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  1. GrandAdmiral_2016

    The PEF Grind...for an average player...

    Only 7100 in Randoms, the rest are all in Co-op. If WG is going to allow mission and campaign grinds in Co-op, I'm game for it. No shame in that! EDIT: plus the 48% win rate is in Randoms.
  2. OK, so I did the deed and ground the damned thing, which is the best description I can use on this forum to describe it. Now that I'm am just about done, I will lay out the positives and negatives of both the grind and the ship.. I started the grind at 540 million credits, 400 steel, and 1 million and change free XP. I did everything that I could do to get the ship in Co-op except where the campaign missions required playing in Randoms or Clan games. Roughly 85% was done in Co-op, the rest in Randoms, to minimize expenditure of signals and premium consumables. I now have the PEF (ground out for free), Nagato and Jean Bart in my port, fully equipped. I bought back Seattle and Buffalo using my credits, to knock snowflakes off and get the steel, then promptly sold them out for half-price (I am not a fan of paper ships, especially when I have to grind them). Jean Bart was bought with coal, and the snowflake knockoff gave me 250 more steel, plus a decent T IX ship for free. I am not an IJN tech tree fan but I want Yamato to round out my IJN fleet, so here I go up the IJN BB line. Since I got Fuso for free as a starting point and have had Nagato unlocked for two years, it was time to make the move. The Mighty Prince campaign gave me Hatsuharu (which will be my starting point for the mid-tier IJN DD grind which I want to do) and Icarus and Nurnberg, both of which I already own, so I got full credit value for those two plus two 3-point captains and two port slots, thereby recovering most of the credit outlay for repurchasing Dallas and Seattle. The remaining ships in the Mighty Prince campaign I have previously owned and sold out when I ground out enough ship XP to get the next tier ship for their respective lines. When I get those (Dallas for the 3rd time and Normandie) and have played the next challenge requirement for each to finish out the campaign, they will be promptly sold out and I will be making a net credit profit after already having spent several millions to equip the PEF, Nagato, Jean Bart and Hatsuharu. Plus I still have time to grind out the credits for the RU and Pan-Asian lines, which I have left to the very end because I have so few of those ships. I am currently at 551 million credits, 1.33 million free XP, and 7,419 steel, plus I earned enough elite XP to get my Tirpitz captain to 19 points, my 10th 19-pointer and the first in the DKM ship line. By the time I am done I should end up at around 560 million credits. My only expense was the doubloons I paid to retrain a reserve IJN captain for Nagato. The Hatsuharu captain will be getting the normal grind (currently at 5 points) as I need to learn to play that line of IJN DDs the hard way. The PEF is, IMHO, a meh ship useful only for generating credits and training up German captains. She will become another of my numerous collection of Port Queens This is to demonstrate to some of the less experienced players how to work the system for maximum fun play benefits for minimum dollar expenditure. And I am am a below average 48% win rate player
  3. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Whaddayamean the PEF is bad..??

    ..all she really needs is Bayern's guns and dispersion, then she'll be just fine..since my steel grind is done in her she will become another Port Queen..as do many freebees...
  4. GrandAdmiral_2016

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Try it against an Atlanta, you will get same result unless you hit a magazine. I hit one last night at 5km with 8 15-inch AP rounds and they all overpenned. Atlanta has no armor to speak of either.
  5. GrandAdmiral_2016

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    Got steel for ARP Takao...
  6. GrandAdmiral_2016

    In the name of your highness event

    ..too much high-priced steel for my wallet..
  7. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Solo Warrior Time

    Mine are all run away and hide Solo Warriors. The other teams did not have enough brains to stop the point count in at least two caps and we held all three, so we pointed out. I was so low on health in every case that a single HE hit would have done the job. No shooting even when within range. Silence can be golden when the other team is trying to cover the whole map with 4 ships and you have half the map width head start to find cover! Whatever works! Nice!
  8. GrandAdmiral_2016

    What's with all the 2 DD games?

    Was in a game with 4 a side in PEF last nite...
  9. GrandAdmiral_2016


    A match for Mikasa's drunken sods of gunners.....
  10. GrandAdmiral_2016


    My thoughts exactly. Grind the extra credits, the Nerves of Steel and the campaign (I am going for Hatsuharu-I have everything else and don't need the peacetime paint job cammo-mind you it would look nice in port) and then retire the beast. I built mine for secondaries and play it mostly in co-op. Got it free. Good for laughs. You can do a lot with her inside 12km and the damage count really rolls up inside 6.3 with the flags up, but angling properly is an absolute must to get the damage points. I put my 15-point Tirpitz captain in her with EM and AFT for the grind. During the grind I really don't care too much about the win rate in her.
  11. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Will achievements for King of the Air and

    Maybe they will bring her back when subs get in the game. She had an excellent subhunter record, in fact these jeep carriers were ordered for that from US shipyards at the demand of the RN before Lend-Lease came into effect in 1941. Not very good in her but I love the beast.
  12. GrandAdmiral_2016

    lost in translation

    Why can't you spell colour correctly?? LOL!
  13. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Da Credits! - not so bad

    IJN, done (Musashi prints credits in Randoms). USN, 2 million done (tomorrow flag up the 8 USN premiums and move in my five 19-point captains for Randoms). DKM will take a bit longer because I need another 350K elite XP to get my Tirpitz captain to 19 points, MN same thing. VMF with three ships can wait until I get the PET, same for PA (only Anshan in my port!). RM will take a bit only three ships of the 4, and only two Commonwealth. RN recipe is USN rinse and repeat with my four 19-point captains in their own ships plus running all RN premiums. Should be done by Saturday, and have added another pile of elite and free XP to my bank, maybe get my 10th 19-pointer for my DKM line. Might have to double run a couple of lines because I have too few ships in it Blowing a whole gale outside with 20 inches of snow forecast over the next 30 hours so I can't do anything outside until the storm is over. Even our dog Gaspard won't stay out in whiteout conditions, he's too smart for that!
  14. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    Wait until it happens and play 100 games or so in DDs. Then you'll begin to have an idea how things work....
  15. GrandAdmiral_2016

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    I don't give hoot about my stats. I am an average player (or overage if you are sarcastic!) and my stats are public. I just ignore stat shaming, then take out a ship that I have a 50% or higher win rate in (yes, I do have quite a few) and heaven help the stat shamers if they are on the red team...LOL! And I don't seal club on principle just to pad my stats either.