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  1. Quite the statement to make, considering NA hasn't beaten any of EU yet, and O7 even lost to them in the server clash.
  2. Greetings Captains, I am Dastert, the creator of the [SEP] clan, we are aiming to become the best clan on NA for competitive. We strive to keep all of our members and chat rooms non-toxic so that we have a positive environment for all. We are just starting out, so we are a little low on members at the moment, any applications are welcome, though not all may be accepted. Since we are trying to become the most competitive clan on NA we have a few standards that have to be met. 1. First and foremost we want players who want to have fun. We understand that the game can become rather frustrating at times, and some of your teammates may get on your nerves, but try not to blow up on them. Don't be toxic in-game, using the discord is fine for getting your aggravation out of your system, but don't take it out on other players. 2. Preferably recent WTR of 1400 or PR of 2100 is accepted. Win rate isn't terribly important, though upwards of 60% is preferred. As long as you can work as part of a team, and are showing improvements in your gameplay, these stat standards are able to be bent a little bit. 3. Be active. Whether it's in discord or in the game itself, interact with clan members or other people such as diplomats in the discord. We like to make silly posts and have fun, nothing too serious, a welcoming environment that we want you to be a part of. For any further questions I can be contacted in a number of ways: In-game username: Dastert Discord: Dastert #8525 Or even right here on the forums. Feeling confident that you fit these criteria and have no further questions? https://discord.gg/YtFdPAc Hop in and tell us you're ready to apply! Thank you for taking the time to consider [SEP] and I wish you the best of luck in finding a clan, whether it is with us or with someone else.