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  1. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Just scrap Rocket Planes (HERE ME OUT)

    Nah! Give her the American planes she used in the Pacific, Corsairs and Avengers. That will trim her down to size.
  2. Got two in two weeks when selecting Resources. 100 Papa Papa flags and 50 Valentine cammos. I take all freebees....
  3. Is this post a brain fart??? Anyway it doesn't matter. Adapt or die (not gonna quit just yet as I have 400 days of premium time to run out)!
  4. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Grand Battles Bug??

    I did so several times. You don't need report points if you are using tech tree or other premium ships besides the super ships so there is no penalty. You only get three points per battle, win or lose, so it takes 5 battles to get to 14 points, allowing you to use one of the two super ships. The super ships do not accumulate report points so you must use your other ships to get them so you can use the super ships. In my case, with limited play time, I might only play a super ship once a day, because of having to play 5 games in TIX and TX tech tree or premium ships to get the necessary report points. Ten games is a day's play for me, sometimes a lot less. I mentioned that in my post. Please read it. I would not have posted this without the screenshots to show how I am doing this and what is happening. My question is this: Is this repetitive 1st win bonus thing a bug in this battle mode, or does 1st bonus win apply at all in this battle mode? It appears to me in examining my losses that 1st win bonus does apply in this battle mode, as all three posted games shown in the port screen were in this battle mode. Note that in this case I had two wins and a loss. I retained my 1st win bonus in Thunderer and in Musashi after the wins. The same thing happened earlier in the day playing other tech tree ships.
  5. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Grand Battles Bug??

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this. I dipped into Grand Battles and found that both super battleships had 21-point captains. Since I have a pair of them, and one of them is my Yamamoto, I took a look at using the battle mode to grind EXP. Lo and behold I fond that the 1st win bonus is repetitive in this battle mode (see screenshots below). Using my other TIX and TX ships (especially my IJN premiums) I found I could double down while grinding intelligence reports using tech tree and premium ships and could keep going back to do so if I stayed in Grand Battles mode. Since many of my TIX and TX captains are 19-pointers in the tech tree ships, this shortens the grind considerably if I flag up to the hilt. Shifting my own 21-pointers in their own lines adds to this as the ones that come with the superships are unique to each and cannot be moved, but you still accumulate a ton of EXP with them every time you play them. Am I seeing a bug or what? Note the 1st win bonus still available in the port shot for Musashi despite having won a game in her. Playing in this mode will get me to at least two more 21-pointers in my other lines before the mode disappears at the next update, which is why I am asking. I ground 250K EXP in today's play alone. Even without flags EXP can add up in a hurry.
  6. GrandAdmiral_2016

    One For Lert

    Took her out for a spin in co-op. Even without torps, she'll be decent at TIV. Good guns. Now for the grind....
  7. GrandAdmiral_2016

    One For Lert

    From my Prime account in early release. A real Dutch ship...De Ruyter...have to start someplace.
  8. GrandAdmiral_2016

    New Ships !!

    Sometimes our love of country blinds us. Most of us have made the same mistake at some point. ''To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine''. Go and sin no more!
  9. GrandAdmiral_2016

    New Ships !!

    I had five Dutch friends as a schoolboy, two of them in my class from 4th grade to high school graduation, and all those still living remain friends. Their father had served at sea during the war. You're getting yours, but we want ours too! Mind you, I intend to grind the line to get the real ones! I actually sprung a million FXP plus one credit to get Friesland, which was a real ship. Rochester should have been where they put Buffalo and Fargo where they put Seattle. Since I have Salem and Des Moines, I might pass on Rochester, depends on price. The RN DD line is in dire need of a TIX Battle class premium as they have nothing beyond Cossack at TVIII
  10. GrandAdmiral_2016

    New Ships !!

    You have waited many moons to get yours, and that's fine. How about the rest of us? It is well known I prefer real ships to paper exercises, but since we players don't control the game, WG decides what they think will sell. Not all of us are pleased by WG's choices.....
  11. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Hydrophone on Subs is what RADAR SHOULD have been.

    You don't guess. You paper plot the two positions (yours and the target's)on a known scale between pings to determine own course and target bearing, relative motion, courses, and speeds. That's the way they used to do it off of a PPI with radar. It's a bit more complicated with sonar because the bearing and range displays are different but it still works. That's what they used to do in the old CIC. The Brits used a plotting table that kept own course information relevant and up to date. Course changes means you keep track of target motion relative to the ship's motion all at the same time. The target solution keeps changing all the time, and if you lose contact, you are back to the guessing game. The introduction of homing torpedoes in mid-1943 took a lot of the guesswork out of it.
  12. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    The money pit seems endless for a FTP game...ROTFLMAO!
  13. GrandAdmiral_2016


    It is slightly better because of the range increase, but that's about it. Too slow to outrun her own wake in a turn. Very situational. Spawn in the wrong place and you get hammered so fast that you won't have to worry about running away except on the bottom, especially when uptiered!
  14. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Weekend Spree, 4 to 6 June 2021.

    Our pool is open! Enough said! The only thing I will grind is the ice cubes in my drink!
  15. GrandAdmiral_2016


    If you think Kansas is crap, wait until Minnesota poops on you....