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  1. BCGrog

    Why you will never get Missouri

    I bought this ship with free XP when it first came out. I was excited for the following at the time: 1) Radar - at the time it came out this was a thing that caused everyone to scream OP!!! Now it is meh at best what with all the other ships carrying radar and some with longer range. And, to get close enough to use it, you are overextended with a ship as long as a freight train that turns like a rolling turd with turdlike soft sides. 2) At the time Seagal was earnable and the tie in to the movie and him running around the deck was fun and engaging. 3) The ship was accurate and fun to play. Now, Seagal is gone, the radar is middling at best and I firmly believe they stealth nerfed her dispersion no matter what the pundits say. As a BB main I can tell you when she first came out you'd see tighter shell grouping and blapping ships left and right. Now, the salvos seem to fly in crazy random patterns and you get a lot of over/unders. You're lucky to see a shell shatter, deflect and one or two pens or over pens. At great personal risk to being stat shamed I humbly admit I'm way below average at best, but just like anyone I have good nights and bad nights. With Missouri when she first came out she was deadly. I used to see games regularly over 80,000 to 125,000 damage and more. Now I only see 30,000 to 50,000 HP per game before she is shredded by Woosters, Haragumos and other new ships. She's been power creeped, in my opinion stealth nerfed, and her uniqueness was stripped when they severed ties with Seagal. And she dies fast. When getting the focused, even just by cruisers. Two or more T10 cruisers on you and you're back in port quickly. So don't lament not getting her, buy a Derpitz or Vanguard instead - way more fun.
  2. * Maybe they need to stop whaling. We're becoming endangered. * Pun intended :)
  3. ... and they've hit mine.
  4. I agree with OP and add this which I posted on our clan site. Due to my lifelong passion for the history of naval warfare I've been a "whale" since I started playing this game a few years ago and recently saw my tally on Paypal that I've forked over $ 3,700 to Wargaming for this game ( not that I'm bragging, nor am I proud, mostly embarrassed to admit it ). I've bought pretty much every premium ship except those two Japanese BB's and the Okhotnik and that Krispy Cretin thing. Recently however, they've started to make me angry with the prices they are asking for premiums. I mean really. Jean Bart is $ 100.83 Canadian alone and near $ 200.00 for that big bundle. Do any of you remember a year or so ago you could buy the ENTIRE premium fleet bundled for around that kind of money? To me, ships like the Jean Bart should be around $ 65. Now Vanguard and Dreadnought are offered in a stupid expensive bundle. Normally I jump at the chance to buy ships, but this is getting exploitive. Not only this, but the last time buying crates paid off was last spring. These recent premium crates, the British crap and the Halloween crates have really crappy results. If I get one more Halloween camo i'm gonna puke red and orange. I just bought Battlefield V for less than what they are asking for the Jean Bart. I may be a whale, and have happily supported the game up til now, but I'm not stupid and see they are taking advantage thinking I'm going to roll over and pay these escalated prices. Wargaming, if you are reading this thread, check my account. Note my purchases of EVERYTHING has slowed down to a trickle. There is a reason for this. If they don't smarten up, my buying days are over.
  5. BCGrog

    Ship Comrade Shutting Down!?

    The guy produces excellent content and pays the bills and a huge number of us enjoy it and he asks for a bit of help and these comments are all he gets? If I was him I would [edited]-can it too. Can't we all spare a few bucks to support an excellent site? I'm donating right after posting this. I challenge all to at least offer up a donation, whatever u can spare.
  6. BCGrog

    Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    This is an interesting thread. I, too, am getting tired of T10 and it would be really refreshing to see WG have fun unique events all over the Tiers from 1 to 10 just to change it up and promote people playing up and down the spectrum. Might also help with the growing toxicity in the servers, considering lower tier ship losses and damage are far less painful. Plus there are some truly fun ships and fights / tactics to be had in the lower tiers.
  7. Been running it for a few years now on my home built computer that I put together in 2009. Replaced the power supply once, the CR3020 battery once, and the vid card twice. Current configuration is: Core i7-970 with 12 GB ram and GTX680 all settings on high to a 1650 X 1080 monitor. No glitches at all running all settings high. If they ever bump up the required hardware specs with new code, I'll build a new one then.
  8. We all know playing CV's draws negative karma from friend and foe alike. But there are other certain ships that trigger some reds to report you simply for playing them and especially if you sink their ship while playing them. I've also been hearing of guys getting reported by teammates for playing Asashio's and other ships that some people think don't contribute by virtue of perceived bad mechanics. I know it's hard to say who reported you, but sometimes comments from the game chat pretty much indicates who the culprit is. So, in your opinion, in what ships do you gather the most bad karma that triggers your teammates and the reds? For me: Greens: Missouri - when I first got it just simply owning it pissed off the masses Reds: Kab, Conqueror, Belfast, Kronshtadt