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  1. bremen_

    Well played WG

    Oh, you sweet summer child
  2. I bought zero and got nothing. Seems to be the best value option so far
  3. bremen_

    So what time does the Super Container event start?

    Last time you could do them in the training room, which was patched. Hopefully that bug returns :D
  4. bremen_

    Tilliman class US BB?

    It sounds like the context is the current US BB line. Nobody (well nobody sane) wants Montana replaced, rather Tillman would top a second US BB line or be a reward ship, or perhaps available for a new currency in the Arsenal. I cannot understand why WG considers this a problem. Why a real design with a fantasy upgrade should be deemed unhistorical in favor of a pure fantasy... I do not agree.
  5. bremen_

    can some one explain this?

    Sounds like he plays on the Chinese server. It is total P2W, yes you can buy basically anything there.
  6. bremen_

    Davos. "Bane of the Oceans."

    Mother Rhoyne's blessings upon you.