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  1. Okaiis~ *holds Yamato's hand and follows*
  2. Okay~ (cya!)
  3. *hops off and takes her hand* Where are we going first, Miss Yamato?
  4. I'll go with Miss Yamato, I guess... *grumbles about not needing a babysitter and sticks out her tongue at LA*
  5. H-h-hey! I may be a destroyer, b-but I'm not a little kid! And why do I have to stay with Los Angeles! She's mean!
  6. ...oh, when you said "watching the memorial" I thought you meant literally watching... *blushes and looks embarrassed*
  7. Wait, a mental model/kanmusu? *stares nervously* You didn't tell me that the Missouri was... like us, a person...
  8. Yay! *sticks face out the window* Wooooooooow....
  9. *grabs Enterprise's shoulder* Are we still on the bus? When are we gonna get there? It feels like we've been on here for days!
  10. *walks up with Ka sitting on her shoulder* hai hai guys!
  11. teehee~ that tickles, Ka...
  12. hehe~ *pets Ka while he noms on the cookie*
  13. *offers a cookie*
  14. ..... awwwwwwwwwwww..... *cuddles*
  15. *pets* Awwwww, you're so cute Ka... :3