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  1. I'm going to miss when I encounter forum people in game. I always made a point to say Hi and let them know I enjoyed reading their posts. Wargaming is dismantling their community. They must be proud.
  2. BCGrog

    End of the Forum

    X2 I couldn't have said it better.
  3. < Puts hand up. Umm ... Do you have premium time? It helps. Sorry if I missed it in your article.
  4. BCGrog

    Can we get As battles back?

    I agree with OP. Bring Assymetric Battles back and make it a permanent option. I swear sometimes. It's almost like Wargaming sees when people are enjoying something they like and then deliberately snuff it out. Maybe they want the player base miserable. Is it a cultural thing?
  5. Part of me wonders if they are going to regret scrapping Kitty Hawk and JFK. They were the last two extra carriers available if a shooting war starts. What with China/Russia/Iran/North Korea and others banging on war drums everywhere. It's a dangerous world.
  6. BCGrog

    Thinking about returning...

    Nice to see you again Reddnekk! Yes, subs are the new fun police. Infesting most random games and other modes. Nothing like being spotted by yet another invisible ship. And the real fun is Wargaming gave them ridiculous 688 nuke sub speeds underwater and over water. It's hilarious staring a match and watching a sub porpoising beside you in a drag race to a cap. Or when a red sub somehow makes it to your spawn side undetected and all of a sudden 4 to 6 torpedoes materialize out of no where within a km or two and wipes you out with no time to turn. And the economy is more predatory now and they are cheaping out on awards for play. They took away the ten flags you'd get with various achievements. You have to buy them in the armory now or get a few in the three daily crates. Their strategies for hoovering money from players and promoting addiction are almost artistic now. The Battle Pass gives you OK results for playing, but as you progress with mediocre rewards you are constantly shown the more awesome rewards you can get if you buy the Premium Battle Pass which is a buttload of doubloons.
  7. I believe it's their way of participating in the June " " month without admitting it outright.
  8. BCGrog

    good home for Lutjens

    I keep putting him back on my Bismarck, because, History. But I also have a blast with him on Schlieffen. No pun intended. Well, maybe 🤔
  9. BCGrog

    Yeah, everything is JUUUUST Fine!

    Developers / programmers whatever. It's what I meant. Tomato / Tomaato 😉
  10. BCGrog

    Yeah, everything is JUUUUST Fine!

    I sometimes imagine the staff of Wargaming's World of Warships departments. Not knowing the numbers .. I break it down like this: 40% - Art department. The hardest working group. Middle floors, nice cafeteria and free food . Like a Google campus. They put out the fantastic work that reels us in. They are the Sirens of the organization. 5% - Game developers / programmers. The ones that develop new maps and QOL initiatives and bug fixes. Woefully understaffed, probably underpaid, probably in basement cubicles with no windows and no heat in the winter. I imagine high turnover due to poor treatment, and thus the reason it takes a year or two for substantial actual meaningful content like new maps to be added to the game. 55% - Sales and Revenue department. Probably top floor, amazing views from their offices, everyone has an assistant and private bar fridge and bathroom. They are probably financially incentivised for creativity in thinking up new ways to manipulate game mechanics to create revenue. Promotions and bonuses for any new ideas for new player attraction, old player retention, and most importantly, player addiction. The Herb Tarleks of the company. Edit: June 12th because Reddit blew up and I'm bored. Folks, this post was meant as tongue in cheek humor. Some of you get it. Some of you feel the need to dissect it and argue various points. Relax. We're all friends here. Except when you are on the Red team. Then its RAWR time.
  11. That's what I thought. Seems to me the last one I saw in game the guy driving it was not very happy with it.
  12. Curious. I can't recall the last time I saw one of these these in game. Has it been power crept? Or am I wrong and just lucky?
  13. BCGrog

    First Battle with the Mecklenburg

    Excellent video. 👌 Love my Mecklenburg as well.
  14. BCGrog

    Subs killed game

    Subs do suck but I'm enjoying my new Popeye flags and voice overs. I don't mind spending money on cool stuff like that. Got the whole Popeye and Bluto pack. Very reasonable price for that content. Even played my Colorado in her new colors. I'm a happy boy.
  15. BCGrog

    Tina Has Left the Building

    Simply the best. RIP Tina