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  1. *snuggles up to and falls asleep* murr.....
  2. *trots in happily* yay, I'm playing SWBF2! :D
  3. *sits on unaware chokai's lap and snuggles* haihai!
  4. *waddles in and promptly faceplants* splat.
  5. *snuggles up to and falls asleep*
  6. *purrs and starts to fall asleep* murr... -.-
  7. *sniffles and nuzzles both* uuuuuuu...
  8. m-murr... my head hurts and I have a fever...
  9. *comes in crying* Uwaaaaa... :(
  10. *is snoring on the couch*
  11. good :3 *noms* teehee~ Uwaaaaa! Nagato-san has lewd pictures of me! D:
  12. Murr! :3 haihaiiii
  13. Me too! but I don't play WOWS anymore... *sniffsniff*
  14. *noms* ^.^ Awwwww... *contemplates hauling Nagato to bed then decides against it* murr... *snuggles up to Nagato and falls asleep too* -.-