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  1. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Victory at the Battle of Saipan

    My Seattle sailing into combat:
  2. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Mouse has four 40K Captains to give away

    Dear Lord. The second I read the content of Mouse's post, this instantly came to mind. This is what you see on television when you have two preschool nieces:
  3. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Canada Day and US Independence

    The Texas, resting at Hawaii, flying the U.S. flag and equipped with appropriate camouflage for Independence Day:
  4. RenamedUser_1018007003

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    The good ship Chaos Bringer (a.k.a. Benson in the Ghoul camouflage) sails off into another battle:
  5. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Worst teams EVER

    Strangely enough, I got one of those types of battles today. I've seen a few with only two human players, but this has not happened to me in ages: Fortunately, it gave me an opportunity to farm damage for a mission directive, and I did fine. Lucky Roon managed to be at the top; Goltz must be improving his game!
  6. RenamedUser_1018007003

    German DD HE penetration buff!

    Currently grinding my way up through the German DD line with this ship. I love the wallop the upgraded cruiser caliber guns dish out:
  7. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Brazilian Navy Day

    A North Carolina gets up and personal with a Hakuryu:
  8. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Battle of Midway

    Took my Salem into combat, and came across two targets. A short while later, the Worcester showed me his broadside. I had to oblige. The minotaur was next. Down he goes. Time to do the torpedo beat! Good game overall!
  9. RenamedUser_1018007003

    The Big Stick, continued service post WW2

    I've got the North Carolina right now, but I'm working my way towards "the big stick":
  10. RenamedUser_1018007003

    US Tenth Fleet

    My Benson, in her pretty Christmas camouflage:
  11. RenamedUser_1018007003

    What is your goal?

    I'm taking out the Seattle every day in order to earn the XP to finally purchase this. I've captained this ship on the private test server, and I love it! I've even got the "Eagles" permanent camouflage waiting for her:
  12. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Code: HEROESOFWAR. 250K credits

    Works just fine. Thank you very much for putting it up here!
  13. RenamedUser_1018007003

    May the 4th be with you!

    Yep, the Smith! My "demented little tin can" as I call her, and I've had the most hilarious battles in her due to her torpedo spam. A firm favorite of mine!
  14. RenamedUser_1018007003


    That worked fine. Thank you kindly!
  15. RenamedUser_1018007003

    Remembering HMS Edinburgh

    Here she is, berthed in the London port and sporting her arctic camouflauge: