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  1. This is why they removed the report: bot from the game.
  2. You can dismiss Dragon captains too. I assume the game considers ARP/Dragon to be the same thing. Not surprising given the Dragon content was created for the Chinese server which didn't get ARP content.
  3. They haven't even officially announced they're removing him yet.
  4. How long until someone dismisses an ARP captain accidentally and comes here to complain?
  5. Since the Eagles won the Superbowl

    To honor Philadelphia, USS Olympia should be added to the game. Or rather Olympia should be added to the game, period.
  6. We don't know. I've been wondering that for awhile tho.
  7. I'm short 6 of them, so that leaves... idk 12? too lazy to boot the game to check.
  8. I should have elaborated. I've heard that when collections end all duplicates are sold for credits and you can't use them to buy the missing pieces. It would be rather annoying to lose 100+ duplicates and not get that last piece.
  9. I assume you stop collecting once you complete the collection, just like Yamamoto. Since we know container contents are determined when they drop, if you don't open them you should be able to stockpile pieces until near the end of the event. Just make sure to finish the collection before it ends.
  10. This is a common theme, but I think people are forgetting that tier 7s have quite a bit less health as well. 59,300 on the Colorado vs 96,300 on Montana. The size difference between CO and Montana might also play a role. Fewer shells will hit the smaller target.
  11. With CVs it is rather easy. I did it several times at T5 in double CV games. In 8000 battles I have NEVER done it with a surface ship.
  12. I wouldn't hold my breath. We don't even know if they're working on it. WoT is getting a new engine, but that doesn't mean it is suitable for Ships, and even if it is they may not even have planes to port it over yet.
  13. People don't like change. Musashi is something we're already used to. We were not used to HE spamming battleships that burn you down in minutes. Suddenly people who 'got gud' over several thousand battles had to relearn and 'get gud' again. People hate that. They want an easy button. They want to keep doing the same thing they've been doing and getting the same results. Just like 3 year olds watch Frozen 5 times per day, unicums want to keep playing the same way and keep their purple stats.
  14. I think you might have to play a game to get the mission? Do you see the missions on your mission tab?
  15. Why, when you can have a real hero like Zapp Brannigan Picard is French. Which would be hilarious if he was a French captain. Would his voice lines be in English? Does Picard even speak French? Does the language still exist? Star Trek never really addresses differences among the peoples of Earth as it wanted to present a future that was beyond caring about such things.