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  1. Get rid of homing torpedoes and the ping mechanic, the distracting glowing part of your ship pinged, and having to use damage control to clear it. Make subs lead their targets and shoot in a straight line like everyone else. Perhaps slow them down a little more too. These things will balance them against their stealth abilities, in my opinion. Then I will support you in adding them to the game.
  2. BCGrog

    Are camouflages useless now?

    I kept all mine. Gray paint, rust and seagull droppings are boring to look at.
  3. BCGrog

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Battleships

    This is the most fun I've had with my pants on!! Good job WG!!
  4. BCGrog

    Did You Even Test the Up-Tiered Scenarios?

    Ops are way better now and I'm enjoying the changes. WG got this right 👍
  5. BCGrog

    Flamu's take on what is coming...

    I enjoy lower tiers because I love naval history and there are a lot of beautifully modelled historical ships all the way down to Tier 1. But to me the most heinous crime is playing those historical ships that were designed and built before carrier aviation was a thing, hence little to no AA , and the designers who seem to have never cracked a naval history book nor do they seem to even play their own game, stick us with two CV's per side. Oh and rattle trap subs that have guided munitions 40 years before they were developed.... And people wonder why the lower tiers are a ghost town ...
  6. Good advice guys. Will give all your advice a whirl. I also try to ignore subs. Never played them, never will. Unselected and absent from my carousel. Non-entities. Just a griefing annoyance. Like a storm in game or grounding on an island.
  7. I was in an Amagi and a sub latched onto me and decided I needed to die. He chased me across the map. Airstrikes useless. Teammates had their own problems and couldn't help. Dodging did nothing. Volley after volley of guided torps. I died. Might as well have exited the game when it was apparent he wanted to delete me.
  8. BCGrog

    Subs need to be removed

    Bottom line for me is I think subs are cool, the artwork and underwater environment is amazing. I think they have a place in the game with further tweaks. But per my post, they need to get rid of homing torps and the ping mechanic and using DCP to clear pings and I will tolerate them.
  9. BCGrog

    Subs need to be removed

    Easy answer. Wargaming can adjust the torpedo detectability. And people can also choose Vigilance to enhance that. No different than 20k torps or any other long range torps shot from an invisible DD arriving from across the map. Pinpoint accuracy? Depends on how well the sub driver can shoot doesn't it? If he's good, and can use tactical intuition and lead his targets he gets hits. Just like a DD driver and a CV torp squad driver.
  10. BCGrog

    Subs need to be removed

    I beg to differ. You think it's right that all the other ships and planes in the game require some kind of skill in aiming and leading a target but subs are the only privileged type to get guided munitions? You think it's right that in the chaos of battle we have to use precious DCP to clear sub ping targeting with long count down timers while subs can ping and ping and ping? Meantime, to "just dodge" the guided torps, we have to maneuver and usually that maneuvering causes us to get focused down and exposed broadsides?
  11. BCGrog

    WG missing from PAX Seattle 2022 !!!

    Yup. I work in civil engineering and construction and most major annual industry events and conventions are seeing this for 2022. Many companies including mine are testing the water to see what attendance looks like this year especially before committing to business development budgets for 2023.
  12. BCGrog

    Subs need to be removed

    Remove homing torpedoes and the stupid ping mechanic and I might get on board with them. The rest of us, including aircraft, require some skill with leading a target. And using damage control party to clear these distracting pings while being focused by the rest of the reds is one of the worst ideas WG has ever implemented. I've decided to stop arguing the absurd speed some of them have surfaced and submerged.
  13. BCGrog

    Worse than Epicenter ever was....

    I see this at my work. The challenge with putting out an appeal to the group is that everyone thinks everyone else is gonna do it. I think it might work better if you ask a couple specific players if they would stay and defend it. You might get better results. Usually at battle start most players will be thinking along your lines - their job is to kill ships and challenge the red cap.