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  1. Made It!

    250,000 elite XP. Hanging on to it because I have four 10-point RN captains already ground up and Acasta (my Gulag Ship) has the lovely Dasha as captain! Looking at getting a 9th 19-pointer before Black Friday, preferably in a T10 RN DD and need 970,000 elite XP to do it. I have enough ship XP in Jervis to get Lighning when they drop. The grind begins Wednesday. T2 to T4 can be done in short order and I have a couple of RN 6-pointers in reserve for that, but T8 to T10 will take a little longer....
  2. Sometimes it’s Good to Take a Break

    I drive freight trains in Open Rails as a break with my grandsons. They see a computer game that reflects reality to a very large degree, has real-life style activities in it, including delivering freight cars to customers and building trains in yards, and how things really work on the railroad. Instead of the average shoot-em-up, they learn how rail transportation works and what it does in real life. No-brainer for me as I used to drive trains for a living.
  3. RN Sovereign Advice/Suggestions

    I managed enough sovereigns to get both Warspite and Gallant, plus some crates and flags. My sovereign piggybank is now empty. Since I already had both ships that gave me a reserve of 9,600 doubloons. I have 31 guineas and should have enough at the end of the cycle to get Cossack (which has the build they should have given Haida, which I also have). I did not bother with Bert as I already have four 10-point RN captains (and Dasha in Acasta, my Gulag ship) in my reserve and have Jack as well.
  4. Made It!

  5. Recovering WOWS addict

    Scotty, beam me up...
  6. Made It!

    And it was my weekend goal. 750K Free XP, 500M credits, 120K Ship XP in Jervis, and RN Missions completed. On top of that I finished the special upgrade for Minotaur, and was just over 50% in the win rate in Random.
  7. Finally got it done , i think im done ....

    Nice. I wasn't as lucky and only managed to get Acasta, Icarus and Jervis. Jervis already has enough ship XP to get me Lightning as soon as the line drops and I already have three 10-point captains for Lightning, Jutland and Daring. I also have ground enough free XP to go for all three of them, but prefer to grind it out and save all the free XP for Vanguard or Alaska, if they are added as free XP ships. Wait and see...
  8. They Shall Not Grow Old - Official Trailer

    A lot closer to some of us than you may think. My grandfather's war...with all the horror he lived through...
  9. Analyze my stats

    Plant! Plant!
  10. Excited for Wichita

    Boise on steroids....
  11. Red Player Be Like

    Mine suck regardless. Don't give a hoot, just having fun!
  12. Red Player Be Like

    I gave up on the salt. At my age it hardens the arteries and raises the blood pressure,,,,,other than the occasional deleted expletive because of my own stupidity....
  13. In Korea, the T-34 met its' match in the Centurion and the Pershing. And both these tanks were combat tested against German armor in 1945 (better late than never) if my aging memory hasn't failed me....
  14. If you don't mind the residual radiation....
  15. Any idea when Arsenal ships will change?

    Nobody loves Gallant?? I am so disappointed!