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  1. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Odin, underpowered as heck

    The Odin, good armor, good torps, decent enough AA, good concealment. But the health???? What in the world? A tier 8 BB that has to routinely face tier 9 and 10. There are multiple tier SIX BBs that have several thousand more HP of health than the darn Odin. Please. FOR THE LOVE OF LAWD. Buff the Odins health pool. It just cant tank or do anything a BB is supposed to do. Either that or classify is as a cruiser.
  2. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Ranked fiasco

    Ranked. Which players need to play and do well in to get steel. So not only is there a [edited] system where everytime you lose you lose a star. but the best player on the team saves a star. THIS IS A HORRIBLE MECHANIC. WARGAMING WAKE THE EFF UP. It does not encourage team play at all. Not only that, but the grind for ranked is literally so unbearable when there are carriers.. Carriers literally make ranked HELL. And they can farm so much damage with less ship AA to deal with. MM for ranked is an effing joke, there is next to no teamplay. AND FOR GODS SAKE. NERF THE FREAKING HAKURYU. That thing is a freaking piece of crap OP ship. I thought Smolensk or Krem was bad. Haku makes me wanna quit the darn game.
  3. North Carolina is an amazing ship. Quick tip. DONT SAIL BRODSIDE. Any ship broadside will get screwed. Ships like the NC are mid/long range shooters with accurate guns when specced out correctly. Make sure you have the accuracy module. Bow tank. and use positioning correctly.
  4. DemonOfRazgrizz


    Ok yeah that would make sense. Which means I would be at rank 14 I guess? Yeah I guess we will find out
  5. DemonOfRazgrizz


    OK so I finished at rank 8 this last season. IF* (because im apparently mentally impaired currently and cant math) im understanding how the bonus stars work, would I start at rank 18? or 10? They said max amount of bonus stars is 17. I got that easily to rank 8. Im just not sure if I understand it properly lol
  6. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Steel personal missions

    So me and my buddies are making a new clan as our old one well. Reasons. So out of curiosity, does anyone know if when you make a new clan and start clan battles in it, does your steel missions reset in the new clan?
  7. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Cv rework

    So, im sure many of us have mixed feelings on the rework. The new update will be changing a couple things, notably the down time or "service time" for aircraft. If this turns out to be positive, it might be just what the game needs. Cvs have no doubt helped remove the static bow in and hide behind an island style of gameplay. Which im thanful for. That was so bloody annoying. The CVs still have some OP aspects to them, but I feel like WG is trying indeed to improve them. As players we are the guinea pigs and they wont know what works until they test changes on us. We as a player base should be patient. is WG perfect? HECK NO. But ive been playing this game for almost three years and I truly enjoy it. CVs need work, but WG seems to be doing what they can.
  8. DemonOfRazgrizz

    I can't believe I ever defended the Azuma.

    Ok so at the beginning of this I was pretty down on the Azuma myself. But honestly. I am having a BLAST in this ship. I love it. I use the HE and it can wreck even BBs with 10k to 12k salvos. I have the rudder shift mod and she turns pretty well imo. Positioning is the key with the Azuma, do not use it like an Alaska or Kron. It is a zao with bigger guns and no torps. I get about 75k damage per average. Win rate if I remember is above 50%. Concealment is good, AA is respectable. Yes the armor (what armor really) is horrendous. But play it right and its great. Also with your team dying like crazy, and decent ship will get focused and shredded.
  9. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Matchmaking Needs to Adjust Algorithm

    As a psychology research student this had me dying of laughter LOL. But MM does need some tweeking
  10. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Clan treasury

    Ok. So I still have zero idea on how the clan treasury works, even having read patch notes and all that. Can someone dumb it down for this simple pleb?
  11. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Azuma, is a paper ship. (Literally and figuratively)

    EXACTLY. She needs either a lowered citadel, or buffed armor. Either one id be happy with. or give her troll armor like the Zao. SOMETHING. Throw us a bone WG lol. I paid 80 bucks for her, shes fun, but man she needs help.
  12. The azuma can be a fun ship. But WOW. she cannot take a hit at all. from any angle. no amount of angling saves you if a BB wants you dead. Have multiple BBs shooting at you? Might as well exit out and go to port. Her guns don't make up for her crappy armor. She needs an armor buff. badly
  13. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Alaska and Azuma

    Honestly I cant disagree with the frustration about the CV rework. It is just a SMIDGE broken right now. but I think this upcoming hotfix will help a ton.
  14. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Alaska and Azuma

    This version of the Azuma seems like a bigger Zao now. Alaska will be tankier it looks like.
  15. DemonOfRazgrizz

    Alaska and Azuma

    Has anyone heard any word about either of these ships? I know the Azuma got re worked, but I feel like Alaska would have been released by now. Im curious to see if they wait to release both or one at a time.