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  1. I bought it because I felt like it. I have the original and I liked the 25,000 coal and the doubloons bonuses. Now the only black ship I don't have is the Graf, and I might pick that up today with all the spare doubloons I got from all the black duplicate ships and their missions I got from the 25 containers I picked up yesterday. :) Now I need to go eat some krill.
  2. BCGrog

    California Dreaming

    Now my brain is photo-bombed by this song. SMOOSH the enemy!
  3. BCGrog

    Bourgongnne - Get or not to get?

    It's an amazing ship Bill. My favourite battleship at T10. Nothing like seeing a broadside target of opportunity, then shooting twelve 15 inchers, hitting the MBRB button, sending twelve more out in about 15 seconds, then twelve more again just as fast. It's almost an ambush because other battleship drivers seem very surprised at how fast you are shooting again with main battery guns. The most fun is when you shoot at a battleship that is angled, then he turns to bring up his rear turrets, and you hit him again. I get comments almost every time. And it's even more fun when a red ship comes round an island at close quarters thinking he has the drop on you because he watched you fire and thinks you are reloading, ( especially under 11 km ) because then you let fly with EVERYTHING! Then hit the speed boost, bang up to 38 knots and kite away watching red shell splashes hit your wake. Don't worry about the caliber of shells, trust me they hit hard and you shoot so fast they are more than enough. Fastest battleship at T10. And the secondaries are fantastic late game when you push in with over 11 km range and they do hit DD's effectively if you take manual secondaries. They set fires well. AA is great. It's a fun ship.
  4. Yup. It's shame really. Some fantastic historical ships down there. And the potential for large WW1 based fleet actions if they filled out those epic navies and let us relive Dogger Bank, Jutland, Falkland Islands etc without the un-historical CV infestation.
  5. It's all bots now and like co-op because they've wrecked lower tiers with 2 CV's per side against ships that were never equipped to fight naval aviation. So no one plays down there anymore. WG has poisoned Tier 3,4,5 play. Quite frankly, as the OP stated, I'm surprised any new players even make it past Tier 4 before uninstalling in sheer frustration from the futility and moving on. But then again, this could explain why we see guys playing premium store bought ships at Tier 8 and above with very low game counts. WG is bringing this on themselves. I believe this is deliberate, to sell more ships. They have a team in there more interested ina quick financial turn and less about player retention and development. It's all about the benjamins now.
  6. BCGrog

    How come no one ever talks about the ...

    Repub is fun. The reload with AR makes it so you are banging out salvos fast enuf to make up for the four gun turrets. If you are a brawler, the secondaries reach out to over 12 km. I make mine a secondary build with tank build options. And be careful to manage your damage control and repair party.
  7. Sends me into a rage when guys state "This is a loss" right at game start then suicide their ship or drive off to a corner. Obviously due to MMM. They need to ban it. It serves no purpose other than poisoning the well.
  8. BCGrog

    Captain Jingles Is Seeing Things

    Don't freak out like I did last night when I dev struck a red battleship and he said: "We've sunk an allied battleship" .... I was all "who what where am I going pink - did I actually do THAT!!!???
  9. BCGrog

    Is AA Broken?

    Holy Smokes I never knew the Tallinn had that kind of AA potential? Did you spec it and the captain for AA? Good to see you are still playing and posting Heidi! SMOOSH the enemy!
  10. BCGrog

    I dont usually complain much

    I usually do every campaign but I stopped the Epoch one for the same time reason. Two CV's per side against T3,4 ships that were built at a time when CV's didn't exist. It really sucks because I was giving them kudos for finally having a low tier event but it's polluted with CV's. Especially the seal clubbing kind. But WG just sticks their head in the sand and REFUSES to get real about this. I used to advocate just scale it back to one CV per side but now I say, start CV's at T6 and do NOT let them into low tier matches. Only T6 and above. I have no problem with one CV per side from T6 up. The ships in those tiers can handle them.
  11. BCGrog


    Still works. Copied and pasted.
  12. Not to pile on but at T5 she's gonna get harrassed and blapped by their stupid two carriers-a-side meta. Her ultimate IRL fate aside, she will probably have a couple of light machine guns to take on the swarms of planes she was never built to deal with. So, swarmed by bees while waiting 40 seconds to reload the mains, while the secondaries sit silent cuz they will have probably a 3 to 4 km range, all while she is rained on by HE spammers. Yeeeaaahhhh ....
  13. BCGrog

    Bourgogne, Now or Wait?

    I'm with Lloyd. I have the Bourgogne. I am an aggressive player, love to brawl. If you like the Bismarck, German secondary spec type play, the Republic and Alsace then you will love it. Reload booster combined with speed boost, makes it so you can zoom in, blast a ship with a 12 shell salvo, surprise him with another one seconds later, all the while blasting with aggressive secondaries lighting him on fire, then kite away well above 36 knots. As his team tries to punish you, all their shells fall in your wake. Oh and great AA. I bought it using a coupon. Highly recommended.
  14. I'm just waiting for my ship to stand up and turn into Autobot and stomp over an island to shoot at the reds from a mountain top. Without that, I don't see the point.
  15. BCGrog


    Yup. Disconnect 5 times now today. Was just loading into a co-op battle, disconnected, now sitting on waiting for authorization. Tried Task Manager to desktop, reloaded game, same. Now I'm getting mad. ..... And now I'm pinked.