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  1. Eugenie_101

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    I think karma’s only worth something because it is worth nothing. If it had any real world value people would game it and grief it out the wazoo. As it is right now, people only bother to use it if they actually feel either warm or salty about someone.
  2. So it’s a super-Ognevoi? It has great torps but the detection kind of blows for a torp boat, mitigated a bit by having a lot more HP and a heal. It’s slower (by a lot) than other VMF DDs but it’s got a very fast rudder. Honestly, I wouldn’t feel very comfortable in this boat. 10km still calls for you to get close-ish, and most DDs will spot you first. Smoke-n-shoot with four guns...meeeeh. ETA: Smack my head, that detectability is _without_ skills/mods. So detectability’s the same as a Shimikaze. Ohhhh. Yikes.
  3. From experimenting with Matchmaking Monitor, I get the impression that the game already tries to give teams as fair a chance as possible. I rarely see all the great players on one side or the other; usually you see an even(ish) mix of purple, yellow and red on each side. Same with divisions - you generally see 1 div vs 2 or 2 vs 3, but rarely 1 vs 3. That said, I want to make the general point that people who complain the most about MM being unfair could probably spend time more usefully working on their fundamentals.
  4. Eugenie_101

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Aha, that explains it! I'm not on the market for premiums very often so I only know what I hear through the grapevine. Thanks for correcting me.
  5. Eugenie_101

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Thanks, do you mean the standard TX camo that you buy separately for 5k doubloons? That's true for any TX ship. It's an odd duck in the sense that no other premium (to my knowledge) makes you pay again to get the perma-camo. I feel like that and the fact that it's a clone diminishes the desirability of the ship relative to Stalingrad or Bourgogne (which is a clone, but sexed up significantly).
  6. Eugenie_101

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Salem is not very unique though. It's a Des Moines clone with unique 'flavor', but no one would feel terribly left out if they already have a DM. Do I recall correctly that it doesn't even have premium camo?
  7. Eugenie_101

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    Minekaze's torpedoes have the same diameter but they do less max damage (10.8k vs. 13.4k for the Leone), so WG's usual formula says that Leone's torps should reload slower. I guess Leone gets more guns, so you're supposed to harass with torps and kill with guns, where it's the reverse with Minekaze.
  8. Eugenie_101

    BrushWolf goes DD'ing

    Tashkent is a beast, but you’re correct that it won’t sing right out of the box like some boats will. My advice to anyone who picks it up is, buy it and keep it on the shelf until you have the fxp for its range upgrade AT LEAST. Using a premium boat to train a decent captain out of the transfer doghouse is also very helpful.
  9. Know if your ship needs an upgrade to contribute without getting nuked. Some do (Russian boats with the range mod come to mind), some don’t. Some perform terribly without certain captain skills. Use scenarios & events to build up some credits, try to have enough FXP to get the mods you NEED, and then experiment with the rest. I like to transfer captains around rather than have a stable full of 5-6 pt captains, so it’s great to have one premium ship you can use to train your captain out of the transfer doghouse. If the ship calls for a completely new set of skills, you might well train up a new one or save the coal to buy a 10pt captain in the arsenal store.
  10. Eugenie_101

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    There are plenty of rewards for people who want to spend $$ freely. Every year a ship slips through teating that should have been balanced better, gets pulled and the fast spenders get an exclusive OP boat. It. Seems fine that there exist a few other strong but balanced boats that can only be had with time and skill, not cash. The game rewards all kinds of player. I don’t have time / skill for competitive and I don’t see the point of spending $$$ on a freemium game, so I don’t have much at stake either way.
  11. Eugenie_101

    Redistribute those Commander Skills, it's Free!

    When CVs or subs come out, whichever is first. They will have to shake up the skill trees to accomodate either, and WG usually offers a jubilee when they do that.
  12. Eugenie_101

    Can you get worse with experience?

    I think you need to integrate over 50-100 games before you can say something about win rate. Mine always dives when I try a new build or type of ship.
  13. Eugenie_101

    Infuriating health drain

    I hate situations where a lot of ships are shooting at me and I don't have enough support and the other team has cover and vision control. Then, while I'm sinking, it occurs to me that I probably made a decision or two that people with better situational awareness wouldn't have.
  14. Eugenie_101

    Should good players give advice?

    Advice, no. Random players rarely ask for advice and it’s rude to give it unsolicited. However I often ASK someone to do something that I think would help me or the team. There’s no implied superiority there, just attempted teamwork. Worst case scenario they say no. When I see someone headed for certain death or certain uselessness (ie a Bismarck behind an island far in the back), I’ll ping their ship and maybe ask what they’re up to. Sometimes that helps, often I get ignored, sometimes I discover a tactic that I hadn’t thought of before.
  15. Eugenie_101

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    In terms of game mechanics, I think that open water gunboats like Khaba and Henri will avoid this thing like the plague. Alsace with better sigma? Driven mostly by players with good aim?? KTHXBYE. OTOH Montana and Yamato should feast on It. It’s hard to miss, easy to pen and low in health for T10. Seems like an interesting and relatively balanced reward for players who commit a lot to competitive play.