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  1. *doesn't notice* *sighs* murr.... no one's here ._. *plops down on the sofa and starts to doze off*
  2. *peeks into the living room* ~murr? w-where's everyone? ._.
  3. *purrs in her sleep* murr.... -.-
  4. *snoring is heard from the living room*
  5. *cuddles* murr...
  6. *hugs back and cheers up* nothing fubuki-chan, I just thought that you were mad at me for sneaking up on you for a minute~
  7. haihai :3 *sits up and looks disappointed when Fubuki doesn't hug back* aw...
  8. *nuzzles and kisses* fubuki chaaaaaaan~!
  9. *pounces* murr!
  10. *sneaks up behind*
  11. *peeks around the corner* :3
  12. You said the magic word. Most of my characters have an uncanny resemblance to stick figures.... almost like I can only draw stick figures..... hmmm, fancy that....
  13. awwwww, yes you are fubuki-chan.... *snuggles up to*
  14. *nuzzles and kisses* onee-chan's cute... :3
  15. ehehehe.... *looks at the thirty or so round trips it's taken so far* it's kinda hard, I'm still working on a freighter so for now I have to use a small industrial ship that can only take three parts at a time... And I have about a hundred parts to bring ._.