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  1. What is that ship almost no one plays again? Hmm, it's coming back to me. I think it was called Jabarovsk or something like that. I know that giving Russian ships MORE love is a little bit of a meme (ok, fine, a lot of a meme). But still. If we're going to keep that ship in the game then maybe think about giving the Khaba another km of range and a bit of its old rudder shift back. You can hardly argue that it's OP when we have French DDs with great guns AND torps sailing around at warp six, and Harugumos laughing at Khaba's DPM.
  2. Eugenie_101

    Ever Record Your Own Games to Learn

    Look up any major CC playing games with a ship you like to play - you learn a ton just from stuff they casually drop. Most purple players memorize complicated penetration and damage mechanics, so for instance Flambass, Notser, etc will casually point out when they can't pen ship X's waterline so they have to shoot the nose or the superstructure, or hold their fire until something they can damage comes along. That will tell you why you're not getting pens or damage like you could be. Or they point out when their ship is in a lot more danger than a casual player would realize due to something like overpen mechanics or a dangerous enemy that's unspotted but highly likely to show up in a threatening place.
  3. He was firing HE. The Cossack got detonated by splash damage.
  4. Eugenie_101

    One map I wish WG would get rid of.

    True fact, a long time ago the oceans were freshwater. Then WG implemented Islands of Ice, version 1.0, with OG torp detection and 3x Kitikami on each side.
  5. Is that a dev suggestion that Khaba could get back 1 or (lord save me) 2 km of range? That could draw me back to the game! Concealment on a Khab? I don't see the point. Maxxed out you still can't cap except very late in a match, and the modest improvement from the skill/mod doesn't help enough for open water gunboating vs. the other skills or modules you'd be giving up.
  6. Eugenie_101

    Help with Chapayev & D. Donskoi

    The problem with Chappy and the Donskoi are not the ships themselves - they are both excellent cruisers, with well-balanced concealment, great guns, decent handling, etc. The problem is that they are a natural evolution of their tier 6&7 predecessors, but they face much (MUCH) more dangerous ships with more skilled players driving them. In the same way that Moskva is a quantum leap from Donskoi, Yamato is more of a threat than Izumo, and Des Moines is a much more dangerous animal than Buffalo (though generally not to you, unless you make a positioning mistake). At tiers 9 & 10 you have a much narrower 'safe zone' to position yourself and do any good without getting blapped. BBs have range AND accuracy to punish small mistakes - Lyons and Bourgogne both have a lot of guns, but Bourgogne can land those shells on a specific smoke stack on a moving target at 17km. Yamato with the dispersion mod is freaking ridiculous. You have to see the map in terms of where you can safely operate and what part of that zone will let you influence the game (never rush forward early - use radar later in game when the DDs' big boy friends have thinned out). Don't get frustrated if it takes a lot of games to get there! Though I don't have THAT many games in it, I loved Chappy once I learned to put survival first.
  7. Eugenie_101

    Understanding Khabarovsk and russian dd line

    I played a lot of Khaba games well after the nerfs and did quite well in it. Here are my thoughts. People have to understand the concept of the Khaba. Low concealment, high armor means, yes, you''re a mini-cruiser. You use speed/maneuverability to evasion-tank damage. Give up trying to hide. You don't have the maneuverability to sit in smoke or play island tag without eating torps. Take the heal and anatagonize the enemy team into shooting at your wake instead of easier to hit teammates in a BB or CA/CL. Since it's the ultimate evasion-tank boat, that makes it by far the most dependent ship in the game on the other team's skill. Anyone with poor to average aim, you can overpower easily. Ships with floaty shells are lunchmeat if you respect the 10+km buffer zone. However, when the other guy's skill crosses the pretty good mark you are boned. I have been shut down by a (freaking) Roma. The guy knew how to anticipate a turn and lead his shots, so I ran out of heals and gave up on that flank. What does this mean? It means the Khaba has a concept problem. It will always kick a$$ in randoms (when played to its strengths; stats don't lie) because even t10 matches have a lot of spuds with weak aim. But at the same time it's near useless in competitive play. Can you fix that? I don't think you can. Better gun and torp range will never stop a blue+ player from shutting you down. If a skilled player can see you, they can hit you. On the other hand any buff, especially gun range, would send it back to OP-pls-nerf territory for random play. What would I like to see? I don't know. Forget about competitive play. It's not going to happen. Even so a little better concealment would be nice. Personally I think the current gun range gives the average player a fair chance to hit you without letting you bully 50%ers like it used to do. Probably the one most frustrating nerf for me is the torps. I don't want 10km back (I never played with those, and that seems ridiculous). I just want enough to make cruisers think twice about pursuing you. There's an ideal distance to keep when you're getting chased, around 10-11km, where you can burn down pursuing cruisers and juke most incoming fire. Let them get any closer and you're lunch. The problem is, 6km isn't quite enough range to threaten the pursuing ship when you're doing that. I can't count the number of times I watched a salvo of 'stop tailgating pls' fish run out of steam less than half a km from a DM or Hindy that was chasing me. Then I died. I think 7km would be plenty of range to make cruisers respect Khaba's personal space again.
  8. Eugenie_101

