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  1. I learned my lesson after the French crates. Haven't bought any Freedom Crates and I feel great!
  2. Worst Ranked Ever?

    First time I ever ranked out, so not the worst as far as I'm concerned :D Honestly, the tier isn't gonna change anything. The problems with ranked are the players. Half are elitist snobs, half have an unrealistic assessment of their own abilities (these halves overlap quite a bit) and they blame everyone else for losses. No matter what WG does these individuals will continue to be toxic and complain about structure. If you want a good competitive game, play Clan Battles where those people can be excluded (from your team at least).
  3. Because the US was a rising naval power that threatened UK supremacy. To many at the time the only way this could be resolved was a confrontation between the US/UK.
  4. Even if this change was implemented it wouldn't stop people like OP from blaming others for why they aren't progressing.
  5. 8v8 with 2 BB? ugh, I can't express how much I hate this idea. With 2 BB it's much harder for cruisers to stay in cover. I expect this will result in 2BB, 1-2 CA, and 4-5 DD. You want torp soup, you got torp soup.
  6. Best guess is because they have 4 different forums, whereas reddit is centralized. So they can post once and players will repost in each of the regional forums for them.
  7. and 3, once you get the Aigle. OP paid for Gascogne, so I suspect he already did this and is just annoyed at how hard getting 100% is.
  8. They did one better and removed it from the tech tree. If you're going to use mods so you can see it again it falls on you to know what is possible to buy.
  9. Well, we don't know if it was limited time from the start or if WG decided to end it.
  10. No More Trezvor

    He didn't want to move from CA to TX. No need to try to shoehorn your pet narrative into this.
  11. Same. In Omaha I'd just point my bow at a BB and torp them in the face. Bonus points if I could use torps on both sides to torp two BBs. That worked far too much, most likely because I didn't see anywhere near the number of T7's one sees now.
  12. Based on past results, you'll get the silver value of the camos.
  13. QE: Clear Skies

    Clear Sky in surface ships is always impressive. My own contribution, only non-CV one so far...
  14. Sorry, just finished the Conq grind and have switched to German and PA DD's.