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  1. Point. aim, take Kentucky windage, and shoot. You hit or you don't, and beyond 5 km your hit probabilities drop off no matter what the numbers are. Gunnery pratice in Co-op or the training room against a wide variety of opponents makes you a better player regardless of ship. When you change ships (and I change often because grinds with the same ship are boring beyond words) play to that ship's strengths. Practice makes perfect, and I have a long, long way to go....
  2. Trying to model loss of GZ due to flooding in a game? Even naval architects using computer design sofware have trouble with it! Ain't going to happen any time soon IMHO...
  3. 184 Shells fired

  4. Co-op carnage

    Co-op is battle practice....Do a lot of it myself...
  5. Approaching 2,000 kills

    BB Texas-484 ships sunk in 533 random battles CL Königsberg 108 ships sunk in 120 random battles Not enough games in DDs to make it worth posting, less than 1,000 games in DDs in random overall. CVs are not even worth discussing. I have two games in CVs in random.
  6. Almost bought the DoY. bundle...

    I've been waiting for this one since the whole thing started...+1 upvote
  7. New Years Raid extension

    Got my Duke of York today and promptly did the first New Year mission and got back the credits I paid to upgrade the stock ship because I already have New Mexico so they give you back its' in-game value in credits. Plus the grind was done using my 19-point captains for the most part so my new guy in DoY gets promoted to 10 points as soon as his 4th one is earned. Not gonna press much harder than I have with a Friday next cutoff for both campaigns. It is what it is. This 70-year old guy has to work this week....
  8. Naval fiction recommendations?

    Read the Hornblower novels. C.S. Forester, the author, was one of the best fiction writers of his generation. He also wrote a book about real-life war called The Shepherd, about his cruise as a journalist aboard HMS Scylla, a Dido class AA cruiser, on the Gibraltar convoy run mid-war. The Richard Bolitho series by Alexander Kent is also pretty good. Runs a bit earlier in the Age of Sail than Hornblower. If you want a fast read about WWII action, try HMS Ulysses by Alistair McLean. Pure fiction, but well done. The Cruel Sea by Nicolas Monsarrat is a must read . The Enemy Below by D.A. Rayner is a must as well. Note that these are all books about RN types. The USN has not been neglected in fiction either. Try In Harm's Way, made into a movie with John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Patricia Neal in the main roles. Can't think of any more just now but it will come....
  9. Friendly Reminder:

    We regular players won't see Roma in the Premium Shop on the NA server until after the update.
  10. Favorite warships/Dream fleet

    The old guy's list. No paper ships. The ones I like to play, even when I stink in them! RN King George V-the hard hitter Belfast-the Scharnhorst tracker Gallant-the go-to DD when the going gets really tough, Dunkirk style! Leander-the light fighter with a sting Warspite-the best of the old ladies USN Iowa-sleek, fast and hard-hitting Fletcher-for Commander Ernest Evans, USN Cleveland-the all-around best CL Texas-because she's Texas Atlanta-because she's the best AA platform around DKM Bismarck-because she's Bismarck Scharnhorst-battlecruiser par exellence Admiral Graf Spee-Panzerschiffe!
  11. Great Evening

    Hang in there Bro did midnights for 4 years has it's advantages Try running freight trains at night for 28 years for a living...been there, done that...
  12. And glad for that, too. Just put Belfast's HE in Edinburgh, without the radar. She would still be OP!
  13. ..this whole thing is getting a bit frustrating. The XP won't register at all for either Random or Ranked battles in this task....4,800 XP effort wasted except for the fact that I am done grinding Lion....