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  1. tincan_SC

    Can't install ModStation

    I downloaded modstation myself today Oct21,2020. and it failed also. Mine stated after install and restarting, 'Configuration download failed. Please contact ModSttion Support''. I have no solution for you are I. I'm just can't find any help so I'm uninstalling and moving along.
  2. tincan_SC

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    The system sent me here...I have 346 ships in port right now Oct 20, 2020. I did sell back 3 ships as I found them and my play style incompatible. So badly in fact I didn't want to ever see or play them 'ever' again. No hard feelin'. Good game to all and see you on the high seas...
  3. WHY...do you speculate on such nonsensical observations? Please tell us your sources? Maybe trying to sound like the 'The New Your Times' and their unnamed sources. Doesn't work for them or you either. (changed name to protect any innocence).
  4. Good grief...you sound ignore Captain. Please try not to be one, the next time you 'sound off'.
  5. tincan_SC

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    The Goliath: is unworkable for me. The cost to play it, is so high, and the rest of it is insufferably boring and I can't get an once of fun out of it. It seems to be a roach; to be killed: ASAP. After 12 matches...it's a dusty collection piece in the port with no Captain.
  6. tincan_SC

    Someone Explain it to Me: 2

    Thank you. It's been absolutely impossible for me to enjoy any element of the game. I find none of my ships playable as they seem both horrible boring and insufferably bad. 'enough said I guess.
  7. The 'Customer Service' here, is minimal at best. A rep once told me its 'Computer Magic' and she couldn't explain it. Oh bother: Among other jobs within a iT department I was a computer programmer and analyst for over 30 years. No such thing as magic sweet-thing. Back to X's and O's. Algorithm's and its artificial 'AI' is it, and its controlled, all by humans. Nuff said. My issue (aah finally getting to it): is the lack of understanding on my part to their accuracy formula of the main guns. Say you have two (2) tier 8 battleships; a T8 KII (Japanese) and a T8 N. Carolina (USA) Specification: NC; 701m/s shell speed - KII; 806m/s -- dispersion NC: 330 max dispersion, KII: 208 max dispersion. Shell size is: NC-406mm the KII is 410mm. This should be the most important spec's in gun accuracy, right? By far the KII gun spec's are better. They are: bigger, faster, with far better dispersion, but in reality the T8 N.Carolina guns are better. Just talkin' accuracy here. Why is that I might ask! The wows stat's charts proves the KII is worse and my experience cry's out the same anguish. In my last random match with the KII was typically horrible. 60 main guns fired (short match, we won) and a single 4128 damage hit. Firing at long range 17k or longer the dispersion was normal high,low,left.right but the KII is actually far worse the N.Carolina, is simply better: how is this possible? Signed, Perplexed
  8. tincan_SC

    someone explain it to me

    Concealment is not the problem at all. I'll go straight to the problem and its the CV. They control the game as it stands now. The CV will, and is killing the game. Most players will just move on and not deal with this (or become a CV player themselves). I've personally been deleted by a CV on many occasions. Guns, speed, movement, concealment does not win out here. Wows wants Carriers (CV) in and from my stand point the standard navel battle most like: is gone and over.
  9. tincan_SC

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    The Goliath might be okay at T6. At T10: its a horrible joke.
  10. tincan_SC

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    Goliath is trash at T10. The Goliath is simply another bad bad ship. The cost to play the Goliath is HUGH. Without firing a shot or a torpedo the digital boat will need to send 101,344 credits back to wows. The cost to get the ship and to outfit the Goliath is 10s of millions of credits, plus. The lost time, effort and that accumulated aggravation is nearly immeasurable and all this is unreasonable to the average player. Forget this and just make your life happen and be joyful...this will not help anything.
  11. tincan_SC

    What Happened To Submarines?

    Fun...no it wasn't mate...not at all.
  12. Kids with stupid answers and have nothing really to offer should stay silent. We are (you) a sad little mate.
  13. tincan_SC

    Get Rid of Map "Epicenter"

    Delete you...please stop playing is your only the way to go. Good luck
  14. tincan_SC

    Premium Ship Review #146 - Pyotr Bagration

    A ton of wasted ink and time on the Pyotr Bagration (PB). Damage rating is far far worse than stated here. Guns will not turn, god awful. It will be destroyed in second if not sailed to the back of map...instantly. ZERO fun to play and in something like ranked play...its a complete joke. I want my money back. Plain and simply 'REFUND'. Note: my ranked team-mates with me driving the PB have a combined win/loss rate of 2 wins and 31 losses. I'm done with this ship and so is my team-mates.
  15. tincan_SC

    American Cruisers...very bad DPM.

    The ignorance is nearly laughable if it weren't so lame baby-cakes: I understand the damage numbers far more than you. The defenders of a game is allowed and loved by its creator. The numbers stand...the differing factors you defenders are posting is here in the numbers. If you feel better pouring honey, sugar or [edited] on the numbers please add your dead and meaningless ideas to them: knock yourselves out. But with all of the mental midgets logic, its beside any real point in reality: the numbers cry out and are correct, if you need that honey for your reality: I'll not provide it.