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  1. noob_CV ...'Must be band' as a 81.4% Super Unicum, something is very wrong.
  2. tincan_SC

    2 CVs needs to end for all tiers

    noob-CV is a 81.4% Super Unicum...how on earth is this possible without cheats? They are also playing every single day for hours on end. I'm retired now and can spend unlimited time playing (before carpel-tunnel kicks in) this stupid game but noob_CV is ALWAYS on top of list for wins, games, points. HOW...?
  3. tincan_SC

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    The Azuma is NOT a good ship for 95% of the potential player base. It just isn't and for the money...never will.
  4. tincan_SC

    Space camo too pricy?

    Pricing is through the roof. Maybe Femennenly and others got BIG pay increases.
  5. Yes...we are with you on your points.
  6. The slow redraws and graphic issue is pretty bad news. Click on some, nothing happens, click again and the system goes into convulsions..Yikes oh friday!
  7. Whole heartedly agree....
  8. Worse and worse. I see another change, they remove the count of players on your server (NA). Seems the game is going into another steep decline. Yesterday we had just 1990 players (I play everyday) at a couple of points (most I've ever seem was about 16K, now that information is gone). BTW the price of ships is CRAZY high right now. $145 or 1,000,000 credits or $80 been pretty popular. Very month, they want at least $80 plus bucks to stay competitive or current in this game!
  9. tincan_SC

    Operation Newport

    Does NOT help... Most matches, if you're a top 10% player you can do fine...the other 90% of us regular players have little chance to enjoy the game. Like the end of the just finished 'ranked' season: players were hitting Number One in 2 days. Last season I hit Number One rank but far from 2 days. This last season I was saddened to only hit rank 10, 16 times and quit after falling back to 12...complete waste of time for me, plus the misery and frustration for the game. Newport is / was just like that for many (me too). I quit that game for now. Its to bad, last Saturday midday PST the player Que had but 2234 players. This Sunday (Mar18) midday, we had just 10297 players (NA) when I checked. I've checked some numbers and on the NA server there is a potential of appox. 'game age' player base of 192 million players. I think the top 5 or 10% of the players are setting the game for the 'rest' of us and that may be killing the fun / joy / excitement of the game as a whole. I'm been designated as a 'collector' and have been awarded some goodies, but that ship is getting harder to handle.
  10. tincan_SC

    What will the T10 Russian BB be?

    I've been sunk by Russian BB's numerous times already...WHERE are they coming from? Who is using them now as of March 5, 2019?
  11. tincan_SC

    Port Loading Slower After Update?

    Thank you...I'll try it.
  12. tincan_SC

    Port Loading Slower After Update?

    Yes...your right, slower for sure....also the Mini map is HUGE now.....what the Hxxx! Hate this 'junk'. It's like world of tanks....the screen is filled with crap and junk and it's not adjustable by the player. STOP it....stop. I quit playing tanks, don't let this crap/junk creep further into ships....
  13. tincan_SC

    Ship Inventory

    Some useless harpy chicks are try to destroy the world and install womanhood in its place. Wargaming.net 'Failed' to support a special man with Russian birthrights. Its sicking to ruin people (men) with a few false, unsupported words and accusation and the world supports these garbage? Bring Steven character back now! Grow a 'pair' wargaming.net.
  14. tincan_SC

    Annoying CO-OP Carriers

    I love CV's in co-op! Wish they were human player of course (not sure how human, as intel levels seem so low). I need all CV play I can get. So boring without them. Learn to live with them please. Every player 'THINKS' they are the main target...YOU'RE not mate...you're not!
  15. Give it up....move on....to unimportant.....use your drugs of choice in quiet solitude. Sorry to hear about the Cancer but stop beating us up about a name. Maybe you're a dead time stoner in real life!