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  1. Can't wait, purchased my ticket and looking forward to it, about 3 hours travel time for me coming from Utica NY area........
  2. Would have been great to find USS Slade in Albany NY include in this.
  3. CV's need to be limited to 1 per side/ per battle....now.........if they have to wait in que, let them wait in que......2 of them with unlimited planes is simply ridiculous/unbalanced.
  4. I have played this game since Beta (this is not my original account)....Have enjoyed it thoroughly, and have been a DD guy since day one. I have grinded thru several nations, somehow made it thru the Radar Meta with a few bruises but still found the game to be mostly fun and enjoyable. I have spent a considerable amount of $$$$ on it as well, but the newest update with the CV - Meta may be the end for me. I've only stuck my toes into a few randoms so far, but from what I have played I have been perma-spotted almost the entire match, am no longer able to take caps or even spot for my team......the idea of just hiding in the back spewing Torps and hoping on a lucky hit even so often isn't my idea of fun. I'll try the grind some more this weekend to see if it gets any better, but I don't have high hopes. Once current Ranked is over (which thank Gawd is CV free) I may go on Hiatus from the game and probably back to World Of Warcraft Classic when that comes out this summer for lack of anything else to play. Just my experience and opinion, for what its worth.
  5. Orchist

    Kitakaze Wiki page

    Why doesn't the Wiki page for this ship show recommended captain skills assignments or signal flags?