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  1. Eugenie_101

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Thank you for re-confirming that the borg is a devil boat that.comes straight from the deepest bowels of heck. My proposed balance changes for that ship include eliminating its DCP and having its rudder only turn left.
  2. Eugenie_101

    How Much would it cost for EVERYTHING

    If you count every non-duplicate $$ ship that’s ever passed through the shop, especially at the ridiculous new release prices, plus years of premium and all the crate promotions, you could theoretically rack up $20k by now.
  3. Smolensk also has better torpedoes and more gun range. If that doesn’t make Khaba feel sufficiently irrelevant, Mogador and Kleber are waiting to do her fast shooty boat job even better.
  4. Eugenie_101

    Henri IV is THE BEST ship for ranked season

    You have to factor in skill, but generally any DD should get nervous inside DM's radar range. Outside 10km the shell arcs become too high unless your rudder is broken. I also, emphatically, agree with @Destroyer_KuroshioKai about Zaos. Zao guns and detection range make them an extreme threat at any range a DD can shoot back, and their great rudder (for T10) makes them a lot less vulnerable to defensive torps.
  5. Put it this way. In a Khaba, if I see a Wooster at 9 km, it means I made a mistake and I’ll suffer for it. If I see a Wooster at 12+ km and he doesn’t hide or go dark, he made a mistake and will eat some damage as a consequence.
  6. Khaba doesn't use concealment anyway, so the upgrade isn't that bad. Khaba needs that range, but the rudder trade-off is definitely not trivial - dodging gets noticeably harder, and you get killed by torps a lot more often. A modded Khaba can eat Des Moines and Woosters without a sweat and German BBs have a very hard time making contact at 13 km. Without the mod you have to play closer, which results in more impact on the game and higher damage numbers as long as you survive, but it makes you more vulnerable to small mistakes and a sudden death. You have fewer hero moments and more of a relentless, medium-intensity pressure on the enemy.
  7. Eugenie_101

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    Here's a flow chart that I think works for most DD play: Spend your time being generally useful. What that means depends on which DD you're driving, but no single kill justifies spending 6-10 minutes sneaking around leaving your team blind. IF you run into a CV while being useful, is it sailing towards you? IF YES - intercept its path and congrats on your kill. If it's not sailing towards you, time for a gut check. CVs don't burn and you could spend the rest of the game chasing that thing without doing enough damage to kill it. Is there something else you could do that's more useful for the team? IF YES - do that. Secure a cap, help allied ships who are in trouble, whatever. IF NO - Really? There's nothing better you could do? OK. Do you have a teammate nearby with heavy guns? IF YES - chase that CV to keep it visible and help your buddy kill it. IF NO - enjoy a long chase that will end when either the CV kills you, or he hits the map edge and shows you his broad side.
  8. Eugenie_101

    Fix the game for DD"s

    As I understand it the shkval-type torps don’t have any guidance, they just close the distance so fast that dodging is hard. It’s interesting to hear that standard issue torps turn poorly enough to be dodged (potentially) by a floating city. Is that also true of wake following torps?
  9. Eugenie_101

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    The only trend I've noticed is that events tend to skim off the better players, so when an even ends you get more great players popping into randoms to practice and get material for streaming. Generally, though, I'd question the premise of the top post. It's mathematically impossible to have two teams made up of 45% players. Taking into account that the distribution tail is longer on the right, I'd expect each team to average 48% or so, with a few players in the mid-50s and a lot more in the 45-48 range.
  10. Eugenie_101

    Fix the game for DD"s

    Is dodging an option with modern torpedoes? Unless someone launches a shkval from 15nm away...I don’t see how a homing torp would be inconvenienced by a carrier going hard over. Obviously I’m not the expert.
  11. Eugenie_101

    Fix the game for DD"s

    Damcon triggers automatically and it has a five second cooldown. So yeah, CVs are fireproof. It’s a nice touch of historical accuracy for anyone who’s read about WWII carrier battles.
  12. Eugenie_101

    Fix the game for DD"s

    He could have been shooting at saturation? The new carrier design can be incredibly frustrating because CVs don't burn any more. I've seen Kitikazes chase a slowly fleeing Lexington or Midway and pour hundreds of rounds into the thing without doing any damage at all. It's hard to just let a CV go when he's right there in your sights, so you get these chases that last ten minutes (if the DD doesn't die) and only end when the CV hits the map edge and shows its side.
  13. Eugenie_101

    Remove the Karma system from the game now.

    Not even close. I’m in a DD stalking the enemy CV, even though I probably should have been more mindful of a red Hindenburg nearby. When I’m ready for the kill shot the red team can see me, the Hindy’s almost on top of me, and he never even turns his guns. He just goes on shooting at some CL 18km away. After the CV sank I asked what he was thinking and the guy responded, ‘CVs should die’. So I sank him too. THAT was the most inane thing I’ve seen.
  14. Eugenie_101

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    It was a design study that was intentionally taken to ridiculous extremes. You might as well ask for that pykrete carrier. I am ok with the not-real ship designs being things the countries realistically could/would have made (while being very generous in Russia’s case).
  15. This is interesting, was that 8.0 or after one of the more recent updates? Also check your AA stats after being rocketed. Those tiny tims can strip the Massachussetts' AA mounts surprisingly fast...