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  1. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    Thank you very much. This is gold! (Now I understand why sometimes I'd see CVs in-game moan about having to fight against a Saipan)
  2. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    Roughly how many planes do CVs have at each tier? I find I'm shooting down 30 odd planes in a battle and the CV is still has plenty of planes to spare.
  3. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    Very true. My AA is only 6km at this stage and I recently was confronted by yet another Lexington. Because I had MFCAA I was able to shoot down a few planes before they struck but, as you said, those planes are pretty tough and my AA range of only 6km was a real hindrance. Once I get AFT my AA will be 7.6km and I think it'll make a world of difference. Those dive bombers from the Lexington had AP bombs and, boy, do they ever hit like a truck. You think eating a Japanese torpedo is bad? Try eating an AP bomb from a Lexington dive bomber.... I had two dive bomber squadrons attack me and they both nuked 50% - 66% of my health in a few seconds. Nasty stuff. Very nasty stuff. I'd almost say OP. When my AA is buffed to 7.6km, I'll be able to kite those Lexington aircraft a bit more and exact more of a penalty before they hit. They'll probably still be able to hit me though...
  4. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    MFCAA is definitely a win. It's so odd being in a BB and actually *welcoming* the participation of enemy CVs. I have an 10 point commander so I re-specced to PM, AR, BFT, MFCAA. I know, I know... AFT seems the logical choice before MFCAA because it buffs AA as well as secondaries... the problem with going AFT before MFCAA is that whilst your AA looks good on paper (93 rating), it's actually anemic in practice and a hollow threat. I find that MFCAA before AFT yields startling different result. I use the AA module to help with range as well, which buffs range to 6km whilst I wait for AFT. Mmmmmm.... taste those salty CV tears..... yum yum! 20181110a - gneisenau.bmp 20181110b - gneisenau.bmp
  5. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    Slightly off topic but still relates to the Gneisenau.... Just played a game where my Gneisenau was owned by a T8 Baltimore. I managed to sink an enemy Aoba but the Baltimore was a different kettle of fish. The Baltimore kept his nose firmly pointed to me at all times and HE spammed. What was unbelievable was that my shells either over penned or bounced. We're talking between 5 - 7km here. I know the Gneisenau's 380mm guns aren't the biggest in the game, but since when can a cruiser bounce 380mm shells from a BB off its nose at 6-ish km? Meanwhile he's HE spamming me and one of his BB friends showed up and that was it for me. Am I missing something? That Baltimore driver clearly knew something I don't. I thought the closer one gets, the greater the penetrative power of the shells and the more likely you can overcome any [edited] overmatch mechanics? Second question: What would've been the better way to handle that smart alec Baltimore? Spam HE back? Don't engage without support? (Torp'ing him wasn't an option because he kept his nose at me and was in full reverse... so i was struggling to close the distance)
  6. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    Thanks for the advice folks. Sounds like unless you spec manual, Gneis AA is good but won't provide that umbrella of near invulnerability against aircraft. Fair enough I suppose. I really like secondary builds but if the manual AA is killer and a unique trait of the ship... why not leverage it. (I know most games don't have CVs but then again most games I find I'm not in a position to use secondaries without YOLO'ing. Brawling seems to depend as much upon the other team's mistakes as my own ability to pick the moment. At least with stronger AA I can feel like I am doing something in a top tier heavy match where getting close to ships like T9 Musashi would be suicidal... assuming I could ever cover the distance before getting HE spammed)
  7. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    I've got a Gneisenau with second hull and the following commander skills: PM, AR, BFT, AFT AA rating roughly 81, which I thought was pretty good. Except when I was in a game with an enemy T8 Lexington, the enemy CV didn't seem to fear me at all. Not even though I was next to a friendly T9 Kii. I had read how awesome the Gneisenau's AA was meant to be but I was disappointed at how the ship's AA didn't really seem to affect the CV strikes against me. I kept being visited by dive bombers and I recall one instance where I was dive bombed and the squadron only took one casualty. Pretty poor! It seems like if you don't spec the Gneisenau to be full AA with the the MFCAA and turn her into AA-death, that her AA suite is pretty average and no real source of comfort or security. As I've only got a 10 point commander, I'm experimenting with the AA 2 module to extend my AA range and buff my AA rating to 93. I'm hoping that will provide some protection from CVs until I get 14 points and decide whether I want to go full AA [edited] or manual secondaries. I'd rather go manual secondaries but I'm wondering if I have to go full AA to be safe. Thoughts? [edited]
  8. Hello, I've been playing WOW for some time now without any issue. But recently, starting from last week, a serious issue has appeared. I am constantly being disconnected from the game. I will successfully log into WOW and be in the port screen and after several minutes I will always be disconnected back to the login screen. There are no warnings or error messages, I just get unceremoniously dumped back to the login screen. My internet connection still works and I can successfully re-log back into WOW immediately but the procedure will repeat. If I try to play a game, the issue will keep occurring but I note that my ping is very good at around 80. I happen to have two internet services, one cable (which I currently use) and one ADSL. Even when I disabled my cable service and used ADSL the disconnect issue keeps on occurring. This, coupled with the fact that my internet service works reliability at all times and I have a low ping when in-game, leads me to suspect the issue is NOT my internet connection. Especially considering I've been playing WOW for a long time and only experienced this issue in the last week. Furthermore I started WOW in safe mode and the issue still occurs. Again absolutely no problem re-logging back in, just I will get disconnected after several minutes. I did try to run WGCheck but it keeps getting stuck at 76.9% when "checking for non client files". I do use Aslain's mod pack but given I've used this pack for a long time + the issue still occurs in safe mode with all mods disabled... leads me to suspect the issue is not on my end. Again: I've been playing WOW for ages without any issue remotely resembling this one and it has only surfaced in the last week. This is a very recent issue and the game is completely broken. I've waited several days hoping this new issue would go away but it hasn't. I welcome any assistance. I am running Windows 10.