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  1. GrandAdmiral_2016

    What's your hobby?

    Writing a book about my professional experience (don't ask what), and building a model railroad with my grandsons. Plus walking our 78lb 8-year old Aussie two or three times a day!
  2. GrandAdmiral_2016

    PTS 12.1 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    In the 500 community tokens mission for 500 tokens, the base XP total on my install blocked at 1041. I tried each of the three battle types, Random, Co-op' and Brawls. It is still stuck there. All the other missions for tokens worked fine. I also got tons of lag and stuttering on the PTS server that I do not get on the Live server. in every game I played
  3. GrandAdmiral_2016

    30 ships to go

    ..especially when WG is giving away free stuff, which is why I have 316 ships, with 36 T X ships and 4 Super ships in that total. Makes opening super containers more fun. plus I stock up on whatever else they are giving away. The annual New Year's stock up lasts me the year in most cases. Bring it on!
  4. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Armory Link for Sub Purchase Not Working

    So I get to 1250 sub tokens, try to purchase U-69 and the purchase tab does not work. Am I alone with this bug?
  5. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    They had better get the economics right. I have 107,000 doubloons invested in permacammos on my 33 preferred and most played tech tree ships. That represents 533.88$CDN in real money invested over a six-year period, a significant portion of this retiree's leisure gaming budget. If they screw this up (and in reading the blog I think they may have done just that) I will be one very unhappy virtual sailor.
  6. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Strange audio at beginning of game

    I turned the video/audio off in my settings at start-up because the audio portion of the animation is buggered up. In port and in game the music has been turned off since 2016, so I cannot speak to this.
  7. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Which T10 Ship Works Best in Dirigible Derby?

    Using Grosser Kurfurst pretty much exclusively, with Preussen the odd time and Montana, a good all-around ship. GK works best for me. Tried Conqueror and Thunderer and they are too fragile because of the close-in fighting required at the choke points and in the endgame. Tried Yamato but the game mode does not suit her best qualities given the pew-pew hide-and-seek gameplay. If you are a DD main Hayate and Shimakaze work quite well for long-range torp work given the predictable paths and choke points, provided you use one set of tubes at a time and keep the others in reserve. Admittedly DDs are not my thing but the game mode is fun, which is what we need in these trying times to divert our attention span from all the bad stuff occasionally.
  8. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Wargaming, I'm ticked off!

    No, this is a ripoff. Screw it!
  9. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Wargaming, I'm ticked off!

    And 8100 plus Randoms in that. In any case my game play time is about to go down substantially. This is the first time I have seen the reset do this with a temporary game mode, and I have played most of them without even trying to max things out. Just for everyone to understand things, the personal goal here was to get three King Of The Sea crates with the tokens to fill out the collection and get the T7 premium ship crate. That possibility is now dead as I rarely play Ranked or Clan battles anymore, and the Dirigible Derby mode was fun enough to make it just barely possible in the time frame of the event. Given the current situation at the international level I simply will not have the time to play enough unless instructed to stand down, and I may be ordered to uninstall the game from my computers anyway regardless. We shall see what happens later in the day as events unfold. Even us old retired folks who get retained occasionally as dirty damned consultants can inadvertently get caught because of what happens half a planet away. The Law Of Unintended Consequences applies here, in spades! Mods, lock the thread please.
  10. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Wargaming, I'm ticked off!

    I hate wasted effort when working towards something. This was wasted effort in spades.
  11. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Wargaming, I'm ticked off!

    So I take the time to play Dirigible Derby, which is a fun mode because it forces players to fight to accomplish a mission. I go to bed with 33,000 base XP in the bank and wake up to find that it does not carry over into the reset for the week. Ticked off hardy describes it. Enraged would be more appropriate. Do you folks think that average players like myself can find the time to grind 50,000 base XP in a week and lead a normal life?
  12. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Six Weeks...

    Nope. My wallet has been closed for months. Once a wallet warrior, I now live on the fat of the land alone the hard way, grinding it out ever since the submarines came out in test. It helps that I had over 1200 300% FXP flags that I got in the rare super container drops instead of something like a premium ship that anyone will take. Still have over a 1000 left.
  13. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Six Weeks...

    ..is what it took to get back from my last FXP spending spree...almost all in Co-op..
  14. GrandAdmiral_2016

    The 5.25 inch cannon has a bad reputation. Should it?

    The problem in the Didos and revised Didos (Royalist sub-class)was related to A, B and Y turrets jamming in train. D.A. Brown, RCNC. states that this was due to a lack of structural stiffness in the hull which did not provide for flexing under wave motion or for contraction and expansion over a large range of operating temperatures seen from the Arctic to the Tropics, a problem never solved during their service lives. Improper allowance was made in the design clearances in the turret machinery with regards to ship's motion in all probable operating conditions as well. These problems also affected the power loading equipment. They are discussed in Brown's study Nelson to Vanguard and in Friedman's British Cruisers:Two World Wars and After. I have both as Kindle e-books. The gun itself was OK for surface work against destroyers, but was weak when facing cruisers armed with 6 or 8-inch guns and too weak in range and hitting power to face battleships (which they did more than once in the Med-check out the career of Sir Philipp Vian as a cruiser commander). The weight of the AA round was such that the ROF was too low for effective AA use when used with the first-generation HACS AA fire control systems which they were originally equipped with. Once they got radar fire direction and proximity AA fuses the guns were much better, especially in the KGVs. This did not happen until 1944. The early revised ships (Scylla and Charybdis) with the 4.5 twins (used due to to a lack of 5.25 turrets when they were under construction-they were reserved for the KGVs) were much better AA platforms than their half-sisters as the 4.5 was designed as an AA gun (adapted from a British Army heavy AA gun originally for use in carriers with superb performance) with a useful surface capability, tested fighting German DDs in the Channel mid-war.
  15. The RN Premium Ronson Lighter sums it up. Oher than that, meh. The prize in the grind was Repulse, which rocks!