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  1. My only comment on this is if they can block LOS for Hydro through land masses, they can do it for radar. That would solve the problem. Other than that, quit complaining about something that currently is unfixable without major changes in the way radar is encoded in the game engine, a difficult fixed even for devs as good as WG/WoWs folks are. Don't challenge the meta, just ask for the fix. Been done before. I don't have a problem with things the way they are because I avoid radar cruisers as much as possible or stay outside their radar range regardless of what ship I am in, and have been waiting patiently for the issue to be addressed for more than two years, so get used to it. Lock this thread, please, The issue has been flogged to death. Enough is enough
  2. My Typical Tier 8 BB game

    I manage to pull my freight better in Alabama when I am uptiered and do better in her than in Iowa or Montana in T10 matches. As far as the RN goes, Monarch and Lion are not too hot in T10 matches, and I have zero time in Conqueror which I just got so I cannot speak to how she plays. Same applies to Richelieu. Don't play IJN or DKM BBs other than the ones I got as prizes (Bismarck, Baden and my prize mistake, Scharnhorst, which never sees T10s and is my Premium Port Queen). I can live with what we have.
  3. Draw

    Random numbers generator. Call it every time I roll the dice if you want, because in computer simulations of all types, it is a fact of life...Folks of a certain region in Pakistan say the Man is a Buddhist monk from Judea buried in one of their holy places alongside many other ''holy men'' and ''prophets'' of many faiths, and is venerated by the locals of all faiths..believe what you want. I am not attached to the evangelical christian position on who he is or was, but I am attached to the lessons of love, tolerance, humility, non-violence, charity, sharing and solidarity in the Sermon On The Mount. And that is the Sunday Lesson...
  4. how many double strikes you get

    Gearing. Halsey won his 1st Navy Cross as a DD commander in WW I. He was a DD and surface warfare specialist long before he became an aviator at the ripe old age of 50! Going to naval aviation gave him a faster track to promotion and a crack at aviation command, including carriers, patrol wings, naval air stations, and later a carrier division, and you know the rest! A question of taste. If New Jersey was in the game I'd put Halsey in her. It was his flagship. Edit: I have two Double Strikes, one in Texas and the other in Alabama (in a Ranked battle at that, two seasons ago-got the DS and CQE at the same time-and I still got sunk!). Tough award to get.
  5. World of Warships namesakes reborn as Modern Warships

    Keeping it going, The Royal Canadian Navy...The corvette HMCS Shawingan, which commissioned in 1941, was sunk by U-1228 in the Cabot Strait in 1944 while escorting a coastal collector convoy during the Battle of the St. Lawrence, with the heaviest loss of life in the history of the RCN. The current HMCS Shawinigan is a Kingston class coastal patrol ship, used primarily for naval reserve division training and Fisheries and Arctic Sovereignty Patrols, and occasionally in support of law enforcement inshore (anti-drug stuff coming in on inbound ships primarily).
  6. Draw

    Does that include your golf game?
  7. I have Atlanta. RAmd Norman Scott's flagship at Guadalcanal I. I like historically-oriented operations scenarios. Bring 'em on!
  8. Draw

    It was even the whole game, right down to the wire, in a Standard battle. We were down to two ships a side. The other side's CV ran and hid and when he sent his bombers over Alabama's AA did the job. The Scharnhorst on the other side went and hid behind an island where I could not shoot at her, Our Graf Spee did not dare approach, even bows on, at 1/3 health. With two minutes to go the other team decided that a draw was OK. I did not, but defending our base left me at long range once they ran and hid themselves. so everyone gets screwed with no bonus points!
  9. Draw

  10. Draw

    For only the second time in 6,258 Random games. Cannot say I played well either, as RNGesus has been crapping on me all day, and this is the closest I have come to a win!
  11. Where is my helicopter?

    An autogyro was originally planned and tested as an onboard scout and spotter by the MN off Béarn, their CV, in fleet exercises. In the early 1930s they considered it a viable option in the place of scout planes for fire control spotting purposes.

    The British build them better when they build for someone else. Made in the UK for the IJN, your ship was. She was superior to all battlecruisers (and most battleships) until Hood was built. I don't play mine often, but she is indeed a hard hitter.
  13. RIP Bruno

    Met Bruno one time, along with André the Giant, in a bar of all places, having a cold one with the rest of us ordinary mortals. Gentlemen to the core, both of them. Sat down and shot the breeze with us, played shuffleboard with us for beers (and cleaned us out!), were polite and complimentary to the barmaid without being too pushy, and left her a real nice tip. A pleasure to have met both. They went around in the community, meeting up with old friends from France and Italy, and helping out where needed. They made sure we got ringside seats to the show, and it was first rate! Professional athletes with class. We need more of those.
  14. Lessons of 1915 for the modern day

    Take a look at his early career as a cavalry officer. Start in Cuba, where he covered the insurrection againt Spanish rule in early 1890s, to the Malakand Field Force, where he managed to get in the action despite his supernumary officer status, go through Omdurman, where he charged with the 23rd Lancers in the last real classic cavalry charge in 19th century, to the Boer War, where he escaped from a prison camp, to his post-Gallipoli stint commanding a battalion in the muck of the trenches of the Western Front for almost a year after he resigned as First Lord. The man never lacked physical or moral courage, nor was he afraid to make decisions, and accept responsability for his mistakes. That is the mark of his greatness as a leader in a democracy. While he was ever the elitist and a man of his times, he always held that the Commons (the electorate) reigned supreme, and accepted the verdict of the polls without rancor when Labour won the 1945 general election. A superb communicator and writer, he won the Nobel Prize with his writing, as good as any in the English language. Only JRR Tolkein was superior in written prose in the 20th century. Imperfect, yes, but aren't we all?
  15. USS Johnston

    Neither was my grandmother when we questioned my grandfather about his service in the trenches in WWI. She would not tolerate it if she was within hearing distance when we asked. My Dad never spoke about his service in the RCAF in WWII when Mom was in the room, and rarely at any time. He used to say, when asked, that every day since May 8, 1945 was a gift from the Almighty, to be used properly and enjoyed with the people you love. It is all in their perspective, I guess...and it was the right attitude to have...