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  1. Eugenie_101

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    YOLO rushing a BB is still a stupid move most of the time, with or without the auto-overpens. If the BB has any friends around then they'll kill you, and if it doesn't have friends, and he's moving towards you, then you can just as easily torp him without suiciding. If you can't easily put a spread in his path because you're not closing on the BB head-on, then you won't catch the BB before he kills you. Now imagine the BB has hydro so he'll spot your longer-range torps and dodge them. Guess what! That means it's a German BB that will kill you with secondaries. If you have island cover to surprise the BB at close range, set up an ambush instead.
  2. It saved me from pinking once! I was going flank speed and a friendly Shima was coming flank speed straight at me, so he closed so fast he wasn’t nearby when I glanced at the minimap. He slid past me going a relative 80 knots and bounced my entire rack, thank jeebus.
  3. Eugenie_101

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Class of ‘94. This is true. Public Enemy and Nirvana made rap and rock super Serious and not funny dammit, and even Phil Collins was doing weighty stuff like Another Day in Paradise while Billy Joel started doing current events songs. 80s stuff seemed flippant and goofy all of a sudden. People needed cargo pouches on their pants and fancy cars that were ‘useful’ somehow (ie 4wd) and not just BMW convertibles. We still worshipped 70s music because it was raw and wild and (sometimes) brilliant.
  4. Eugenie_101

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    (1) Surely you have had streaks where it seems like every game is charmed. In a sample size of 4,700 you’re statistically certain to have some bad streaks. (2) Unless you’ve won a lot of games in the last two hours, your recent WR isn’t that bad. Deep purple CCs have streamed hours without a win.
  5. Yeah, really. The action time is misleading because you can't fully compare 8.0 to the before time. Right now a CV can come at you with squad after squad, so it can be really helpful to have fighter cover for a while. After 8.0 fighters will basically be a consumable that kills x number of enemy planes and then disappears. As I understand it the 30 second action time just means that your catapult fighters have 30s to meet enemy planes and do their thing. If I'm right about that then the 1 point skill would basically make that insta-kill cat fighter twice as effective, which is a great use of skill points for a low-AA ship.
  6. Eugenie_101

    Shaking my head.

    Man, I was just feeling hungry too. A Wooster bbq would really hit the spot.
  7. Eugenie_101

    Shaking my head.

    I had a feeling that Nurnberg would have a bad day.
  8. Eugenie_101

    How to counter dds in non radar cruisers?

    Flip this story around. Zao is a nightmare for a DD. It has massive DPM, fast shells, fast reload, good accuracy and a fast rudder to dodge torps. Meanwhile Zao torps are [edited] [edited] so you can't just hide in smoke and hope Zao will go away. ON TOP OF THAT Zao has great concealment, so if he goes dark and charges you while your torps are offline you're basically [edited] by the time you know he's coming. So now flip it back around to the Zao's perspective. Early in the game, don't bother chasing DDs. Their friends will sink you. Shoot them if they make a mistake but don't get killed. Later on, if you know it's just you and the DD, keep his perspective in mind. He REALLY does not want to get close to you. If you push him with hydro going it will be nearly impossible for him to torp kill you, especially if you have radio location to know where to expect the torps. Best case scenario, you see his torps in the water and he doesn't have a reload consumable. Go dark, charge straight at his position, and he'll quickly be sunk or running scared to the far side of the map.
  9. Eugenie_101

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    As long as we're proposing changes, I've got a few. WG, get a pad and pencil! Torp dodging should be a rythm-based minigame. There should be a mechanic where if you press a button at exactly the right moment, you can catch a battleship shell and throw it back. If you miss a DD a bunch of times, the damage to the gun crews' morale should be modeled as really bad dispersion.
  10. Eugenie_101

    Your very first Premium was?

    Atlanta, in late 2015 I think, because it was on sale. I suffered a long, steep learning curve in that death trap but it became the first boat that ‘clicked’ for me. Learning that you do more good for your team if you’re alive (yes, some people have to learn that) paid off forever after.
  11. Eugenie_101

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Marine Nationale

    Bourgogne can go straight to heck. Whoever created that devil boat should apologize.
  12. Eugenie_101

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Holy crap, that would have saved me about 500 games of playing like a golden retriever that found the computer unattended. NOW I know what flags do, thankyouverymuch.
  13. Worth it? Catapult fighters are getting a boost in effectiveness, so that one point may become mandatory in low-AA ships. Double catapult fighters could nearly wipe out same-tier CV squads. I could imagine it forcing a tactic where the CV baits catapult fighters and then either faffs off for 30s or comes back with another squad.
  14. Eugenie_101

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    More realism in the game! - Compressed O2 torpedoes can detonate when their ship section’s on fire, unless you jettison them. - Mid-tier USN torps are prone to dud fuses. - Radio system malfunctions, manifested as chat disabled and all ships looking grey (rather than red/green) and targetable. - Night battles with spotlights, flare shells and IFF problems (ie San Francisco love-tapping Atlanta) - USS Johnston introduced, with properties similar to Khaba: higly visible, great guns, regenerating health. - Torpedo boats added as NPCs that patrol the base in standard mode and act as a speedbump to stealth capping by ninja DDs. - Ships can pull a Yamato: beach in shallow water and become unsinkable, but can still burn to death and are immobile for the rest of the match.
  15. Eugenie_101

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    They should offer a special pink camo, when they re-introduce the Kitikami.