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    Fishing, anything outdoors really, music, guitar, Karaoke (especially when in Japan). Travel, meeting new people, seeing and experiencing new things. Working with wood. Cigars and bourbons. Cooking, especially grilling. Happiest when on a beach or miles out at sea :)

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  1. EvelAye

    Premium Ship Review - Dido

    Pleasantly surprised to see this review and expertly done as always. Thanks LWM!
  2. EvelAye

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    There's and old Swedish saying that aptly expresses my sentiments to this gambling event and the MO fiasco in general........Leek mi hari sak
  3. EvelAye

    Premium Ship Review: München

    1st Random Battle in the Munchkin, seems pretty sweet. Definitely agree with your evaluation LWM
  4. Thanks for the feedback
  5. This was my old captain build. I'm wondering if the IFHE skill points would be best used elsewhere since the rework, maybe demolition expert and advanced fire training instead? I have 19 point captain but haven't redistributed his skills since the free reset. So what's everyone running these days?
  6. EvelAye

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Is Soviet business model comrade, carefully developed between vodka runs. Goal is to control your mind and keep you playing and paying for "free" game.
  7. I just sent Hapa_Fodda a replay. Citadeled a DesMoine through the bow, shot amidships did very little damage. Not much point playing until this is resolved. Time to play something else in the meantime.
  8. EvelAye

    Halland Preview - 95 knot torps

    Is it really worth giving up Radio Location for 5kn faster torpedo's with 3km shorter range?
  9. EvelAye

    Neustrashimy, Anyone?

    I've had the Newt awhile now and it's a blast. You can do things in it that no other DD can get away with. Charge a BB and live to tell the tale. Cruiser getting too close, just citadel, burn and torp him. Yes he will maul you but you have a zombie heal that will restore HP much like Minotaur's enjoy. Mine is currently setup as full torp build. I may experiment with a gun build. They are Grozovoy guns, just 1 less turret. Even so they perform quite well. I gunned down a Black just yesterday with them. He was kind enough to radar me then shoot to give away his position This is my favorite ship in the game right now.
  10. Wow thanks for the info and thoughtful insight @Primace @Lexington_MuseumO1. Just when I thought this forum couldn't possibly get any more lame.... ZzzzZzzzzZZzzz
  11. EvelAye

    CV Rework patch broke DD gameplay

    I'm a casual player with average DD skills. Getting spotted in the 1st minute then losing half my HP the next to OP rocket fire is ridiculous. So are planes buzzing around making multiple torpedo, bomb and rocket runs. I find playing destroyers no fun now if there are CV's in the game. Just this weekend I've had way too many games that went something like this: Get spotted 30 seconds into the game Lose a large chunk of HP to rockets within 2 minutes Abort trying to cap because carrier planes have me perma spotted Dodge incoming ship artillery fire due to the above - bob weave and try my best to not take damage - shoot back where practical Dodge more rockets........ Run, run, run for my life, while trying to shoot down hostile aircraft (I hate the new engine sound btw, it reminds me how broken CV's are and makes me want to throw my mouse at the screen!) Look around for a friendly ship with good AA to snuggle with - the equivalent of curling up into a fetal position under my desk Eat more rockets, dodge torpedos If I'm lucky enough to survive to mid game I may actually have a chance to do some damage. My damage totals with CV's in the game are way down Sure if a CV and a DD are division mates it may go better or on extremely rare occasions in a random match the CV on your team may actually spot and provide air cover for you it can work but even then not nearly as much fun to play this class as it had been prior to this monstrosity.
  12. EvelAye

    So my take. Time to weigh in.

    Thanks Ram, for the encouraging post. I'll try some more battles...
  13. EvelAye

    So my take. Time to weigh in.

    I untied my Ryuko port queen and played 2 co-op games yesterday. Didn't enjoy it. Actually think I liked the old style better. If they removed CV's from the game altogether, I wouldn't miss them. At the dock she will stay.
  14. EvelAye

    PSA: New Code - Czec Flag & Emblem

    It's encrypted, you have to type it in backwards.... Disclaimer: anyone who tries this may in fact be a moron.
  15. EvelAye

    Yue Yang Build After nerf

    The nerf makes the legendary upgrade, once excellent, now worthless. While I can still manage somewhat, I feel outclassed by other DD's. I was at 2.1 sec reload pre-nerf. Now it's 2.9 sec. I can no longer gun down a Gearing or a Harugumo. I have 6.5 km detection, slower loading torps and less radar or smoke duration. So the nerf has obsoleted this perk and I think their data may have showed the ship was OP with it, not so much the stats without it. RIP my Legendary Beast. I wouldn't say this bote is garbage. I will re-spec it to be a pure torpedo boat once again. It will have meh guns so caps will be avoided early in the game unless RPF indicates no contest.