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  1. It is an interesting system that you propose. No thank you. I have no interest in gaining tokens watching streams that are not English friendly. There is nothing wrong with going up the line the old fashioned way. *deuces*
  2. Shadowfigment

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    On a long enough timeline you will see Wargaming break all of the rules they established at the start of the game. I wish I could say that I was disappointed at what the company is doing here. My opinion of WG is so low right now, they would have to work HARD to raise my level of satisfaction of them to disappointed. Instead of releasing their Arpeggio content in old fashion like they did originally, they expect people to pony up a LOT of money. $138.40 USD is a lot to ask for a T10 boat an a three point captain. You all are going to do whatever you want to do, this much is clear.
  3. Shadowfigment

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    One should have nothing to do with the other. If it persists, dump your browser history and you should be good.
  4. Shadowfigment

    Twitch Prime loot not appearing

    Alright gang. I have a solution: Seems that in addition to adding your Twitch account I had to add my Amazon account. After doing that the drop came down with no problem. Hope this helps. .
  5. Shadowfigment

    Armada: Ochakov

    Wargaming, I think that it is nice that you put out the Armada series on your boats. I do think it would be nicer if you were to take the format that April Whitemouse does when dropping them. Would show the community that you understand the full mechanics of the ships you are releasing and show the player base if the ships are worth the coin.
  6. Shadowfigment

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    When will the rewards for participating and completing requirements in the PTS be available?
  7. Shadowfigment


    Was trying to communicate with my division mates in the game and got the following message (See screenshot 1). Tried to submit a ticket about the issue... and got an error about further technical issues. Wargaming, fix your product.
  8. Shadowfigment

    STOP THE GRIND - New Game Mode Suggestions

    WG under developed this mode. The hinted at putting a hard mode on the operations but this was never realized past Halloween missions. The reason that I stopped playing the operation modes are I have all of the rewards that are available for them. There is no incentive to keep playing them after you finish them, other than to help someone who has not finished them do so. This mode could have been made more popular by adding multiple difficulty modes for operations. Making new operations that any player can select would have been nice. There was a lot that could have been done to develop the mode. Alas it was not to be so. Instead resources were placed elsewhere giving us what we saw this year in 2019. Hopefully 2020 will be kinder to you you WeeGee.
  9. Wargaming, When are the developers going to take a look at some of the low tier camoflague on certain boats? I was regrinding the IJN and USN DD lines and noticed that the Umikaze and Clemson have faded camo. It does not matter which camo is equipped, they look drab in comparison to some other boats.. Pictures have been attached. I would be excellent to see the boats as vibrant as some of their counterparts.
  10. Shadowfigment

    No French 10 Point Captains

    This is not entirely true. WeeGee did offer up a few 10 pt captains in bundles for Aigle and Le Terrible. The people who spent the coin and got them are the ones who currently have the advantage. Le Terrible was the prototype for the mess we see in the line.
  11. Shadowfigment

    Huzzah for Savage Battle !!!

    So many battles have had my adrenaline pumping. Fastest paced mode yet. Kudos and keep stuff like this coming.
  12. Wargaming you really did it this time! I wanted to say thank you for the new Savage Battle (Rogue Wave) event. I am in love with it. You have created an event that has me hovering on the edge of my chair with excitement. The fast pace and destroyer based combat has been improved upon from the space Torpedobeats event you ran earlier this year. The creativity of adding in the Arms Race and reducing the map border is truly fun and engaging. Please send kudos to the developers and testers that were involved in making this happen.
  13. Shadowfigment

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    It will be interesting to see what kind of data the new CV testing scenarios provide. Wargaming knows that their rework is broken / unpleasant to deal with on the receiving end. I don't know if they know how to fix it yet, but they are trying.
  14. Shadowfigment

    Rental Ships - An Idea?

    The completion requirement do not have to be ludicrous. Making mission requirements reasonable would give interested players a sense of accomplishment for unlocking the rental. Also Wargamming could use these missions as a possible showcase for national tech trees, classes of ship or historical missions that involved certain nations. There are a lot of fun things that could happen with ship rentals. The current rental fee is not too steep for some, but out of reach for others. World of Warships is a free to play game first. Why not try making the rentals free for a period and use a similar method that Word of Tanks did? Just and idea.
  15. Shadowfigment

    Rental Ships - An Idea?

    Wargaming, I applaud your choice to let your players start renting ships in World of Warships. It is a good idea and one that I am happy to see. I would like to see you implement it a little differently. How about giving players rental ships for free after completion of random missions with completion of in game criteria? Perhaps you could also allow a 6 to 10 point rental captain with similar mission completion criteria? You could set the completion and rental time limit for three to five days on a random weekend and let players go wild, testing out whether they want to buy the ship or not. The rental captain would allow a player, without a proper captain, to see the potential of the ship ahead of time. After the allotted rental time, both the ship and captain would disappear. After this rental time, a player would be able to make an informed decision if they liked the ship enough to buy it. If an announcement of the rental time was made one or two weeks ahead of time, in the web portal or in the game news notification, players could be ready to earn the requirements for the ship. This is my two cents. What do you all think of this idea? P.S. I apologize if this idea has been shared in forum already.