel the Brits themselves could have used.
  11. GrandAdmiral_2016

    British 8 inch (203MM) gun Heavy Crusiers

    You wish. So do the rest of us RN fans...
  12. GrandAdmiral_2016

    That time I went to the wrong neighbourhood

    LOL! Looks like me!
  13. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Modeling stupidity - what are your "favorite" nits to pick?

    Make Lexington the Saratoga! Issue solved....My beef is where are Essex, Yorktown, Wasp and Bogue? Where is Indomitable? Where are Hiryu and Akagi?They dangled the CVs in front of us for months and now won't fill out the lines....and note that I am not necessarily a CV player to any great degree....
  14. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Most Decisive Naval Airstrike

    Go tell that to those who fought at Savo, Eastern Solomons, Cape Esperance, Santa Cruz, Guadalcanals I and II, and Tassafronga plus those who fought on Guadalcanal itself. It took attritional surface warfare to knock the IJN down to the point where they realized the war was no longer winnable. These were almost all defensive battles for the USN, and the two air/sea battles between the carrier groups of both navies were in support of the forces on the ground and the surface warriors in both navies. The South Pacific theatre was littoral warfare with a vengeance, folks. As for carrier battles. Midway stopped the IJN cold, and Phillipine Sea ended the IJN carrier threat for good by destroying the air assets. Leyte Gulf, as huge as it was for the number of ships involved, demonstrates just how far the USN had come from August 1942, in raw power and in battle skills at almost all levels. The 1942 battles were fought essentially by the old professionals, and the later battles by the newbie amateurs whose thirty months in the school of hard knocks had taught how to fight, and experience made professionals of them. War is the hardest school of all.