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    Count the radar ships that have been spotted so far. If you’re missing one, assume he’s wherever it would be least convenient for you. Approach caps with a contingency plan - what is the worst case scenario, based on what’s known and not known about the match so far, and how will you survive it? Don’t freaking facetank if you’re in a DD.
  9. Eugenie_101

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Thank you for re-confirming that the borg is a devil boat that.comes straight from the deepest bowels of heck. My proposed balance changes for that ship include eliminating its DCP and having its rudder only turn left.
  10. Eugenie_101

    How Much would it cost for EVERYTHING

    If you count every non-duplicate $$ ship that’s ever passed through the shop, especially at the ridiculous new release prices, plus years of premium and all the crate promotions, you could theoretically rack up $20k by now.
  11. Smolensk also has better torpedoes and more gun range. If that doesn’t make Khaba feel sufficiently irrelevant, Mogador and Kleber are waiting to do her fast shooty boat job even better.
  12. Eugenie_101

    Henri IV is THE BEST ship for ranked season

    You have to factor in skill, but generally any DD should get nervous inside DM's radar range. Outside 10km the shell arcs become too high unless your rudder is broken. I also, emphatically, agree with @Destroyer_KuroshioKai about Zaos. Zao guns and detection range make them an extreme threat at any range a DD can shoot back, and their great rudder (for T10) makes them a lot less vulnerable to defensive torps.
  13. Put it this way. In a Khaba, if I see a Wooster at 9 km, it means I made a mistake and I’ll suffer for it. If I see a Wooster at 12+ km and he doesn’t hide or go dark, he made a mistake and will eat some damage as a consequence.
  14. Khaba doesn't use concealment anyway, so the upgrade isn't that bad. Khaba needs that range, but the rudder trade-off is definitely not trivial - dodging gets noticeably harder, and you get killed by torps a lot more often. A modded Khaba can eat Des Moines and Woosters without a sweat and German BBs have a very hard time making contact at 13 km. Without the mod you have to play closer, which results in more impact on the game and higher damage numbers as long as you survive, but it makes you more vulnerable to small mistakes and a sudden death. You have fewer hero moments and more of a relentless, medium-intensity pressure on the enemy.
  15. Eugenie_101

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    Here's a flow chart that I think works for most DD play: Spend your time being generally useful. What that means depends on which DD you're driving, but no single kill justifies spending 6-10 minutes sneaking around leaving your team blind. IF you run into a CV while being useful, is it sailing towards you? IF YES - intercept its path and congrats on your kill. If it's not sailing towards you, time for a gut check. CVs don't burn and you could spend the rest of the game chasing that thing without doing enough damage to kill it. Is there something else you could do that's more useful for the team? IF YES - do that. Secure a cap, help allied ships who are in trouble, whatever. IF NO - Really? There's nothing better you could do? OK. Do you have a teammate nearby with heavy guns? IF YES - chase that CV to keep it visible and help your buddy kill it. IF NO - enjoy a long chase that will end when either the CV kills you, or he hits the map edge and shows you his broad side.