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  1. Because killing your opponent does more to increase surviveability.
  2. No way is losing .1 sigma worth the HP gain. As a Colorado perma-camo owner I am not happy with these changes.
  3. New York City or New York State? This is kinda important to know
  4. tbf it probably doesn't matter which boat we play
  5. uh, they've been testing them on the live server for quite awhile now or rather it's been in live testing so long the testers have stopped playing them...
  6. I have the camo too without the ship. Maybe WG is testing whether people are more likely to buy the ship if they have an unused camo sitting in inventory? I still haven't bought Hood so I don't know how well it works....
  7. Clan Battles have been pretty good! The structure leads to quicker games. Taking and controlling caps is paramount. More than a few times the team with the material advantage lost on points. At least at the lower leagues the meta is not solved. Tactics vary wildly and you can often be caught completely off guard. In a way the absence of CVs actually helps here, as there is no "easy" spotting. So you spend quite a bit of time wondering where that unspotted cruiser/dd went. Only to have it appear in the most inopportune place. The biggest issue for my clan is we'd like to add more players interested in Clan Battles, but most everyone who is interested in Clan Battles already has a clan at this point.
  8. same
  9. According to Sub_Octavian on reddit, you get an offer to buy after playing five games with it.
  10. lol, no sooner I read this than I too get an Okhotnik rental
  11. I suspect the button is for when you want to collect a different collection instead. Currently the Yamamoto collection is the only one collected through containers, but if they release more you should be able to choose which one to work towards first.
  12. I was under the impression that is was South Korea that had the problem with it.
  13. There is no stage 2. It's one stage with two requirements.
  14. OK. I'll bite, what is your complaint to CS?