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  1. My gaming life.....and welcome to it!

    I am not drowning as often as before.
  2. My gaming life.....and welcome to it!

    So? We sucked together, even in Co-op! At least my win rate is break even at 50% for the last two weeks. Cannot complain.
  3. Weekend spree

    Finished the grind to Indianapolis, got through phase 1 of the T10 special upgrade missions in Minotaur (50 DC party consumables-always useful) am about to do the same in Montana and Des Moines. Gearing, Conqueror and Worcester come later. Doing Le Jour De La Bastille in the MN ships, and grinding more elite XP for RN 10-point captains, need 5 of those for when the RN DD line comes out, probably in a couple of updates.
  4. Royal Navy DD preview

    A very bland line that we will have to work at to master. Good preview. Since I have Gallant and Haida, as well as Gada Maja and Vampire, I already have a pretty good idea of how the line will play. Having Anthony in the Dunkirk scenario mission (Acasta's sister ship) give us a pretty good idea for T5 to T7 play and Vampire gives a pretty good feel for low-tier play. This could be interesting....especially at Tiers 9 and 10 with Minotaur's torpedoes on a DD. Fun fall incoming!
  5. Just Got My Fourth Tier 10

    IFHE is wasted on all RN cruisers except Belfast. The other two I agree with.

    The IJN is not in my lines except for the freebee ships that I have won, but have fun!
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    Already drunk!
  8. No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    I want standard torps, not deep water torps. I have the Gadja Mada since that line started pretty much. For some reason the devs don't like RN 4.7-inch guns with the 50lb shells, and it show in the ships I have that carry them.
  9. Submarines are now in the game

    It is a spare center-line float for the spotter plane when you opt out of radar and carry the spotter
  10. No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    Here it is! A meh ship but I'll play her anyway!
  11. OK, so everyone is getting one of these....

    ...so, as usual, I ground Ray Spruance's favorite flagship. Since I missed 4 of the missions due to work (yes, even us retired guys have to come out of mothballs once in while) I wasn't sure I'd make it but here she is, all dished up in 5 battles (3 of them wins). Plus I had an available 10-point reserve captain to put in her which will allows me to grind another USN 10-pointer when the time comes for another USN freebee....plus I got Thomas Buell's ''The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance'' as an e-book gift from my son. Weekend off to a great start!
  12. Not Human Error for TKing half the team?

    Lert lurks...
  13. Lert will be happy if this happens.... Edit: Personally I prefer the RN DDs, even though I stink in ANY DD. The RN CAs would be nice in a line split, or one of them as a Premium. CVs only if they fix the CVs...