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  1. It seems that way because you can’t see all the red boats, so there’s no way to know for sure that they all herded into a corner like that. OP, you’ve spotted the bait ball in action! They’re sardines rounded up for protection, but surrounded and inexorably getting eaten. Preventing those (or, making the other team do it) sums up my strategy in pretty much every random game. I pick boats that survive on their own and try to go where my team is weak or absent, on the theory that map control and keeping the enemy off-balance is a big force multiplier. So far that seems to have paid off - my WR and PR have increased in proportion to how fast and survivable my ship is. Or maybe I’m just lerning how to play the game. Who knows.
  2. Arms Race: I was doing it wrong

    I think Kitikaze might be THE boat for Arms Race. It has enough range to manage its visibility even before the concealment buff, so when it gets heal and ROF boosts it becomes almost un-killable. I thought Khaba would be perfect, but its short gun range and high visibility makes it hard to consistently survive around buffed cruisers.
  3. Holy jeebus people apparently have no idea what game chat is usually like. I have not seen any demographic info, I only know what I see in game, but I would bet WOWS users tend to be older and better educated than the average online player base.
  4. avoidance deep water torpedo help?

    The cure for DW torps is friendly destroyers, and cruisers if there’s an Anshan around. Teamwork is wildly OP.
  5. Ranked is Hard Enough Without This

    Thank you! I will check that out.
  6. Ranked is Hard Enough Without This

    I had a fascinating error the other day: the camera froze in place but literally nothing else went wrong - my boat kept sailing on out of my field of view, the guns fired, onscreen alerts appeared normally and it responded to WASD. I stayed alive for a while by using the minimap to navigate and dodge. The only problem was that not a single camera-related control worked, even after I got killed. Has anyone seen this before?
  7. If you’re playing Russian DDs, my only regret is that I didn’t get the Leningrad sooner. It pairs just as well with captains speced for either side of the line split and the speed lets you decide how to approach any engagement. When Khaba stops being fun I’ll use it to level my Ognevoi captain.
  8. Disappearing ships

    I am getting pretty annoyed that the minimap renders an enemy as a solid red icon 5-10 sec before they show up on the main map. This includes enemies that light themselves up by firing - I know where they are, I watch the guns fire and I see the shells arc, they appear on the minimap, and then it’s five mississippi before the boat appears. Often this lets someone get at least one free salvo before I can answer. Could it be some sort of client problem?
  9. continuous fire

    You’re overthinking this. I would be entertained at the thought of someone specifically fearing a Baltimore, without the least concern that WG is about to nerf it. It’s not a bad boat! It just doesn’t stand out in any specific way either.
  10. continuous fire

    If I were a Baltimore owner, I would be utterly thrilled to see that someone finally complained about my boat being overpowered. There is now someone out there who sees the MM spread and says OH **** LOOK OUT they have a Baltimore.
  11. Have you nuked a Khaba lately, in randoms? If so I have a bone to pick...
  12. Were you driving your Khaba? BB AP absolutely does fuse inside a Khabarovsk, especially if it enters lengthwise. I still hold a grudge against this one Yamato for having great aim and a particularly good RNG roll...
  13. Lemming Trains Lose Games

    That seems tautological to me. Skilled players recognize when their flanks are vulnerable and re-position to protect them. You could ask what's the difference between a lemming train and a smartly executed push with a lot of players in it, and I'd respond that the lemming train tends to stall out and become a bait ball, while a smart push seizes terrain and expands the zone from which they can threaten the enemy team. Sure, once in a while you have an aggressive whole-team push that gets slaughtered, but how often does that actually happen? It's pretty rare for a whole random team to have that much nerve. Of course I'd agree that bait balls lose the game whether it involves the whole team or half of it. That falls in the general rule that any cross-fired ship with a citadel will shortly become a reef.
  14. Acceptable Risk

    There should be a challenge campaign to reward such ruthless pragmatism, and the prize at the end of the campaign should be a Kitikami.