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  1. GrandAdmiral_2016

    I'm a two container man, how about you?

    Two normal, three if I need to push for something worthwhile. Right now, there is nothing out there in pixel paper ship land that interests me. Lately I have zero luck with supercontainers. Wooden boxes with flags that I have hundreds of mostly, plus two with 500 FXP. I normally go for resources and try my luck on the third container on weekends if time and life permit enough game time. Today it rained so no golf, went to three....
  2. I got Gallant, Haida, Indianapolis, Kaga, Enterprise, Monaghan, Graf Spee, Hood, Duke of York, Exeter, London and Gorizia for free in events like this. Where's the premium ship bonus, WG? I am well aware that most of the premium ships mentioned are underwhelming but they cost me zero dollars. Cossack cost me a doubloon, and you have to buy those with real money, so that is where I draw the line. The paywall keeps rising. This is a straight up money grab aimed at the wallet warriors and the impatient, in whose membership I no longer belong. Plus I am not a regular CV player, as my public stats (I have nothing to hide) demonstrate. Good things come to those who stand and wait. I take what I can get free and sit on my wallet until something I like (I prefer real ships to paper ones) with real game potential, recommended by the supertesters and CCs, comes along. The Dockyard event gave me 7.2 million credits and a bunch of bonuses for free. I will get to Stage 18, but I have no intention of buying doubloons to pay for another paper warrior. regardless of how good or bad she may be. End of Saturday Rant!
  3. GrandAdmiral_2016


    Never, if I have my way.....
  4. GrandAdmiral_2016

    German CVs: Historic CV

    The Brits did that when they built Audacity. They used a captured German diesel-powered 11,000 ton banana boat named Hannover belonging to North German Lloyd as a conversion base to experiment how to do escort carrier conversions. She actually served as a convoy escort on the Gibraltar run three times before she was sunk by a U-boat in a night attack, and her Martlets (Wildcats to you USN types) shot down and drove off several Lufwaffe aircraft that were scouting the convoys for the U-boats. The fighters (she had no Swordfish) actually spotted U-boats on the surface and forced them to dive, A successfull proof-of concept that pushed the RN and USN into mass-producing or converting the type for convoy escort work.
  5. Bowmore in my case...
  6. GrandAdmiral_2016

    WWIII questions

    Which means that neutron bombs, biologicals and chemicals will be used if they want the real estate and infrastructure but not the local populations. Any survivors become disposable slave labor for the postwar cleanup. This is one grim bloody thread....mods please close it down...
  7. Cannot say I lke the inclusion of bots in Randoms. Bit of an oxymoron...
  8. GrandAdmiral_2016

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Forget the whole thing. I skipped the RU paper cruisers, and will be skipping this for the same reason....
  9. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Your thoughts on the British Lines? What do you think?

    Got 'em all including all premiums except Indomitable, which I passed on because of the unrealistic air group composition, and Cheshire, which is a paper ship. If they had given Indomitable her Corsairs, Hellcats and TBMs, I would have gone for it. The RN, which came late to the game, is my favorite line to play. It is the only line I ground CVs in (and I am a lousy CV player) due to the history of the type.
  10. GrandAdmiral_2016


    Would be, but won't happen. The best scenario that has historical significance and realistic is the Dunkirk ''Operation Dynamo'' ops scenario which they put up in the rotation occassionally. This was part of an event linked to the movei Dunkirk promotion. Best played in a MN or RN T5 or T6 DD, as it is based on the real thing and it is an escort and evacuation mission. They had a scenario for the landings at Empress Augusta Bay which involved defending the landing site and landing force from an IJN bombardment force like actually happened, but they have never put it back up after the related line release went live. For the Med, RM vs RN, Taranto, Matapan, Evacuation of Crete, and 1st and 2nd Sirte. The play map for Dunkirk was real life as the Channel is only twenty-one miles wide at that point In Empress Augusta Bay they compressed the map a fair amount to make it do-able in 20 minutes. I would like to see Savo, Cape Esperance, Tassafaronga, Guadalcanal I, Guadalcanal II, and Kommandorski Islands in the game for IJN vs USN play, and Denmark Straits, Bismarck, Barents Sea, Operation Cerebrus (The Channel Dash-on the Dunkirk map to boot) and North Cape for RN/FLFN/Commonwealth/ VMF vs DKM. They can all be done on a the larger maps. Ocean fills the bill for almost half of these, the others require custom built maps. Many are night or twilight battles something WG has trouble with. Java Sea and Sunda Strait pits RN/USN/RAN/RHN vs IJN. And to top it off, Surigao Straits, USN/RAN vs IJN. Battle off Samar is asking a bit much but it is possible given the force sizes involved. USN small fry against IJN big boys. But is is all a pious hope for the time being....won't happen
  11. GrandAdmiral_2016

    USS California

    If they had given her Arizona-like dispersion, it would have been an automatic buy for me. With what she has, I'll pass on her, especially at T7.
  12. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Odin & the Dockyard Grind - Worth it?

    Won't spend any money to get Odin, a paper ship, but I will play it as far as I can to get the freebees at each stage up to 18. Already had Admiral Graf Spee (for free in the original release mission challenge years ago) so I took the credits, which are always useful. Depends on your playstyle and game goals.
  13. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Enterprise Coming back onsale or not

    I got her for free in crate related to the FUBAR return of the CVs to the live server. Same for Kaga. Enterprise is not OP, but being a USN CV she has already been nerfed. Twice...