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  1. tincan_SC

    Tsar Alexander Ovechkin -- 50 bucks????

    You're just a devil...this game has no value at all. Fun/entertainment of this game is nearly at the bottom of tin-can mate. People play for just of couple of reason and some are driven by insane reasons in their own little brains they can't control. They are freaks and are uncontrolled people. That is the why you hear people spending thousands of bucks on these types of games. Its a recognize problem...people who play compulsively often have substance abuse problems, personality disorders, depression or anxiety. Compulsive players may also be associated with bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). That's why a number countries have blocked these games. Free to play games are like a drug to many.
  2. tincan_SC

    Tsar Alexander Ovechkin -- 50 bucks????

    Are you on a dream planet all your own
  3. We have approx 312 ships in port. This last week I scuttled all my Carriers (CV). No reason at all to have them as they were simply awful to use and had no fun factor for me at all. Was (and still is I guess) a 'collector' but who really cares. I used to have about 12 ships I enjoyed using but really, in the past several months I've little reason to go to any particular individual ship. All the buff's and nerf's seem to make all the ships just plain vanilla. The game mechanics renders most everything to be so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. Satisfaction of anything within game is so hard to achieve. Its gotten so bad I've had my 12 year daughter make up some paper 'fortune tellers' (also called a cootie catcher, chatterbox, salt cellar, whirlybird, or paku-paku) its a form of origami used in children's games) to decide which ship I'll use. This has worked out to be as fun in deciding which ship to use, to actually playing the ship. More time with daughter is always good. Now I find more enjoyment in the reading and followup information wargaming and WoWS provides, not within the game play itself. Game play is also hell at times with the human players. I've gotten 'negative' feed-back for playing to close, to far, not supplying resource I didn't even have on that particular ship etc etc. Many, do hate releasing control to others as they 'always' know what is best. I see little hope of anything changing soon. Was wondering if someone knows if its okay to turn over a WoWS account to another family member or friend?
  4. With so sooo many issue you think FPS is really an issue/problem? My lord lady: what is a joke. Get over it: its NOT a issue. Maybe go find a coronavirus shot or something.
  5. Sound bugs...The AA guns sound is nearly inaudible. A bit like Robot balls bouncing around inside a padded nut sack. Unless I see a enemy flight coming in I have no clue I'm under attack and being damage...its pretty miserable: please fix.
  6. I spent $120 USD on crates...I got camo's and flags, that's it. Never again mate, never again. (at the time it was implied that different 5 ships were to be available in the crates: I got zero ship)
  7. The "Victory" competition seems to be corrupt. I go with say team Honor every day. Every single day I personally find the I'm in the hole points wise by 6/7/8/9,000 hits every day. I start as early as 2:55AM or as late as 3:02AM PST. I'll assume the time zone thing is the problem...is that the only issue? Is every other server piling on time and points: so others can have ...say a 16 hour head start and I'm suppose to over-come any psychical head game that conjurers up in my little bitty brain? Tough, Captains
  8. noob_CV ...'Must be band' as a 81.4% Super Unicum, something is very wrong.
  9. tincan_SC

    2 CVs needs to end for all tiers

    noob-CV is a 81.4% Super Unicum...how on earth is this possible without cheats? They are also playing every single day for hours on end. I'm retired now and can spend unlimited time playing (before carpel-tunnel kicks in) this stupid game but noob_CV is ALWAYS on top of list for wins, games, points. HOW...?
  10. tincan_SC

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    The Azuma is NOT a good ship for 95% of the potential player base. It just isn't and for the money...never will.
  11. tincan_SC

    Space camo too pricy?

    Pricing is through the roof. Maybe Femennenly and others got BIG pay increases.
  12. Yes...we are with you on your points.
  13. The slow redraws and graphic issue is pretty bad news. Click on some, nothing happens, click again and the system goes into convulsions..Yikes oh friday!
  14. Whole heartedly agree....
  15. Worse and worse. I see another change, they remove the count of players on your server (NA). Seems the game is going into another steep decline. Yesterday we had just 1990 players (I play everyday) at a couple of points (most I've ever seem was about 16K, now that information is gone). BTW the price of ships is CRAZY high right now. $145 or 1,000,000 credits or $80 been pretty popular. Very month, they want at least $80 plus bucks to stay competitive or current in this game!